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USAG has been working with maintenance workers from around the world for more than 90 years. In addition to selling high quality hand tools, USAG also offers a wide selection of professional workwear to meet the needs of all workers. In our USAG online catalog, in fact, you can find professional clothing designed to ensure maximum safety in the workplace: every garment is of the highest quality, 100% Made in Italy, cared for in every detail and, above all, covered by official USAG warranty.


USAG work sweatshirts are all produced with high quality cotton, enriched with nylon fibers that make them resistant to abrasion and rubbing. These sweatshirts are designed specifically for professionals who work in a workshop, where it is very important to protect yourself with appropriate fabrics, in order to always be in maximum safety.

The USAG 3712 B sweatshirt s made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It features a double hood with a jersey inside, resistant to both rain and cold. Available in four sizes and only in dark blue color, it has an invisible nylon zipper and two welt pockets. In the catalog we decided to include another USAG sweatshirt variant, produced in pure cotton and available in four sizes in red and blue colors. Collar, cuffs and hem stretch to fit the body perfectly and do not create problems while working.

In addition to the work sweatshirts, the catalog also includes some professional t-shirts and some shirts. All USAG t-shirts are made of combed and stabilized cotton, to ensure maximum safety in the workplace, and are available in various sizes. USAG shirts, on the other hand, are available in both long-sleeved and short-sleeved, to best fit the environment and the season: they have a button-down collar and are entirely made of combed cotton, comfortable and light fabric, suitable for every need.


The USAG work trousers it is one of the best-selling products in the workwear category, and is available in both the long and the shorts versions.

Practical and comfortable, they have two large side pockets, ideal for holding small tools to keep at hand; moreover, they have the capability to remove the lower part of the legs, thus transforming themselves into comfortable work shorts for the summer months.

The USAG 3706 B trousers, in blue color, are practical and comfortable: they have two large side pockets, ideal for holding small tools to keep at hand; in addition, they have a back pocket, flap and velcro, and two front pockets. The waistline has several passers-by, so you can adapt it as much as possible to your body; as far as the fabric goes, it is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, ideal for resisting rubbing and small abrasions. What sets it apart is the ability to remove the lower legs, thus turning them into comfortable work shorts for the summer months, but the shorts are also available in the catalog: model USAG 3706 C.



Work jackets, which are available in the catalog in many variations, are also very popular. The flagship model is certainly the USAG waterproof jacket, a windproof technical model made of water-resistant material, with a mesh lining and a concealed hood in the collar. Available in three sizes, however each size is adjustable thanks to the elastic drawstring, to adapt it to every body as well as possible. In addition, it has three convenient pockets: two outside and one inside, to keep valuables safe.

There are two other models of work jackets that are highly appreciated by customers: the USAG 3708 A work jacket is a 2-in-1 model, because it has the ability to detach the sleeves by transforming it from a long-sleeved jacket to a comfortable spring vest. The material of which it is composed is 100% polyester, and inside is both lined and padded, to better protect from the cold.  The USAG 3708 B jacket, instead, has a taped zip that allows an optimal closure and is equipped with comfortable wrist straps to adjust the size of the cuffs. It has a badge holder pocket on the chest, very useful for all professionals, and two comfortable pockets with zip on the sides. The fabric is soft shell, soft and super resistant and, like all USAG products, it is 100% Made in Italy.


To conclude, one of the essential items of clothing for those who work outdoors is definitely the USAG hat with visor, useful for wind and sun protection. It is available in two models, different in color: the blue variant and the red and blue variant, USAG classic colors. Both are adjustable thanks to the back velcro strap with loop, to fit perfectly to the shape of your head.

A line of winter work hats has recently been added, ideal for protecting themselves from the cold during autumn and winter: they are warm and soft earmuffs, available in blue and in one size. The fabric is made of a double layer of elasticized acrylic, which keeps it warm and adapts perfectly to the head.

We know how important it is to protect yourself in the workplace, and it is precisely for this reason that we have included the USAG line of workwear in the catalog. High quality and safety are the keywords that I always keep in mind when we select the products to be included in the catalog, to ensure protection and top performance for all professionals.

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