Published : 11/7/2016 11:47:40
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If you need to perform electrical repairs, whether you are a professional electrician or a simple DIY enthusiast, you must always remember to start from safety. It is therefore categorical to be able to count on the appropriate equipment.

Among the fundamental tools, absolutely essential in the toolbox, there are the isolated tools that, unlike the most common analog devices, guarantee total electrical insulation and, consequently, a high standard of safety for the operator, who will be so able to work better without running unnecessary risks.


Insulated tools are used to ensure absolute isolation with the operator's hand, which is of vital importance whenever you are preparing to work in systems that must always be under tension, such as hospitals or machinery whose interruption would entail problems, or in cases where there could be a risk of tension. For example, think of a building site in which a new building is being built: in these cases the risk of voltage in the electrical circuits is very high, for electrical or other tests, so it is necessary for electricians to take precautions. The use of insulated tools is the ideal solution!

Given the particular circumstances in which they must be used, these tools must undergo a series of very strict controls before being put on the market: for this reason, when I prepared the catalog of insulated tools, I chose only the best brands in circulation, that guarantee precise and accurate safety tests. Remember, then, that the certification to the various regulations must be clearly visible both on the tool itself and inside the package. Each tool must comply with general regulations and other specifications for the tool in question. Remember therefore that inside each package you must find the IMQ, UNI, DIN and ISO certifications in its variants.


The 1000 V insulated tongs are a fundamental tool for every electrician: they are, in fact, a versatile insulated tool, as well as available in many variants. It ranges from insulated grippers to flat or round, straight or inclined spouts, useful for gripping with a comfortable grip and with a knurled surface, to the 1000 v frontal and diagonal insulated cutting nipper, ideal for cutting, especially for it concerns the harmonic wires. But, among the insulated tools, not even the cutters for copper and aluminum clamps, nor the universal multi-use clamp, able to perform various purposes.


An equally important tool is undoubtedly the USAG insulated screwdriver 1000 V, a valuable ally of the electrician in carrying out work for systems that must constantly be placed under tension. Whether it is of the intaglio type, or cross-shaped, or the combined type, the insulated screwdriver allows you to always work in absolute safety. The ergonomic handle ensures a firm grip and protected by the insulating trimaterial, while the blade of the screwdriver is rigorously made of high quality chrome-silicon-manganese steel and the phosphate execution.

I would like to conclude by reminding you again that when dealing with electricity, it is always very important to pay special attention to safety, focusing on a 1000 V insulated tool, certified and compliant with all legislative provisions.

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