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Check out the Brilliant tools UK catalogue on Mister Worker® and embark on a journey of exceptional craftsmanship. Brilliant is an innovative second brand from renowned tools specialist KS Tools. This secondary brand unites affordable prices with flawless performance. By choosing Brilliant Tools, workshop professionals can achieve significant cost savings without sacrificing quality.

Discover the brand’s full spectrum on our website. From hand tools to automotive tools, as well as workwear or equipment. Our extensive selection enables you to tackle any project with outstanding results.

Rest assured that every item featured on our website is 100% original, authentic, and certified by the manufacturer. Furthermore, our prompt delivery services ensure a seamless shopping experience. 

Brilliant Tools: premium quality without the high price tag

KS Tools, one of the most renowned German tool manufacturers, has recently introduced Brilliant Tools as its second brand. This secondary brand focuses on essential tools for common tasks, offering a more streamlined product range compared to the primary one.

Orhan Altin, the company director, explained the motivation behind this line. He claimed to have developed a spectrum that encompasses all the essential areas of a workshop. He also emphasized that the range includes everything necessary without incorporating uncommon specialized tools, which is an important aspect. 

Besides, Altin highlighted their efforts to keep costs, such as marketing expenses, to a minimum. By implementing a more efficient sales structure, Brilliant Tools maximizes cost savings. This results in benefits for customers. 

Professionals in search of cost-effective solutions can opt for this brand. It combines outstanding quality with budget-friendly prices. Among its products you can find the most common hand tools (such as wrenches or screwdrivers), automotive tools, toolboxes and workshop equipment.

Dive into the complete Brilliant Tools catalogue: spanners, screwdrivers, tool kits, pliers, and more

At Mister Worker®, we hold our customers in the highest regard. With a discerning eye for excellence, we hand-select only the most remarkable tools to empower you with unrivaled precision and unmatched performance. With an eye for excellence, we select only the most remarkable tools to bring you unparalleled precision and performance. Achieve top results with the outstanding craftsmanship of Brilliant Tools. 

On our website, you can buy everything you need to cope with your daily tasks. Dive into a broad catalogue: from wrenches to screwdrivers, from socket sets to pliers, plus a selection of air tools. 

  • Brilliant BT153473 tool trolley with 7 drawers and 473 tools: it has 7 ball-bearing drawers, each with a 100% pull-out feature and a hefty 35 kg capacity. This model guarantees enormous stability, thanks to the individual attachment of each drawer. Thus allowing seamless access to your complete set of 473 tools. With a total load capacity of 400 kg, this trolley is a testament to both strength and sophistication.
  • Brilliant Tools BT626050 gearbox rinsing device. This model is designed for effortless flushing and oil change in dual-clutch (DSG) and automatic gearboxes. The included 35-piece adapter set ensures compatibility with various vehicle models.
  • Brilliant Tools BT160300: this gun is compatible with all types of mixed cleaning agents. Equipped with a pressure regulator, this item ensures flawless cleaning results every time.

These and many other products are available on our website. Another example is the Brilliant Tools BT161100 automatic hose. Also, check out the pneumatic fluid extractor BT621000. Browse the entire catalogue and choose what you need.

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