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The Official Catalogues from the Best Brands

Mister Worker™ online store has more than 35,000 products from the best international brands. In this section you can check the Official Catalogues of the brands and download the ones that you need. The Official Catalogues of the best worldwide brands have a wide coverage on all professional tools and instruments, from torque control tools to automotive. If you have a question or need something that you can’t find, please contact us and we’ll reply as fast as possible.

Check and Download the Official Catalogues

Click the flags to download the desired catalogue in your language:

Ampco Safety Tools Official Catalogue 2020: Annovi Industrial Division EN  Ampco Safety Tools ES  Ampco Safety Tools FR  Ampco Safety Tools DE

Annovi Reverberi
- Industrial Division 2020:  Annovi Industrial Division IT  Annovi Industrial Division EN 
- Cleaning Division 2020:  Annovi Reverberi IT  Annovi Cleaning Division EN
- Stanley Fatmax High Pressure Washers 2020:  Annovi Stanley idropulitrici ad alta pressione IT  Annovi Stanley High Pressure Washers EN 
- DeWalt High Pressure Washers 2020:  Annovi DeWalt idropulitrici alta pressione  IT  Annovi DeWalt High Pressure Washers  EN

Beta Tools Official Catalogue 2020: Beta IT  Beta EN

- Official Catalogue 2019:  DeWalt ES  DeWalt FR  DeWalt RU
- Power Tools and Accessories 2019:  DeWalt IT  DeWalt EN
- Anchors and Fixing Systems 2019:  DeWalt IT DeWalt EN

Diadora Utility - Official Catalogue 2020: Diadora Utility IT Diadora Utility EN Diadora Utility ES  Diadora Utility DE Diadora Utility FR

Expert - Official Catalogue 2019:  Expert EN  Expert ES  Expert IT 

Explorer Cases - Official Catalogue 2019:  Explorer Cases IT  Explorer Cases EN

Facom - Official Catalogue 2019:  Facom FR  Facom EN  Facom IT  Facom DE 

Flir - Official Catalogue 2020: Flir IT  Flir EN  Flir ES  Flir DE  Flir FR 

Gierre - Official Catalogue 2019:  Gierre IT  Gierre EN

GT Line- Official Catalogue 2019:  GT Line IT  GT Line EN

Knipex - Official Catalogue 2020: Knipex IT Knipex EN Knipex ES Knipex DE Knipex FR Knipex  RU Knipex TU

Kukko - Official Catalogue 2020:  Kukko IT  Kukko EN  Kukko ES  Kukko DE  Kukko FR Kukko RU

Lenox - Official Catalogue 2019:  Lenox IT 

- Official Catalogue 2020:  MecLube EN  MecLube ES  MecLube IT  Meclube RU
- Electric Pumps Catalogue 2020:  MecLube Electric Pumps EN  MecLube Bombas Electricas ES  MecLube Pompe Elettriche IT
- Diaphragm Pumps Catalogue 2020:  MecLube Diaphragm Pumps EN  MecLube Bombas Neumaticas ES  MecLube Pompe Pneumatiche IT

Metrica - Official Catalogue 2020: Metrica IT  Metrica EN  Metrica ES  Metrica DE  Kukko FR

- Official Catalogue 2018/2019: Stahlwille FR  Stahlwille IT  Stahlwille RU
- Official Catalogue 2020/2021: Stahlwille DE  Stahlwille EN  Stahlwille ES  

Stanley - Official Catalogue 2019:  Stanley ES  Stanley IT  Stanley RU  Stanley DE  Stanley EN 

Stella Welding Alloys - Official Catalogue 2019:  Stella Welding Alloys IT  Stella Welding Alloys EN

Tellure Rota - Official Catalogue 2020:  Tellure Rota IT  Tellure Rota EN  Tellure Rota ES  Tellure Rota DE  Tellure Rota FR

- Official Catalogue 2019 - Professional Section:  Terry IT  Terry EN  Terry ES  Terry DE  Terry FR
- Official Catalogue 2020 - Home Section:  Terry Home IT  Terry Home EN  Terry Home ES  Terry Home DE  Terry Home FR
- Official Catalogue 2020 - Kids Section: Terry Kids IT  Terry Kids EN  Terry Kids ES  Terry Kids DE  Terry Kids FR

Tesa Technology - Official Catalogue 2020:  Tesa Technology EN  Tesa Technology IT  Tesa Technology DE 

Usag - Official Catalogue 2019:  Usag EN  Usag ES  Usag FR  Usag IT  Usag RU  Usag TR  Usag NL  Usag DK  Usag HU  Usag NO  Usag PT