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Published : 10/16/2023 14:23:25
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Rothenberger tools

In the realm of plumbing, one name reigns supreme: Rothenberger. The brand is a famous German manufacturer of equipment for the plumbing sector. Its tools, such as pipe benders, cutters, pressure testers, or press tools, have become indispensable to plumbing professionals worldwide. 

Let's delve together today in the Mister Worker® blog into what sets Rothenberger tools apart and why they are highly coveted in the plumbing industry.

Rothenberger: A History of Success

The company was founded in 1949 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Over the subsequent years, Rothenberger continued to excel thanks to the user-friendliness, durability, and excellence of its product range, which included pipe cutters, benders, torches, press tools, and more. This commitment to quality allowed the company to expand outside of Germany and dominate the international market for pipe tools. Nowadays, the company exports its tools to more than 120 countries and boasts 32 offices located in the U.S., UAE, China, Australia, as well as many other nations.

If you’re asking yourself “Who owns Rothenberger tools?”, we can say that since its inception, the company has belonged to the Rothenberger family and has always preserved its rich heritage and unwavering dedication to perfection.  

Where are Rothenberger tools made? 

Rothenberger tools are mainly manufactured in Germany, meeting the country's renowned standards of precision and quality. These tools are manufactured using state-of-the-art production methods and controlled through very strict processes. This is proof that the company attaches great importance to meeting the highest standards and offering excellent products. 

Where are Rothenberger headquarters?

The company has 3 main offices located in different parts of the world. The company's global headquarters are in Kelkheim, Germany, while the UK offices operate in Northamptonshire, and the US department is based in Rockford, Illinois. 

The fact that its offices are located in different countries indicates the company's willingness to remain close to its customers in different parts of the world, as well as to offer them a comprehensive, impeccable service.

What are Rothenberger's best tools?

best rothenberger tools

This renowned German manufacturer boasts a wide variety of different tools, each of which has its peculiarities and is adapted to specific tasks. It is therefore difficult to determine which are the best products to buy, as it also depends on the individual needs of professionals. The following are generally regarded as the brand's core tools:

  • Rothenberger Pipe Cutters
  • Rothenberger Pipe Benders
  • Rothenberger Press Tools
  • Rothenberger Pressure Testers
  • Rothenberger Pipe Threaders
  • Rothenberger Blow Torches

Now, after this brief introduction, let's explore together the features of these great products.

Rothenberger pipe cutters

These items are extremely popular among professionals in the plumbing sector. Their advanced features allow for the effortless cutting of tubes. Moreover, these tools are cherished for their outstanding durability, plus their constant performance. The company provides a variety of pipe-cutting tools, including options for both iron and plastic pipes, as well as compact models. Regardless of your choice, you can expect excellent results.

An enormously successful product in this category is the ROTRAC 28 PLUS pipe cutter. It is a versatile tool designed for precision pipe preparation. It efficiently cuts through various materials, including copper, brass, aluminum, and thin-walled steel pipes, making it ideal for creating secure pipe connections. With a cutting depth of 2.5 mm and constructed from the durable ALUDUR aluminum alloy, it ensures accurate and clean cuts.

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Rothenberger pipe benders

These groundbreaking tools are a must for plumbing professionals working with copper as well as steel pipes. Equipped with technologically advanced properties, plus high-quality construction, they guarantee effortless, accurate, as well as quick tube bending, even for prolonged periods. These amazing items are the ideal choice for applications in the plumbing, refrigeration, as well as air conditioning sectors.

The ROBEND 4000 is one of this category’s flagship products. Crafted with top-tier forged aluminum dies, it boasts a minimal number of joints, significantly enhancing safety during use. Equipped with a robust 1,010 W engine, this tool ensures an optimized working process and delivers outstanding performance. The ROBEND 4000 pipe bender offers an easily adjustable bending angle, eliminating the need for auxiliary tools. By choosing this remarkable pipe-bending machine, you can achieve impeccable results without any unsightly abrasion marks.

How do you use Rothenberger benders?

Utilizing a Rothenberger pipe bender proves to be a straightforward undertaking. Pay attention to the following points:

  • To commence, ensure a stable surface for the pipe bender and secure its position firmly. 
  • Place carefully the pipe within the bender's groove, guaranteeing alignment with your chosen bending point. 
  • Gradually apply controlled pressure to the pipe, guiding it along the curved portion of the bender. The tool, with remarkable precision and ease, will produce impeccably formed bends, devoid of any deformities. Should the need arise for multiple bends, rest assured that each subsequent one will mirror the precision of the last.

It's important to note that the specific procedures and methods may vary depending on the model being utilized. Therefore, always refer to the manufacturer's provided instructions and adhere to the safety guidelines associated with the tool.

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Rothenberger press tools

Rothenberger ROMAX 4000

Rothenberger press tools are famous for producing a safe connection for various types of metal pipes, including copper, stainless steel, as well as carbon steel. The German brand provides a selection of press tools, available in both battery- and cable-operated versions, suitable for different pipe diameters. 

The Rothenberger ROMAX 4000 basic press tool is another core product. It stands as an electro-hydraulic, battery-powered press machine meticulously designed for the reliable pressing of fittings up to Ø 110 mm, delivering 32-34 kN of force. Weighing 3.6 kg and boasting a well-balanced weight distribution, this machine minimizes fatigue, enabling more ergonomic, energy-efficient operation, even during extended usage periods. This press tool is available in an amazing set complete with batteries and press jaw sets (Code: Rothenberger 1000001924)

Check out other outstanding models of press tools, such as the ROMAX 3000 or the Compact TT press tools.

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Rothenberger Pipe Threaders

The famous German brand presents an extensive array of cutting-edge pipe threading solutions, tailored to meet your every need. Our offerings encompass a spectrum of options, ranging from hand-operated tools to robust, floor-standing machines. The producer provides compatibility with a diverse selection of essential thread types, including BSPT, NPT, BSW, and more. By choosing their premium selection of high-performance threading oils and fluids, you will benefit from an incredibly facilitated, profitable threading experience. 

Discover the ROPOWER 50R threading machine, another well-known product from this brand’s collection. It is a versatile tube pre-machining and finishing device designed for efficiency and precision. This machine boasts rapid, dependable threading, precise length cutting, and efficient roll grooving capabilities. Transporting and setting up the equipment is a breeze, thanks to the mobile folding cart included in the package, which conveniently doubles as a workspace. 

How to Use a Rothenberger Pipe Threader?

If you’re unfamiliar with operating this particular equipment, here are the steps to follow:

  • Securely fasten the pipe in a vise or clamp to prevent any unintended movement during the threading process.
  • Select the appropriate threading dies based on the pipe's size and material. Rothenberger offers a diverse range of dies tailored to various pipe sizes and materials.
  • Position the pipe threader over the pipe, ensuring that the chosen dies are correctly aligned and placed.
  • Depending on your model, employ either the handle or power mechanism to turn the pipe threader clockwise.
  • As you rotate the threader, apply a consistent, even pressure. The dies will cut threads into the pipe as they revolve.
  • Pause periodically to inspect the quality of the threads. They should exhibit cleanliness, uniformity, and proper alignment. If any flaws or burrs are detected on the threads, utilize a deburring tool to eliminate them.
  • Continue threading until the desired length is achieved or until the designated pipe section has been entirely threaded.
  • With caution, release the pipe from the vise or clamp. Don't forget to thoroughly clean the pipe threads to eliminate any residual cutting oil or debris.

Always remember to refer to the manufacturer's instructions and safety guidelines for the specific model of Rothenberger pipe threader. In addition, when working with pipe threading equipment, appropriate safety clothing, such as safety goggles and gloves, must be used.

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Rothenberger pressure testers

Rothenberger RP 50

Pressure tests, conducted either with low or high pressures, examine the integrity and absence of leaks in pipes. Utilizing Rothenberger pressure testers, professionals have the flexibility to check pipes using either air or water pressure.

The RP 50 pressure tester is the right solution for these tasks. Thanks to its robust DURAMANT coating, the RP 50 test pump offers a lasting solution for conducting pressure tests up to 60 bar. A built-in drag indicator provides a clear display of the pressure, simplifying the detection of any pressure drops within the system. Count on reliable and precise measurement results, thanks to the ingenious dual valve system, which not only facilitates self-testing of the pump but also enables fine-tuned pressure adjustments.

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Where to buy Rothenberger tools?

Rothenberger tools have earned their place at the pinnacle of the plumbing industry for good reason. Their commitment to innovation, precision engineering, and user-friendly design make them indispensable for professionals. 

So, where can you acquire these exceptional tools? Look no further than Mister Worker®, your trusted online source for Rothenberger tools. Discover the broad spectrum of tools (that includes freeze kits, spanners, or grips too) and equipment on our website. By choosing our shop, you can order 100% authentic, high-quality tools, with the advantages of outlet prices and immediate delivery. 

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