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Whether on the shop floor, on construction sites or during service operations, the quality of the equipment applied to carry out tasks affects the efficiency, quality and safety of the entire process. Finding the right solution for your needs, however, is not always so easy, since the choice of products available on the market is wide. In order to relieve professionals from finding the adequate tools for individual purposes, Wiha created the new Five Star System range, taking over the optimal compilation of necessary tools for certain everyday situations and “packing” them into functional, versatile and resistant tool boxes. This line includes 16 carefully crafted Wiha tool sets divided into 3 tool sectors: Electric Tool-Sets, Mechanic Tool-Sets and E-Mobility Tool Sets. No more tedious tool selection: now you can choose your tailor-made and preconfigured solution for your individual area of work from the Wiha Five Star Systems range. Today, on Mister Worker™ Blog we talk about this line of products and the advantages it offers. 

Why Choose the new Wiha Tool Sets: 5 Star Systems

For service work, a basic, mechanical voltage-proof tool set is usually adequate. But in certain situations, the workload is often high and complex, and some areas might be on the third floor of a building or even at higher points, making it difficult to transport all the necessary tools to the workplace. With the 5 Star Solutions, Wiha provides you with the combination of tools to tackle even the most difficult situations, discover the solutions below.

  • Wiha Electric Tool Sets - From the Wiha Speede 2 Set to the Wiha Competence XL 

The new L electric tool backpack (Wiha 45153) offers a carefully thought-out selection of products such as from ergonomic insulated Wiha screwdrivers, Wiha torque screwdrivers, a stripping tool, a folding ruler, a non-contact volt detector and a universal key in a convenient carrying solution.The backpack is equipped with padded shoulder straps, removable hook for hanging and various compartments for convenient storage of items and a sturdy. In addition, the rugged polypropylene bottom and waterproof Denier nylon cover makes this Wiha backpack-set  resistant from bad weather and harsh conditions on construction sites. Moreover, the back of this product allows for safe transportation thanks to its thermoformed and ergonomic padding. To put it briefly, this electric Wiha set contains everything you need for your daily activities combined in a perfectly designed backpack.

If you prefer classic tool cases, however, the Wiha 40523 XL Tool Set Electrician Competence Xl Assorted 1000v and the Wiha 45257 L Tool Case Basic Set L Electric models are the right choice for you. The former can store up to 81 parts in compartments that allow easy accessibility to them, and its carrying strap makes it easy to transport the case. The second one, on the other hand, allows you to store up to 39 items, and its extra space allows you to add more tools. This case also has an ergonomic two-component handle, which makes it easy to carry.

For large construction site jobs, it is necessary to have a large assortment of products with you to be best prepared for all situations. The 100-piece Wiha XXL 3 44128 Tool Case Set Electric 1000v case set is the most suitable solution in such cases, in fact, its extensive professional equipment allows you to complete a variety of tasks. The case is  equipped with large wheels and with folding handles, so that it can serve as a stable, non-slip step for working at height, as well as a workbench. The additional storage space, thatthis Wiha tool case features, allows you to store more tools and accessories inside. In addition, the graduated V-shaped incision on the top of the case facilitates cutting operations and the gas shock absorbers keep the lid in different positions, avoiding possible accidental closures that can cause physical harm to users.

On the other hand, with the Wiha speed E® 2 44318 electric insulated screwdriver set,users receive electrical fixing support for otherwise time-consuming and time-consuming screwdriving. First the nails are screwed in automatically and at high speed, then the material protection stop starts. The sensitive fixing of the screw thus remains with the user himself. In combination with torque adapters or a large number of slimBits, great flexibility is offered by this innovative tool set.

Still regarding insulated tool assortments, you might also find the Wiha insulated ratchet wrench set 43024 useful. It features tools that are suitable for all screw connections and fields of application. With this tool,  moving the switching lever of the ratchet wrench, you can freely set the rotation clockwise and counterclockwise. In addition, the insulation layer of this wrench helps prevent short circuits. The Wiha 43024 set also includes an electric T-handle adapter, hex screws and hexagon head screw inserts, and extensions, so that the user can multitask with maximum efficiency.    

Discover also the Slimvario Wiha 43465 Assorted 1000v Tool Set, which comes with a multifunctional bag. All popular screw profiles are included in this 32-piece set, and as a result, you'll be able to perform various jobs in different environments, such as construction sites, or on several surfaces, such as solar installations and electrical panels. Once opened, the bag acts as a workbench stand that makes it easy to pick up tools. Moreover, Wiha Slimvario set offers an extensive system of interchangeable inserts, allowing you to save space.

  • Mechanic Tool Sets 

For the mechanical area, the Five Star Systems range  includes the Wiha 44685 socket wrench set and 60-piece bits in a handy L-Boxx and a Wiha 44684 set of socket wrenches and 40-piece inserts stored in a functional bag with belt clip. With the multitude of different profiles offered by these tool assortments, their finely toothed ratcheting wrenches, and practical and durable carrying solutions, these sets provide greater flexibility and efficiency in mobile operations. These sets include socket wrenches made of high-quality chrome-vanadium steel, and  ratchet wrench inserts  that feature corrosion-proof and easy-to-clean surface. Once you combine these tools with the included extensions, you can reach deep into nuts and screws without any problems.

Check also out the Wiha speedE® 43631 Industrial screwdriver set. It guarantees an efficient screw fastening together with protection function, in order to prevent potential damages to materials. Thanks to the 3-step process operation mode, with this screwdriver you can fulfill your tasks with increased speed. Moreover, when 0.4 Nm is reached, the power-assisted fastening switches off automatically to protect the material. At this point, you can finish tightening the screws by hand, using up to a maximum of 8 Nm.

The above-mentioned L tool backpack is available also in the mechanics version (Wiha 45154): the structure and features are the same as the electric one, but this model includes a lot of tools that every mechanic should absolutely not miss out on. From ergonomic screwdrivers, a selection of pliers, L-keys, ring ratchet open-ended spanners, a locksmith's hammer to an extensive 1/4" hexagon socket wrench and bit set, the customer has all the tools he or she needs to face even the most difficult situations. All these devices are contained in a wide space and can be comfortably carried from one place to another. Moreover, the outer sides of this backpack, provided with integrated D-rings and additional pockets enable you to store additional tools. 

  • E-Mobility Tool Sets - Electric Cars Maintenance Tool Sets

In the field of eMobility, automotive workshops are facing new challenges. The correct use of properly certified insulated tools is of pivotal importance for the maintenance of electric vehicles.In the 5 Stars System range of tools, Wiha provides the most appropriate ,safe and professional quality tools, with the Wiha 44198 E-Mobility tool case and the Wiha 44423 E-Mobility workshop trolley. Both of them are equipped with a wide selection of certified Wiha insulated tools for maintenance of electric cars. The 44198 case is made of sturdy polypropylene and is equipped with gas shock absorbers that hold the lid firmly in different opening positions, prevent it from closing uncontrollably and thus prevent injury to the user. The 44423 trolley, on the other hand, allows you to store your tools in five removable drawers and, thanks to its casters, it can be easily moved from one part of the workshop to another.

Always remember that you should only ever use certified insulated tools to work on electric vehicles! The use of standard or improperly certified tools can pose serious dangers to your health. To know more about EV tools read our blog: “EV Tools: the best eMobility sets for Electric Car Maintenance”.

Wiha 5 Stars Systems

Wiha's focus has always been on developing products with the highest standards of quality, functionality, durability and ergonomics, and this mentioned collection of tools is no exception. For these reasons, Wiha won several awards such as the Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX Award) as the best SME in Germany in 2014. You can find out what advantages all the Five Star System products have on the Showtime page of the official website of the German brand Wiha. 

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