Top Bosch tools: what is the brand known for?

Published : 02/14/2023 14:42:57
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The Bosch professional division produces a range of power tools for MRO operations. Their tools are innovative as they invest heavily in development and research. 

The division's main business focus is power tools, which are used by professional consumers and tradespeople across the world. Whether you are looking for drills, impact drivers, sanders, multi tools or circular saws, you will find something interesting in Bosch professional tools.

When did Bosch start making power tools?

If you are wondering how old the Bosch power tool division is, you may be interested to know that it started its activities in 1886. In short, the answer to how old the Bosch power tool division is: over 135 years old! That is impressive.

The company began operations in Stuttgart, and it was created by Robert Bosch, a young engineer, entrepreneur and innovator. 

The initial products included a revolutionary low-voltage magneto for gas engines. This led to the company becoming the main supplier for automobile manufacturers and, by 1901, the company had its own dedicated factory. 

By 1917, the firm became a corporation and officially began operating under the name Bosch. Since then, Bosch has been at the forefront of industry development. The company entered the power tool market in the early 1930s and has never looked back. 

Who owns Bosch tools?

Robert Bosch created the company and passed it on to his family. Today, it is technically owned by Robert Bosch Stiftung, a charitable foundation that was created in 1964. It has remained as part of the Bosch group ever since. 

Thus, the final answer to the question "Who are Bosch tools made by?" is that all products in this division, such as laser measuring tools, power tools, tool boxes, and accessories are made by Robert Bosch Tool Corporation.

Are Bosch tools made in Germany?

A part of the products is manufactured in the company's facilities in Germany and Switzerland. But most of the Bosch Professional catalog is manufactured in countries outside Europe, such as  Malaysia, Mexico, Taiwan, and China. However, the quality standards are the same as those pursued by the company since its birth, regardless of where the tools are produced.

What brands does Bosch own?

Over the years, the Bosch brand has acquired and integrated a large number of companies to its own. To date, however, it owns neither Makita nor Milwaukee. The brands under the brand are: Dremel, Neff, Thermador, Viva and Constructa.

Is Dremel made by Bosch?

Since 1993, Dremel has been part of the Bosch Group. It represents a division of the Group and it has the same standards of high quality and reliability as every product of this brand. Professionals choose Dremel products because they ensure reliability over time, performance and the confidence to do a job well done. In addition, the fact that Dremel is part of the Bosch group is an additional guarantee of high standards for the end user. 

Are Bosch Professional tools high quality?

A frequent question from people who want to buy a power tool is: is Bosch Professional a good brand for tools? Bosch has earned a reputation in the industry because it manufactures every product with the best materials. The brand produces tools with optimal ergonomics, and their batteries have some of the longest shelf life on the market. This has enabled the division to become a world leader in the power tool industry.

Premium products at attractive prices, complemented by excellent customer service and innovative designs have made Bosch professional not just a good brand, but one of the most desirable options.  

For what tools is Bosch Professional known for?

Bosch Professional makes almost every type of tool you can think of. But the following are the ones they are best known for:

  • Angle grinders: Bosch angle grinders offer outstanding performance for cutting and grinding. The slim handle size allows for better handling for easy operation;
  • Circular saws: the powerful motor of a Bosch circular saw can tackle even the most demanding jobs. Plus, choosing a circular saw from this brand means having a sturdy and durable tool that ensures fast progress on jobs;
  • Sanders: Bosch's sanders feature an ergonomic wrist rest and compact design for easy and comfortable use;
  • Cordless planers: Bosch planers are great for rapidly removing material and leaving a polished finish.

How good are Bosch Professional drills?

Bosch drills are among their top products. They are the best-known and most widely used tools, below are some models:

What is the most powerful Bosch cordless drill?

Bosch offers an impressive selection of drills. It can be difficult to figure out which one is best for one's needs, especially since they are all high quality and capable. However, the plus hammer drill 18V stands out as one of the best on the market. It includes a keyless chuck, variable speed, and is surprisingly lightweight. This tool has exceptional strength with its 18V rotary hammer and a D-shaped handle. Its use is versatile with three different operating modes for drilling, impact drilling and chiselling.

What is the difference between Bosch GSB and GSR?

Bosch has a GSB range and a separate GSR range. The main difference between these two ranges is that the GSR means the tool is drive and drill, while GSB means its drive and drill and hammer mode. In addition, the GSR can handle drill bits up to 10mm in diameter; the GSB can handle up to 13mm in diameter.

How does Bosch impact driver work?

The main difference between a drill and an impact driver comes down to the rotational action and the power applied. Any impact driver, as well as Bosch's, works by spring-driven mechanism that applies rotational striking blows contrary to the longitudinal blow of the hammer mechanism found on hammer drills. Generally speaking, Impact drivers are typically much smaller and lighter than hammer drills, making them more useful in tight working environments.

How much is a Bosch impact driver?

The cost of a Bosch impact driver will vary depending on where you purchase the tool and which impact driver you choose. In most cases, you can expect to pay between €100 and €900. But remember that this is an investment: a Bosch impact driver is high-quality and will last for years.

What are the most powerful Bosch Professional impact drivers?

Choosing the right Bosch impact driver is harder than you think as there are several different options. The best way to decide is to think about what you need to use it for: 

  • Bosch Professional impact driver 18V: this driver is the best for cost-effectiveness among professional 18-volt category impact drivers on the market;
  • Bosch Professional impact driver 12V: this is the most compact solution in Bosch's 12V category. Thanks to its small size, it is possible to handle the tool with ease, even in the tightest spaces and overhead. The 12V option is a good introduction to impact drivers and is best suited to amateurs that need one for occasional use;
  • Bosch Professional drywall screwdriver 18V: is the most powerful solution for drywall applications in the 18 V category. Its drive can fix up to 3,400 screws per battery charge (4.0 Ah).

Are Bosch Professional grinders any good?

Whether it is a Bosch cordless or corded grinder, you will find that Bosch grinders are among the best on the market. The most popular option is the Bosch Professional 0601396104 - gws 9-125 s - angle grinder 900 w 2.800 - 11.000 rpm, ø 125 mm with a durable motor, variable speed selection and optimal tool control.

Bosch Professional has a reputation for high quality at reasonable prices. In fact, there are also cheaper options, such as the Bosch Professional 0601388106 - gws 7-115 - angle grinder 720 w, 11.000 rpm, ø 115 mm, which has the smallest handle circumference compared to other angle grinders in its power class.

What is the price of a Bosch grinder? 

The price of a Bosch’s grinder varies depending on what size grinder you choose, whether it’s corded or cordless, and how much power it has. You can expect to pay between €60 and €700 to get one of these excellent products.

How to change the brush on a Bosch angle grinder?

Bosch Professional knows that grinders use brushes that gradually wear out and need to be replaced. This is why it has thought about how to make brush replacement as easy as possible.

There is a small hatch on the main body of the grinder, which must be unscrewed to be able to see the brushes. Note that there is a hatch on each side; you need to remove both.

You should be able to take the brushes out with a screwdriver, disconnect them from the grinder and attach the spare ones. 

Does Bosch Professional make good saws?

Bosch makes some of the best saws on the market. Here are the most popular and best ones:

What can you do with a Bosch multi-tool?

Perhaps the question should be what can’t you do with a Bosch multi-tool. For example, the GOP 30-28 – compact planer 300W can be used for cutting tiles and sanding surfaces, as well as for making cut-outs in plasterboard. It can be used on wood, plastic and metal.

You may wonder whether these high-quality Bosch multitool blades are suitable for your Makita multitool. The good news is that they are. In fact, most multi-tools can use Bosch blades, as they are all compatible. This is a good way to test the quality of Bosch before changing your multitool.

The same applies if you own a DeWalt multitool and want to use Bosch oscillating blades. Of course, oscillating blades come in different sizes, so you should check before you buy. 

Are Bosch sanding discs good?

Bosch sanding discs are punched to improve airflow and efficiency when in use. They are made of high-quality material and can be used with most sanders. In short, they are one of the best on the market, because they are made of quality materials, i.e. calcium stearate grit. They have a multi-hole design, which allows for optimised dust extraction. Moreover, the quality is professional and offers superior performance for wood applications. Of course, to get the most out of them you’ll want to pair them with a Bosch sander

Bosch laser tools

Bosch laser tools are a range of technologically advanced measuring devices developed to measure distances, levels, and angles with high accuracy, through the use of laser technology. These instruments  are largely used in fields like construction, carpentry, or renovation, in order to reach precise results. Some examples of laser tools  included in the brand’s catalogue are laser distance measurers, laser levels, and rotary lasers. Here are some of the best-selling Bosch measuring devices:

  • GLM 40 laser measure: it can measure standard length, surface, volume as well as indirect heights; 
  • GPL 3 point laser level, a high-performance, compact 3-point laser with highly visible green laser points, that guarantee an improved visibility than red ones; 
  • GMS 120 professional detector, perfect for locating objects with great accuracy, thanks to its automatic calibration; 

How accurate is Bosch laser measure?

It depends on the model, but generally these laser measures have an accuracy of 1/8" and can measure up to 15 metres. These instruments are considered as more accurate, user-friendly and faster than a traditional tape measure.

How do I use my Bosch laser measure?

Here are the basic steps for using a Bosch laser measure:

  • Turn on the device and select the unit of measurement you prefer (e.g. meters, feet, inches).
  • Aim the device at the target. For example, if you want to measure the length of a room, point the device at one wall.
  • Press the button to activate the laser. The device will emit a laser beam that bounces off the target and back to the device.
  • The device will display the measurement on the screen. Some models also have a voice function that reads out the measurement.
  • If you need to measure another distance, repeat the steps above.
  • When you're finished, turn off the device to conserve the battery.

It's important to note that the specific steps for using a Bosch laser measure may vary depending on the model you have. Be sure to consult the user manual for more detailed instructions.

How do I calibrate my Bosch level?

Find a flat surface on which to place the spirit level. Once the level is positioned, check that the bubble is level. If not level, adjust the spirit level until the bubble is centered. Then mark where the spirit level rests with a pencil or piece of tape. Next, rotate the spirit level 180 degrees and place it on the same point marked in the previous step. Check the bubble again. If the bubble is still centralized, the spirit level is calibrated and ready for use.

If the bubble is not properly centered, the spirit level may not be calibrated. At this point, adjust the level using the calibration screws located on the sides or bottom of the level. Turn the screws until the bubble is centralized, then repeat steps 3 and 4 to check calibration again.

Where to buy Bosch professional tools?

There are plenty of places to purchase Bosch professional tools. But, if you want to see the entire range and get great support and advice, you’re going to need to take a look at Mister Worker™.

The online shop is designed for professionals, although everyone is welcome. You can talk to them about the right product for your needs, handle questions and warranty issues, and be assured of receiving high-quality products from a company that has been in business for many years.

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