Organizing the workspace is the starting point for working better. Mister Worker™ offers you a wide range of hardware holders, open-ended containers, plastic containers, metal shelves and outdoor cabinets.

Best Sellers

The need to organize your work space is common to professionals in every sector. This is why Mister Worker™ offers a wide range of TERRY-branded products: cabinets, cupboard dividers, plastic containers, small accessories, slender containers and shelves, up to a line of containers for separate waste collection. Each product is designed and studied to be practical and easy to use: the materials used are light and resistant, to ensure good durability over time.

The favorite product by private individuals and professionals is undoubtedly the J-Line 368 wardrobe, very popular both in Italy and throughout Europe. Produced with a special rain-resistant plastic, it is ideal for storerooms or garages, and for gardens and terraces. All cabinets are designed to be perfect for various uses, so as to satisfy even the most demanding customers. In the J-Line models, the internal shelves can support even heavy weights without deforming, the two doors are designed to open up to 180° and the closure has the predisposition for the padlock. It is a perfect piece of furniture to tidy up untidy cellars or keep garden tools safe from wind and rain, but it is also ideal for keeping important documents safe in the closet without damaging them. To make everything even tidier and repaired inside the wardrobes, in the catalog there are some multipurpose plastic containers, practical and light, available in different fantasy or transparent versions.

Other flagship products in our range are definitely the containers for separate waste collection. In addition to the classic recycling bins, the catalog includes the Eco Cab 2 resin wardrobe: it resists perfectly to heavy rain and hail and is equipped with two 110L bag holders protected by doors and lids. The replacement of the bags is very easy and fast: just lift the lid and the stop that blocks the bag, open the door and remove the bag and then replace it. It is the perfect solution especially for those who live in the apartment and has little space on the balcony to perform the separate collection: the compact size means that it fits perfectly even in small spaces.

When it comes to the organization of space, TERRY is always on the front line: their products are all completely Made in Italy, and for years they have been helping people to maintain order in their work space and in their home.