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USAG Hook Wrenches and USAG Compass Wrenches are types of pin wrenches used specially in mechanical workshops to tighten and loosen ferrules with different shapes and dimensions, in example shock absorbers and motorcycle forks. They are also largely used in the industrial field to open and close lathes and cutters ferrules.

USAG Spanner Wrenches


In our online professional tools shop you can find USAG Spanner Wrenches with round pin or square pin, USAG Adjustable Hook Wrenches and USAG Compass Wrenches. We only sell high quality tools, protected with the official USAG warranty.

Before we start, there is a preliminary item about language to discuss. To the Americans, the tool used to tighten ferrules and nuts is simply called “wrench”. As most wrenches can also span the nuts they turn, Americans started to call this tool “spanner wrenches”. To the British, the tool used to tighten nuts is called “spanner”: it means that the word “spanner wrench” for British people has no sense. In this article, we’ll use the American term “wrench”.

What is a Hook Wrench?

USAG Hook Wrenches


They are designed to tighten or loosen rings using a minimal physical effort, but allowing an optimal and safe tightness. They are available in a variety of size with square bracket (USAG 282), specific for crown ring, or adjustable with square pins (USAG 282 SN) or round pins (USAG 282 TSN), to operate on multiple diameter rings with one key.

It is advisable to use them wearing protective gloves, especially if you are not used to using wrenches without ergonomic rubber grips; however, you really need a minimum effort to capture the ring and move it. Minimal effort, maximum result!

What is a Compass Wrench?

USAG Compass Wrenches

Equipped with round replaceable pins, USAG 281 C Compass Wrenches are specific for hinges with front holes. They are available in 11 different dimensions, to meet any kind of professional need. Made of hardened steel, they are designed to withstand any stress and to last over time. They have a secure grip that allows to tighten or loosen all types of hinges with front holes with ease.

In addition to the full range of USAG Wrenches, we also have spare pins for both Compass Wrenches and Hook Wrenches.

Whatever your professional field is, if you need a Hook Wrench or a Compass Wrench, choose the USAG Made in Italy quality! All USAG hand tools are protected by the official manufacturer's warranty. If what you receive is defective, do not hesitate to contact us by telephone at +39 02 9143 3257 or email us at [email protected] to resolve the problem: our Customer Service is active Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm and from 2pm to 6pm.

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