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The Complete catalogue of DeWalt TSTAK modular organizers and TOUGHSYSTEM tool storage solutions is available on Mister Worker™ at a special price! Trolleys, boxes, chests, organizers, shop the full range online. We ship DeWalt products worldwide, contact us for a custom quote.

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DeWalt Tstak: Stackable Tool Box Organizers for sale

Keeping your work equipment in order is essential for working at your best. On Mister Worker™ the complete catalogue of DeWALT Tstak tool boxes is available: not only modular organizers but also carts and trolleys.

Are you looking for a large tool box to store your hand tools and power tools? Check out DeWalt Tstak VI modular organizer (DWST1-71195). This large storage and organizing unit (440x332x301 mm, 23 L) includes a removable tray to allow you to quickly access smaller tools and accessories. It also has a built-in handle for very comfortable and stable portability and tough metal latches for heavy duty use.

If you need a smaller tool box, DeWalt Tstak II modular organizer (DWST1-70703) is a storage unit of dimensions 440x332x176 mm (13,5 L) useful to safely store your power tools. It is equipped with a pre-cut foam, lateral hinges and bi-component handle. As an alternative, De Walt Tstak II modular organizer (DWST1-70705) is a smaller storage unit (9.5L) with six removable cups for small parts.

De WALT toolbox systems are designed to be shock, water and dust resistant, and they are ideal for keeping all your professional equipment tidy. They are also easy to transport, whatever the environment in which you work. DeWalt toolboxes are robust and reliable products.

Discover DeWalt Toughsystem™ tool storage

DeWalt Toughsystem™ tool boxes are appreciated by many professionals, especially those who work in construction sites.

DeWALT Toughsystem™ 1-70-349 tool holder system is a complete 4-in-1 toolholder. It is composed of a metal trolley designed for intensive use (and to support even large weights), a small parts organizer, a central toolbox and a basic tool box for the transport of power tools. It is equipped with a very useful central locking system that allows maximum safety during transport and prevents the various components from moving or accidentally detaching. In addition, it has a specific protection for water and dust, compliant with IP65 standards.

De WALT tool holder systems are robust, durable, practical and very roomy, so you can always carry the most cumbersome work equipment, the heaviest tools and the most delicate power tools with you. What are you waiting for to completely renew all your toolbox systems? You can contact our customer service to ask for more information or for a customized quote: our experts are at your disposal to find the best solution for your needs.