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Published : 09/15/2020 15:54:30
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Many professionals, such as maintenance technicians and installers, often find themselves having to move from one place to another to carry out their work and need to transport a wide range of tools and utensils. With the right equipment, a van can be easily transformed into a mobile workshop, but each person has different and unique needs. That’s why a customizable solution is often preferred.

Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we discuss this topic with Ivan Lorenzini, USAG Senior Marketing Specialist. Continue reading to find out all you need to know to choose the best van storage solutions.

How does Matrix, USAG's van storage solution, work?

Matrix is a modular system that combines drawer chests, wheel-bases, shelves and accessories to create specific layouts, following simple dimensional rules. This storage solution is therefore suitable for all types of vans and can be adapted to every specific work requirement.

USAG Matrix

Where does the design of a personalized van storage solution begin? What advice can we give to a professional who has to decide how to organize his van?

It all starts with the choice of the van that best suits your work needs. This decision also determines the type of equipment that can be mounted on the vehicle.

The layout must be adapted to the van, leaving enough space for you to move comfortably inside the vehicle, while ensuring easy access to all the tools and equipment stored inside. Furthermore, you should keep in mind that you might have to load bulky material onto the van to transport it to the workplace.

Taking these tips into consideration, you will be able to design an efficient and organized storage solution for your van.

To facilitate the design of the layout of your van, USAG has created an online configurator that allows you to project the solution that best suits your needs in a few simple steps. You can export the project in Excel or PDF format.

If you want your project to be checked or if you would like to receive advice for the design of your layout, you can send an email to [email protected].

What are the main types of tool storage solutions available in the Matrix catalog?

As already mentioned above, there are four main product families.

  1. The wheel-bases are the first module to place when setting up the right or left side of the van. Their function is to cover the fenders to make it possible to place other modules on top of them. In these bases you can store bulky or valuable tools and equipment, as they can be locked.

  2. The drawer units are the heart of the range, with 29 variants, they are designed to organize and store tools, small parts or valuable items; they can all be locked. They are also available with fixed drawers or with extractable boxes.

  3. The shelves are available in 3 different depths – 200, 275 and 375 mm – and they can be adapted to any van shape to optimize the space, allowing you to accommodate spare parts or bulky objects of various types.

  4. A wide range of accessories is available to further customize your layout.
    When you are setting up your van layout, the first accessory to consider is the platform. The floor of the van is not perfectly flat, on the contrary it is ribbed to better support the load, so it is very useful to have a safe and stable flatbed as a base to mount the modules on. USAG offers a complete range of multilayer platforms with non-slip phenolic coating, which guarantee a load capacity of 14 quintals per square meter.
    The worktops with vice, available in 4 models, are another very useful accessory for those who do maintenance work. The most popular model is the 5002 ZM5 foldaway worktop, which can be fixed to the modules or directly to the platform or to the van.

USAG Matrix

How is the flatbed mounted? How does the new fixing system of the USAG Matrix line work?

As previously mentioned, the first accessory to mount on the van is the flatbed

The platform is the base that supports the entire layout, this product has to be sturdy and perfectly assembled. For this reason, USAG has designed flatbeds manufactured in a single piece and precisely shaped to perfectly fit the van floor. The precision of the shape allows for an easy assembly: simply place the platform on the floor of the van to block it and make it perfectly stable. In addition, as a standard, all USAG platforms come with holes for retaining hooks, allowing for an even more stable fixing on the van floor.

All that is transported on the van must be securely fixed, especially the equipment. For this reason, USAG has designed the fixing bar 5002 S5, which allows for a safe and fast anchoring of the various drawer units and shelves, ensuring sturdiness, rigidity and stability.

The assembly process is very simple as it is sufficient to fix the bars to the van frame with the supplied brackets and bolts. Then, always using brackets and bolts, the various modules are fixed to the bars. In this way, all the modules are joined together, making the structure sturdy, rigid and stable during the various movements.

This fixing system allows you to save on both assembly time and costs. In fact, you can complete the assembly by yourself, following the video tutorials available on YouTube.

What new products can we expect from USAG in the van storage category?

I can only predict that in 2021 USAG will launch new modules, to increase the functionality and versatility of the entire modular MATRIX system.

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