Mister Worker® is the online store peculiarly designed to satisfy the demand for professional work tools and equipments of workshops and companies. Mechanics and maintenance technicians, electricians and plumbers, carpenters and workers of many other categories can always find all products they need available for instant delivery.

Mister Worker® is a B2B Marketplace organized in vertical dedicated designer stores, with a complete assortment from the catalogue of each brand ready for prompt delivery within 48/72 hours. On our website the professional worker is guided in choosing the most suited product for his specific needs by a user friendly and intuitive interface, by detailed technical sheets, video tutorials and customers reviews, as well as customized advice and quotations.

At the moment our shop is made up of USAG and STANLEY handtools shop, DEWALT powertools shop, TERRY shop with its cabinets and shelves, the shop of TESA with its professional solutions for fastening, the GIERRE shop with ladders, scaffoldings and handtrucks, STAHLWILLE torque control and professional tools and FACOM, high quality tools' leader. Our web portal is designed as an open IT platform, easily to be integrated and ready to welcome companies of excellence that want to enter the global market through the online sale channel.

Our aim is to become a leading e-commerce for the demand of high quality professional items. Therefore, we have developed logistic departments peculiarly specialized in treating and delivering bulky parcels all over the world.

Last year thousands of professional workers from more than 110 countries all over the world choosed our service and the quality of our products.

Mister Worker® is a trademark of eSales s.r.l., a company focused on the e-commerce development founded by eBit Innovation s.r.l., one of the e-business projects' leader in Italy.

Our strengths:

  • Full range of products

We provide our customers the access to the complete catalogue of the best brands and professional tools on MisterWorker.com. More than 20.000 professional products in prompt delivery.

  • Fast Shipping

We have automatized the picking and packing process to guarantee the quickest shipping time to you. All packages leaving our warehouse are delivered by Express Courier, allowing you to receive your products within 48/72 hours.

  • Quality and safety

On Mister Worker® are sold only high quality items and we ensure the original guarantee of the supplier. Moreover, we take care of protecting all your data: security standards for a secure payment process protected by Paypal - SSL protocol as well as privacy policies are guaranteed on Mister Worker®.

  • Convenience

All products available on Mister Worker® have lower prices compared to their price list. Moreover, we provide monthly offers and promotions.

  • Browse in a simple and intuitive way

Our online store is easy to navigate. Since the first visit our clients are able to make purchases quickly and without problems.

  • Complete and personalised service

We offer a complete and efficient customer service for commercial questions or order processing issues by email at customerservice@misterworker.com or by phnoe at +39 02 9143 3257.

Full range of products, convenience and expertise make Mister Worker® the ideal online shopping mall for everyone who search for quality and performance in professional tools.