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If you are reading this article, you probably had your car battery dead and you are wondering what you should do to restart it and drive again. Mister Worker’s tips will help you understand what you should do if you have a dead battery car, what you should look at to understand how to fix the issue and what you need to do in order to restart a car battery.

Dead car battery: what to do?

First of all, you need to know what is the cause of the car battery discharge. Here are just a few examples: headlights turned on while the engine is turned off, car that was parked for too many hours with too high or too low temperatures or car that was unused for a prolonged period, using the stereo system for too long, leaving the emergency lights on at a standstill ... Always remember to turn off all the lights before getting out of the car and, if you don’t plan to use it for months, disconnect the battery: this way you will avoid unnecessary power loss that could drain it.

Then, understanding how it works and what the car battery contains is also very useful: it is a device that accumulates electricity, similar to a battery, and it consists of a positive and a negative electrode, immersed in an electrolyte substance. Whenever the car battery is running, a current develops between the electrodes which, over time, converts the lead contained in lead sulphate: in the long run, this substance can make the battery unusable, covering the negative electrode with a white patina. This is when you must replace it with a new one.

If you're wondering what you could put in the car battery to improve its performance, the answer is simpler than you think: distilled water! However, you can fill up the car battery only if it is equipped with a soft plug, which is a cap that can be easily removed to allow water to be poured in and out without difficulty. If your model does not have it and you do not have the proper tools, contact a mechanic: if you tried forcing it, you could tamper with the battery and cause serious damage to the car.

What should you do in case of an empty car battery?

Although calling an electrician would be the best choice, it often happens that you do not have the possibility to reach out to a mechanic and that you, therefore, have to figure something out on your own. Fortunately, a low battery car is a problem that can be solved quickly enough, even without the intervention of an expert.

First of all, make sure that the problem is not the starter motor: if the panel turns on but the motor does not, it may have stopped working due to high temperatures. In this case, leave the engine switched off, remove the key and give the starter motor a few strokes; at this point, try to restart the car, which, if this was indeed the problem, will start at the first try.

If the car still does not start, it means that the car battery is completely exhausted, and you will have to recharge it or start the engine to get to the nearest mechanic.

To restart, there is two options:

  • Push start: you have to insert and turn the key to turn on the electrical system, engage the second gear and press the clutch pedal to facilitate those who will push the car. When you reach a certain speed you will have to release the clutch, turn the key and start the car, at this point you should drive to the nearest mechanic that will recharge your battery.

Dead car battery: push start

  • Jump start with an additional vehicle: you have to connect one end of the red cable to the + positive pole of a charged car and the other end to the positive pole + of your car. Then you have to connect the black cable to the negative poles - of both cars. After connecting the wires you can charge your empty car battery: the vehicle  that is being charged must have the engine on, which must reach at least 2000 rpm, in order to give the right boost to start the dead battery. Once the engine has restarted, disconnect first the black cable and then the red one.

Dead car battery: jump start with additional vehicle

What charges a car battery low?

Another popular method to recharge dead battery cars and quickly restart the vehicle  is to use an emergency car jump starter, better known as a portable jump starter. It is an electrical device that transmits energy and regulates the voltage of energy, a great solution for when you find yourself with a  battery dead and you do not know what to do. It’s a reduced size and weight tool that can easily be placed in the trunk, to allow you to travel peacefully. In addition, the booster generates clean current and does not damage the vehicle electrical system at all, which is why it is the perfect tool for emergencies and should not be missing from any car.

But how does an emergency starter work? It is a tool equipped with a 12V battery, with a current supply capacity of up to 2250 A. It is equipped with cables with pliers, which must be connected appropriately to the car battery: as we saw earlier, the red cable must be connected to the positive pole +, while the black cable to the negative pole -. At this point you should try turning the car on: if the engine starts again, you can disconnect the wires and start driving again in total tranquility! However, if the car does not restart, the problem probably is not just the low battery car, so you have to turn to roadside assistance.

Mister Worker™ does not leave you alone! Our worldwide E-commerce offers a quite wide range of emergency starters. If you don’t have one yet, visit our website! You can take a look at the starting booster Facom B124.1A, which enjoys great success among our customers. This emergency starter has an operation voltage of 12V - 24V, a sealed internal AGM battery and also a capacity of 2 X 20 Ah. We also suggest you the booster Expert E200408, for 12V- vehicles, with a maximum peak amp of 1600 A and maximum cracking amp of 400 A. This kind of starter is perfect for petrol and diesel engines. 


Emergency car starter

In order to avoid finding yourself with a dead battery car always remember to carry out periodic checks on your vehicle, especially if you often travel long distances. Although car battery low  is a widespread and easily solved problem, it is always better to avoid being in such unpleasant situations, especially while traveling.

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