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Holesaws by DeWALT

If you’re looking for a hole saw with extremely high cutting performance even in the most demanding applications, have a look at DeWalt’s bi metal holesaws, electrician’s and plumber’s sets. Take advantage of our special offers to upgrade your assortment of holesaws!

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Hole saws are fundamental tools for professionals, as they’re used to cut perfectly round holes in a wide variety of materials. They can also be attached to a power drill and rotate at a high speed to remove a circular piece of the chosen material. In our section dedicated to DeWalt hole saws you can find carbide hole saws, impact ready, bi-metal or wood cutting hole saws and much more. In our catalogue you will surely be able to find the perfect tool, regardless of if you want to drill a hole in wood, metal or plastic. 

Between DeWalt’s most popular holesaws we would like to mention the 2X LONG LIFE™ hole saws, widely recognized as high-quality tools thanks to their unique design and frequently used by electricians, plumbers and other professionals. They are manufactured from premium quality high speed steel, with 8% cobalt for stronger, longer lasting teeth. An example is the Bi-metal deep cut hole saw really appreciated by plumbers and electricians and ideal for drilling larger holes into wood, plastic, plaster and metal. This holesaw has is formed by a carbon steel body and HSS extra strong teeth that ensure a 12 times deeper cut in comparison with comparable tools.

On Mister Worker™ you can also find several assortments of holesaws; the most complete of these is without a doubt the discounted DT8270L-QZ general purpose assortment, which contains 11 Hole Saws in different dimensions ranging between 20 and 68 mm, 2 power adaptors and 2 pilot drill bits. What distinguishes these tools from others is their capability of aggressive cutting and increased durability.

All products included in this selection are covered by the official warranty of the manufacturer and they are always available for delivery all over the world. If you have any questions, doubts or need technical assistance, do not hesitate to contact us! Our team of experts will be happy to answer to you as soon as possible and provide you with all the information you need.