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Do you have to renew your electric tools and look for diamond discs? In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find personalized promotions and quotes on the complete DeWALT range, consisting of laser-coated diamond disks, synthesized diamond disks and diamond cups.

If you work in close contact with building materials and you need blades, cups, saws and diamond blades to cut them clean and precise, you can not choose the quality of De WALT products. In addition to being covered by official warranty, DeWALT diamond discs are known worldwide for their durability and durability over time, placing themselves among the best on the market worldwide. These are spare parts produced according to strict quality and safety standards, to give only the best to professionals in every field.

In the catalog of Mr. Worker™ you will find the complete range of diamond disks and DeWALT diamond cups: De WALT laser diamond discs, continuous or segmented crown, ideal for cutting different materials, from concrete to granite; DeWALT synthesized diamond disks, also in continuous or segmented contorn, ideal for cutting materials such as metal, but also for building materials; De WALT diamond cups with single crown, double crown or turbo crown, with a diameter of 125m.

If you need advice to better choose a diamond blade or a DeWALT diamond cup, do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone on +39 02 9143 3257: our team of experts will advise you best, helping you in choosing the best product for your professional needs.