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Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of cutting tools, suitable for many different uses: circular saw, band saws, knives, scissors, shears... from the simplest to the most professional tools, in our catalog there are all the cutting tools you may need.

Among all the types of saws available on the market, one of the favorite by Mister Worker™ customers is the circular saw: it is a highly precise tool, able to make linear and clean cuts on a large number of materials, wood and metal primarily. The blade is a circular toothed metal disc that runs at a very high speed, which is why it can cut different surfaces in a very precise way. While using the circular saw it is essential to wear protective glasses and a mask: the high rotation speed, in fact, raises from the material that is cutting a lot of dust and a large number of small splinters, which could damage the respiratory tract and eyes; it is very useful and recommended to also have an aspirator, leaving it active while doing the job. The circular saw blade is interchangeable, and on the market there are different types with different gears: wood blades, metal blades, blades for building ... Used mainly for the cutting of wood are instead band saws, useful for carrying out work of roughing, precision cutting and finishing: the band saws are quite large and come with a built-in worktop. These are highly professional tools, to be used with caution and only if you are already aware of how to handle them.

Cutting tools more common, but equally useful in several areas, are knives and scissors. Mr. Worker™ offers a wide selection of scissors with straight and inclined blades, cutters, cutters, multi-purpose knives, as well as a wide range of blades for cutter parts. From electric scissors to knives for boating, up to multi-purpose scissors and multi-purpose cutters, all cutting tools in the catalog are suitable for both professional use and for home use.

Having professional and high-quality cutting tools in your range is essential for anyone who has to perform daily cutting, finishing and roughing of materials such as wood, plastic and metal. In the catalog there are also nips and shears that, like all other cutting tools, pass strict quality tests, to always give the best on the field of work.