In this section you can find the complete catalogue of DeWalt 18V battery-powered drills, cordless impact drivers and right-angle drills. Do not miss this chance to renew your work equipment by purchasing new high-quality cordless power tools by DeWalt at special prices!

DeWalt Cordless Power Tools for Sale On Mister Worker™

Cordless power tools are a really practical solution if you have to move frequently in your workplace: these tools, in fact, are handy, compact and can be easily carried around and used also in outdoor environments, and they’re powered by high performance lithium batteries.
In particular, DeWalt professional cordless drills and drivers stand out because they’re light weighted and compact: for this reason, they’re the ideal solution to carry out a number of drilling operations. Within our catalogue of DeWalt Cordless Tools you can find amazing 18V brushless drill drivers, a range of impact drivers including drywall drivers and all-purpose drills, and cordless right angle drills, designed to work easily in confined spaces.

Discover the Best DeWalt 18V Battery-Powered Drill Drivers

As we said before, cordless 18V drill and drivers are particularly versatile and easy-to-use tools; although they do not have the speed and power of corded drills and screwdrivers, they guarantee precision and accuracy on the field, without hindrance of the cable. They are comfortable especially for those who work in confined spaces and do not have nearby power sockets, because they have an excellent autonomy thanks to the high-performance DeWalt lithium batteries.
One great example is the DCD796D2-QW 18V compact drill driver, powered by a 2.0Ah XR Li-ion battery and featuring an extremely efficient brushless motor, works without brushes and therefore guarantees lower maintenance costs and a longer tool life. Thanks to its compact design, this tool can be used also in confined areas and it has 15 torque adjustment points, for a correct tightening in each application. The handle is completely in anti-vibration rubber, to ensure optimal and correct grip, as well as exceptional comfort even for long periods. Another great cordless drill driver is the DeWalt DCD996P2-QW, currently included in our monthly special offers: go check it out!

DeWalt Impact Drivers and Right Angle Drills

One of our bestseller within the category of DeWalt impact drivers, that includes drywall screwdrivers, pulse wrenches and much more, is the DCF680G2-QW cordless impact screwdriver, powered by 2 7.2V Li-ion batteries and provided in a heavy duty box. This powerful tool with gyroscopic technology allows the user to have great control on it during the entire use time and extreme accuracy also in repeated operations thanks to its 16-position clutch ring.
If you’re looking for an impact wrench with a very high rotational torque to remove or tighten fasteners our suggestion is the DCF899P2-QW 1/2” high torque impact wrench: on Mister Worker™ you can buy this tool in a kit with two 5.0Ah XR Li-Ion battery packs, an universal charger and a T-stack box. This DeWalt power tool features a really powerful engine that delivers up to 2400 pulses per minute, perfect for heavy duty fastening applications.

Finally, in this section you can find a selection of right angle drills that are specifically designed to comfortably carry out tightening operations also in confined spaces thanks to their shape: a long handle and a short head set at 90° angle. A great option is the DCD470N-XJ right angle drill, equipped with a 54V brushless motor that ensures increased power, performance and runtime.

As you can see, in the Mister Worker™ catalogue there are several DeWALT cordless screwdrivers and drills, easy-to-use power tools with excellent performance, highly appreciated by professionals in every sector. These were just a few examples of the great DeWalt cordless power tools: browse this category to find out more and contact us if you have any questions. If you want to request a personalized quote to renew the tool assortment of your workshop or factory, send an email to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.