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Published : 11/11/2022 11:12:25
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Hazet automotive tools

The maintenance of vehicles requires the use of specific tools, which meet certain standards, in order to ensure proper, safe work and avoid unfortunate outcomes. That’s why professionals in the automotive industry rely on HAZET, the German manufacturer of superior hand tools for a wide range of sectors, that boasts 150 years of experience in the development as well as forging of tools. On this Mister Worker™ blog we talked with the representatives of the German brand about what is needed for proper car maintenance and the best car repair tools, ideally suited for this purpose.

Introduction to Hazet - Where are Hazet tools made? 

Founded in 1868 in Remscheid, Germany, Hazet is considered today a leading manufacturer of quality tools and workshop equipment. The company is an owner-managed family business in its 5th generation. Nowadays, the firm boasts 4 factories, 3 in Remscheid and 1 in Heinsberg, with 600 employees, as well as its own development and design departments.

In addition, the business has a catalog of 5,500 products, about 75% of which are produced in-house.

Why is it important to use the right car tool when working on vehicles? 

When working on vehicles, extreme care must be taken. So the choice of the most appropriate tool is a really important matter, in order to ensure a professional, accurate repair. Using the wrong automotive tool can lead to even unpleasant consequences. In addition, special jobs require a specific tool in order to be performed according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Why choose Hazet special tools?

The utilization of a specific mechanic tool is crucial, since it allows access to a screw connection that cannot be reached with a standard tool.

HAZET develops devices for the most important vehicle manufacturers and also supplies special tools as original equipment, e.g. in the field of suspension/spring tensioners. Some of the manufacturers to which Hazet provides its high-quality products are BMW and Mercedes Benz.

Many professionals from the automotive industry throughout the world choose our vehicle tools, for their impeccable quality. Each single item is totally Made in Germany, furnished along with spare parts as well as precisely thought and developed. In addition, our company provides a helpline for application support and technical advice in order to assist all customers and answer all their questions. 

In your opinion, what are the essential tools that every car mechanic should have in his workshop?

The tools that a mechanic absolutely must not give up are as follows: 

  • Impact wrench
  • Torque wrench
  • Battery testers
  • Socket sets
  • Impact spanners socket sets
  • Work mats
  • Tool trolleys

Hazet impact wrench - Why are impact wrenches so important for car mechanics?

Impact wrenches allow you to reliably loosen stuck screw connections. With these utensils, it is also possible to carry out operations in confined spaces without risk of injury.

An impact wrench is the tool of choice here, especially when the set-up times specified for repair are taken into account, as these screw connections can be loosened quickly and reliably. In addition, during assembly tasks, the use of the impact wrench also allows pre-assembly of the bolted connections in a very short time.

The 9012TT impact wrench, for example, is not only the most powerful 1/2" impact wrench in the product from the HAZET range, but with its innovative Twin Turbo motor (composed of 8 blades and doubled air inlets and outlets) this tool is also exceptionally handy and lightweight, as well as characterized by a maximum loosening torque of 2200 Nm. Furthermore, this model can be used for those applications in confined areas and for a quick, smooth wheel assembly, as its low weight of 1.6 kg ensures effortless work.

Take a look also at the 9012ATT impact wrench: the swiveling head of this model, which has a powerful loosening torque of 550 Nm, in combination with the compact dimensions (head 70 mm) allows fast assembly and disassembly in those fields where the use of an impact wrench was previously unthinkable. Its size is reminiscent of a ratchet, while its impact mechanism offers the comfort of an impact wrench. In addition, its 360° rotatable handle with the trigger withstands even the most inconvenient installation spaces. Due to the low weight of 1.3 kg a fatigue-free work experience is guaranteed even in one-hand operations. All these functions are also made possible by the use of the innovative Twin Turbo motor.

HAZET impact wrenches are specially developed devices whose durability, in compliance with the operating specifications, have nothing to fear from the competition. Technologies such as the Twin Turbo engine demonstrate the continuous further development of our systems and provide the prerequisite for maximum performance together with long service lives. HAZET is the first in the industry to focus on sustainability by setting up an in-house service center. In addition, our tools are designed to be easily repairable.

Thus, the maintenance of the tools is guaranteed by the availability of spare parts as well as the competence of our technicians and offers our customers operational safety.

Hazet Torque Wrench - Why are torque spanners so important for car mechanics?

A torque wrench is essential for the proper assembly of components with screws or nuts. Car manufacturers specify the required tightening torques for all important screw connections, which ensure that the necessary pre-tensioning forces are reached and that the screw connections fulfill their function correctly.

In order to maintain the tightening torques properly, torque wrenches of a correspondingly high quality are required. The most common torque spanners for car workshops are the HAZET torque wrenches of the 5000-3CT series with the following models:

  • 5110-3CT (3/8"; 10 - 60 Nm), 
  • 5122-3CT (1/2"; 40 - 200 Nm)
  • 5123-3CT (1/2"; 60 - 320Nm).

If a torque spanner is to be ergonomically designed, of high quality, durable and precise - in other words, a professional tool for the workshop - the HAZET torque wrenches Made in Germany are the ultimate solution.

In addition, the HAZET Service Centre offers a repair and calibration service that ensures the long-term use of your quality tool.

Hazet battery testers - Why are battery testers so important for car mechanics?

According to statistics, the battery is one of the most frequent causes of vehicle failure. Consequently, the battery must be properly checked at every inspection or maintenance. Battery testers are a very useful means of battery monitoring, as they allow the battery load to be tested and provide information on the charging system. Hazet battery testers are widely chosen for their reliability and clarity. Check out the famous 4650-5 battery cell tester.

Hazet socket sets - Why are socket sets so important for car mechanics?

Automotive professionals rely heavily on Hazet socket sets. These are superior items, completely produced in-house Made in Germany. In addition, these sockets are precisely developed and, because of their TR profile, the screw or nut is applied to the surface and not to the edges. Moreover, these sockets can withstand higher loads according to HAZET specifications. Take a look at the 163-489/28 Socket set, it contains 28 pieces and it has unlimited combination options. This set is suitable for all Hazet tool trolley.

Hazet impact spanner socket sets - Why are impact spanner socket sets so important for car mechanics?

Impact spanner socket sets are another relevant category in the HAZET assortment. Like the other tools and accessories, they are manufactured exclusively in house, embedding all the quality of Made in Germany. Furthermore, the inserts are approved for machine use, as well as developed for holding higher loads. These sockets include a surface protection adapted to the application.

Hazet work mats - Why are work mats so important for car mechanics?

Hazet work mats enjoy a noticeable success on the market, as they are always ready to hand and provide complete protection to the knees when squatting. Furthermore, they can be used in multiple places and situations, can be utilized for sitting and are easily washable. Check out the best selling 195-5 and 195-1 mechanic’s mats.

Hazet tool trolley - Why are tool trolleys so important for car mechanics?

High-quality tool trolleys are important because, as they are mobile, give to every fitter or mechanic the possibility to have its tools within reach in almost any place. In combination with soft foam inserts, tool trolleys also offer a good overview of the whole content, helping you see if tools or parts are missing or have been lost. 

The 179N-7 Assistent tool trolley is a worthwhile model because it offers everything a workshop trolley needs in terms of appearance and functionality. It incorporates a high load capacity, a good locking system, as well as comfortable sliding wheels. 

If you need even more space, you can consider the 179NXXL-7, equipped with 7 drawers (5 flat and 2 big), a totally sealed work surface made of stainless steel for a complete protection of the inside from leaking liquids.

Where to buy Hazet Tools

There are many places  to purchase Hazet tools. But, if you want to see the entire range, get support and advice, you should choose Mister Worker™. On our online shop, professionals can buy the complete catalog of the brand. You can order the articles you need online and have them shipped to you anywhere in the world. 

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