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DeWALT batteries are known all over the world for their extraordinary performace, which makes them among the most powerful and durable on the market. Discover our wide range of De WALT batteries and universal chargers, that will improve the performance of your power tools!

DeWalt High-Performance Lithium Batteries For Sale

Within the Dewalt catalogue online available on Mister Worker™ there is a wide range of De Walt Lithium Batteries, characterized by maximum power, high battery performance and durability: perfect to make the use of your power tools easier! In fact, purchasing high quality batteries is essential for many professionals that need to use power tools for long periods: DeWalt batteries last longer and weigh less than standard batteries. On Mister Worker you can find great deals for 10.8V, 12V, 18V, 54V Li-Ion batteries without memory effect, so that the same degree of power is released when using them.

One of our best sellers is definitely the DCB183-XJ 18V XR Li-ion battery: its 4.0Ah Li-ion Battery Technology offers you extended runtime and optimal performance, and consequently helps you to complete your work tasks as quick as possible.
The top-of-the-range battery in our catalogue is undoubtedly the 
DeWALT XR Flexvolt 18/54V battery, one of the main innovations in the DeWalt catalogue that provides you with unprecedented levels of power. This revolutionary battery, compatible with power tools with different voltages, guarantees 50% of autonomy compared to a normal DeWALT XR Flexvolt battery. Its peculiarity is precisely the variable voltage: it can switch itself from 18V to 54V and it is suitable for a wide range of power tools.

Universal Chargers and DeWalt Batteries at Special Prices

DeWalt offers a range of universal chargers that allow you to charge batteries with different voltage, really handy and practical if you use your battery-powered tools for great amount of time and you, therefore, always need to have a recharged battery, ready to be used.
A great example is the DCB115-QW Universal charger, suitable for 10.8V, 14.4V and 18V batteries, up to 5.0Ah capacity. This charger has an average charging time of only 45 minutes, that minimizes the downtime of the battery and, at the same time, it extends the lifetime of your DeWalt batteries.

Worldwide Shipping, Technical Assistance and DeWalt Special Offers on Mister Worker™

If you need new batteries for your power tools, or you would like to purchase a multi-voltage universal charger, browse this category and, if you’re looking for great DeWalt deals, have a look at our Special Offers!
Are you looking for a DeWalt distributor in the USA or in the UK? Mister Worker™ ships all DeWALT products worldwide! If you have any questions, we suggest you contact us and our customer service will provide you with details regarding the products and will help you choose the perfect battery for your power tools!