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A crimping plier, also known as crimping pliers, is a manual tool for electricians that serves to connect an electric cable with a connector by crushing: in technical jargon, this action is called crimping. On Mister Worker™, various models of crimping pliers are available for immediate delivery, as well as a series of insulated terminals and accessories.

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What is crimping? It is an action that occurs through the mechanical crushing of a cable to lock it on a connector: in this way you can have an electrical contact similar to that obtained from welding. However, if you need to do a similar job in the presence of high humidity or very high temperatures, it is also necessary to proceed with a weld to fix the cable and connector in the best possible way. To carry out this operation it is necessary to have a crimping tool, which can be either classic, for smaller jobs, or electric rationing, for demanding jobs.

On Mister Worker™ you can find a wide selection of crimping pliers, among the most common professional tools for electricians: crimping pliers for section ferrules, pliers for pre-insulated, non-insulated or bi-material pincers, pliers for clamping the terminals , pliers for tubular lugs... as well as a series of spare parts for matrix crimping tools, pliers and lugs, and electrotechnical assortments.

If you need to renew your work equipment with professional tools for electricians, Mister Worker™ is the right place: we are the store of tools and tools for professionals of reference for many sectors, including that of electrical engineering. We have in the catalog many tools for electricians of the best brands on the market, all covered by warranty and all available with delivery within 48 hours. If you need information on pliers for electricians or equipment, or if you need a personalized quote to completely renew your work equipment, write to [email protected].