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Whatever your profession is, if you work in potentially dangerous areas it is very important that you buy professional work clothing that protects you and makes you feel safe in every situation. If, however, you have a construction site or a mechanical workshop, you should also equip yourself with safety signs.

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In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find a wide range of workwear: overalls, work pants, safety shoes, insulated gloves... every single garment complies with the regulations for safety at work and is sold with a regular certificate, to give you greater security. Injury shoes have a reinforced toe that protects toes from the accidental fall of heavy objects, have an internal anti-perforation coating and are available with various specific soles: anti-slip, anti-static, anti-abrasion... Trousers, overalls, sweatshirts and T-shirts, on the other hand, are produced with special anti-abrasion fabrics, which protect the body from accidental cuts and from rubbing with potentially irritating or dangerous materials.

As for the safety signs, however, you can find warning signs, prohibition signs, security panels, warning poles, barrier tapes, insulating mats... everything you need to secure your place of safety. work, warning all those who work there of any danger.

If you want to buy work clothes online or you are looking for safety signs online, Mister Worker™ is the online store for professionals that's right for you. Each product in our catalog has been carefully chosen by our experts, to offer you only the best you can find on the market. If you need more information or need a personalized quote to completely renew your work equipment, contact us by email at [email protected]: our experts will respond as soon as possible, sending you an ad hoc quotation that will meet to your professional needs. delivery of several working garments: from trousers to suits, from gloves to safety shoes, all in numerous sizes and models.