DeWALT Grinders

In the Mister Worker™ catalogue you can find the complete range of DeWALT grinders, polishers, angle grinders and many accessories: these versatile tools are useful for working on different types of materials, such as iron, bricks and concrete, characterized by durability and practicality.

DeWalt Grinders are handheld tools with a rotating disc, mainly used for grinding and polishing different kinds of surfaces and materials. These innovative tools come in different shapes and sizes depending on the material they’re meant to cut, grind or polish. Within our catalogue you can find both corded and cordless angle grinders, polishers and a range of accessories, including cutting guards and grinding shrouds. These very versatile professional tools are necessary to carry out your work tasks in a precise and accurate way.

Corded and Cordless Angle Grinders by DeWalt

Angle grinders are widely used in the metalworking and construction sector and, of cours in workshops, garages and car repair shops: many of these professionals know that they can 100% rely on their DeWalt angle grinders, as they’re equipped with great motors that make even the most demanding applications possible.
An example is the DeWALT XR Flexvolt 54V cordless angle grinder (DCG414N-XJ), available on Mister Worker™ at a special price. It is equipped with electric motor brake and an electronic anti-kickback clutch, that improves your safety in the workplace in case of pinch or stall. Its lightweight and compact body, together with its ergonomic handles, provide the user with enhanced grip and comfort. This great tool is supplied with a keyless protective guard and a T-Stack case. This DeWALT grinder is a compact and versatile electric tool that can be used to work on various types of materials: its weight of only 2 kg makes it perfect to be carried with it when needed.
If you’re looking for a great deal, we suggest you purchase the discounted DeWalt DCG405NT-XJ brushless angle grinder and, if you would like to buy other power tools with discounts up to 70%, have a look at our DeWalt special offers!

On Mister Worker™, official DeWalt reseller, you can not only find great grinders and polishers, but also a variety of grinder accessories, the most important are griding shrouds and cutting guards.
De WALT grinders, polishers and straight angle grinders are essential professional tools for any professional craftsman who needs to work with care on various types of materials. On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide selection of easy-to-use, lightweight and compact power tools: browse this category to discover more and, if you have any questions
contact us: our customer care team will help you find the tool that best suits your needs and will provide you with technical advice.