The Best Makita tools to buy

Published : 01/19/2024 13:03:21
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Makita tools guide

The Makita's range of work tools enjoys work an excellent reputation that makes them worth investing in.

The choice of the perfect tool varies depending on the work to be done. However, some of the best Makita tools to buy include cordless impact drivers, combi drills, cordless angle grinders, rapid chargers, corded jigsaws and sanders.

One thing is certain: once you purchase your first Makita tool, you will appreciate its quality and will definitely expand your collection.

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Who are the owners of Makita?

Some of the most common questions about this brand are ‘Is Makita owned by Milwaukee?’ and ‘Is Makita the same as DeWalt?’. The truth is that Makita tools are owned by Makita, a Japanese company, and they are completely different to Milwaukee or DeWalt.

The Makita tool company started in 1915. The First Great War was in full swing and technology was changing. In response to these transformations, Masaburo Makita started the company. Initially, the brand specialized in repairing lighting equipment and transformers. It took forty years for the company to develop its first portable planer, and this encouraged the switch to power tools. Since the firm’s early efforts, the tools offered have progressed and improved. It’s worth noting that Makita’s dedication to quality and performance has contributed to its status today, as one of the companies with the best work tools.

Is Makita Chinese or Japanese?

Mosaburo Makita established Makita Electric Works in the city of Nagoya. The business began with the sale and repair of lighting equipment, motors, as well as transformers. In 1958 it became the first company in Japan to manufacture and distribute electric planers.

However, several customers ask “Is Makita Italian?”. The short answer is no, but the company manufactures some of its items in Italy.

Where are Makita tools made?

Makita tools are manufactured in several locations. Although it is a Japanese company, it supplies products to customers all over the world. This is why the question "Is Makita made in Romania?" or, "Is Makita made in the United States?" is frequently asked.

In particular, to the frequently asked question“Are Makita tools American made?”, we would like to point out that since 1985 the company has been creating products in a plant on the outskirts of Atlanta, in Buford, Georgia. Moreover, the brand boasts branches in Taiwan, Spain, Great Britain, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Poland, Argentina, Chile, and Italy. So, its tools are manufactured around the world, mainly to ensure that utensils can be delivered quickly when needed.

Is Makita a quality brand?

The Japanese company is one of the most appreciated tool brands in the world. Professionals across the whole globe choose its products to complete a broad spectrum of activities. However, it is clear that Makita is one of the best known and best selling brands, this is largely due to the firm's experience and commitment. The company has established a reputation for using high-quality materials and creating reliable and efficient tools.

The brand has also introduced a two-battery system that allows the tools to be powered without the need for special batteries.

Is Makita a high end brand?

Makita is generally considered a high-quality and reputable brand, especially in the field of power tools. While this brand is not necessarily the most expensive brand on the market, it is positioned more towards the higher end compared to other smaller brands. This is due to the quality of materials, construction, and technology used in their products. The brand is often compared favorably with other well-known professional-grade tool brands.

It's important to note that the perception of "high end" can vary depending on personal experience, specific tool models, and regional market differences. Thus, answering the question, "What makes Makita the best?" can be challenging, as the answer depends on personal factors, professional demands, and other needs.

What is better Makita or DeWalt?

Makita and DeWalt are both top-tier power tool brands, known for quality and durability. Makita excels in battery life and compact design, while DeWalt is renowned for its innovative FLEXVOLT system and ergonomic tools. Pricing is similar, though DeWalt can be slightly pricier. The choice often boils down to personal preference, specific tool performance, and compatibility with existing tool ecosystems, making both brands excellent choices for professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

What are the best Makita tools?

The company produces hundreds of different tools, therefore figure out which is the top product, can be confusing. There are certainly a number of excellent choices, but the following are generally considered their top products:

  • Makita DF332DSAJ 12V max 10 mm 35 nm brushless drill driver CXT: this brushless drill-driver uses an 12V battery and offers variable speed control by trigger. It is equipped with a battery protection circuit, which is designed to protect the battery from damages due to over discharge, high temperature or overload current;
  • Makita DHR182ZJ 18v brushless rotary hammer LXT: it features a brushless motor and an electric brake. In addition, it has variable speed control by trigger as well as constant speed control and forward/reverse rotation. It allows a selection of 3 operating modes (RO/RH/HO). Lastly, it has an auto-start wireless system (AWS) that connects to bluetooth-compatible vacuum cleaners. The vacuum cleaner starts automatically when the switch is turned on;
  • Makita CXT 12V max 35 nm brushless drill driver CXT: this CXT lithium-ion product runs on a 12V battery and is designed to work at an angle. It can create 10mm holes in steel and 12mm in wood. The speed is variable between 0 and 1,100 RPM and it offers minimum vibration when drilling into any substance. The product offers a keyless chuck and a large trigger to make it as simple as possible to use;
  • Makita DJR360PT2 - straight saw 36v 32 mm: this cordless straight saw was created for those who need to cut round or irregularly shaped objects. Thanks to its dual 18V battery operation for a total of 36V of power, it ensures top performance while being battery-powered,

Makita drills

Makita drills

Makita drills are widely chosen by professionals due to their high-quality, durability, and performance. They are available in different types and configurations to suit various applications. Some popular types of Makita drills include:

  • Cordless drills, powered by rechargeable batteries and are ideal for jobs where a power outlet is not available or when mobility is required. They are available in different voltage options, such as 12V, 18V, and 36V, and in different sizes and configurations.
  • Hammer drills, designed for drilling into tough materials, such as concrete and masonry, and are equipped with a hammering function to help break up hard surfaces. They are available in both corded and cordless options.
  • Rotary drills, created for drilling into wood, metal, and other materials, and are available in both corded and cordless options. They are typically lighter and more compact than hammer drills.
  • Angle drills, which enable drilling in tight spaces where a regular drill cannot reach. They are available in both corded and cordless options and come in different sizes and configurations.
  • Drill drivers, manufactured for both drilling and driving screws and are available in both corded and cordless options. They are typically lighter and more compact than hammer drills.

What's the best Makita drill? Even in this case, it is difficult to give a precise answer since there are various models, each with its own characteristics and created to meet certain requirements as well as accomplish specific tasks. We would like to suggest to you the DHP483ZJ drill, featuring a powerful brushless motor, 2 high-quality mechanical gears and a useful twin LED job light

Makita 18V Combi Drill LXT

What does Makita CXT stand for?

The CXT is an abbreviation of Compact extreme Technology. The CXT range includes the CXT battery and charger which runs at 12V and it comes in three sizes: 1.5Ah, 2.0Ah, and 4.0Ah. An example is HR166DSMJ 12V rotary hammer 16mm. The CXT system uses multi-contact terminals to ensure excellent power stability; it integrates the machine's best power performance in the smallest possible profile.

All CXT utensils are equipped with 12V lithium-ion sliding batteries with multiple contact terminals to guarantee constant contact even under heavy vibration. They are also provided with fuel gauge LED indicators, and individual cell monitoring with circuit protection against temperature and overcharge.

What does LXT mean in Makita tools?

The LXT range, or LXT tools, uses 18V batteries. This range also offers tools using 36V but powered by two 18V batteries. The LXT brushless products are very durable, and they are considered the best in the world.

Makita 18V LXT bare tools are also among the most innovative and resilient 18V power tools on the market. All cordless tools in this range are bare tools, so, they do not come with a battery or charger. The LXT range of work tools includes combination drills, impact wrenches, hedge trimmers, angle grinders and more, an example is DHP484RTJ 18V combi drill.

What is the difference between Makita CXT and LXT?

The main difference between Makita CXT and LXT is power and size. The CXT range emphasises compact products. The batteries are much smaller, although the connection points are similar. These offer 12V of power and come in a range of sizes, from 1.5Ah to 6Ah. In contrast, the LXT range uses 18V of power, and occasionally 36V. These batteries include fuel gauges that show how much energy is left in each battery.

What is the Makita G-Series?

The Makita G-Series range offers a wide selection of tools at a competitive market price and which are produced to a higher standard than other DIY utensils. With a 1.3Ah hour battery capacity in both 14.4V and 18V platforms, the G-Series battery is distinguishable by its white or grey top piece. The battery can be fully charged in just 60 minutes with the dedicated G-series charger.

It should be noted that the G-Series batteries cannot be used in the LXT range. Although it is possible to get a G-Series adapter, so that you can use your LXT batteries in the G-Series.

What is better Makita LXT or G- series?

Products in the Makita LXT range and the G-Series are of excellent quality. However, if you’re a professional you’ll probably choose the LXT range. These new G series 18V power tools are therefore a step down from their professional LXT range but a significant improvement over the present DIY entry level 18V tools. Their new G-Series tools fall into the middle 18V power tool category.

Makita track saws

Makita track saws are designed for cutting of sheet materials, such as plywood and MDF with extreme accuracy. They are mostly used in cabinet making, furniture building, and other woodworking applications. One of the most appreciated models is the DSP601ZJU 36v plunge saw 165mm AWS LXT, equipped with an intelligent electric brake. Thanks to the Auto-Start Wireless System (AWS), it is possible to connect the tool to compatible dust extractors with Bluetooth. The dust extractor automatically runs while the switch is on.

Many people in search of a high-performance tool ask “Is the Makita track saw worth it?”. The short answer is yes, since it is powerful, user-friendly, in addition to being extremely precise. So if you're looking for a good track saw that enables you to complete your activities fast, safely as well as with outstanding results, Makita is the answer.

Makita chainsaws

Chainsaws are among the most appreciated tools of this brand’s catalog. They come in various models, including cordless, electric, and gas-powered options. Here's a general overview of the types of chainsaws Makita offers:

  • Cordless Chainsaws: These are battery-operated and offer the convenience of portability and reduced noise. They are ideal for lighter tasks and for use in areas where accessing power is a challenge.
  • Corded Chainsaws: These are plugged into an electrical outlet and are generally lighter and quieter than gas-powered models. They're suitable for medium-duty tasks and are often used for yard work and trimming.
  • Gas-Powered Chainsaws: These are the most powerful Makita chainsaws, designed for heavy-duty tasks like felling large trees and extensive cutting operations. They offer the highest power output but are also noisier and require fuel.

When it comes to selecting a Makita chainsaw, it's essential to consider factors such as power source, bar length, weight, and the specific tasks you have in mind. Each model offers unique advantages, whether it's in terms of portability, power, or ease of use, making them suitable for a range of cutting needs.

Makita UC4051A 2000W Corded Chainsaw

Makita UC4051A 2000W Corded Chainsaw

Firstly, the Makita UC4051A stands out as a robust and user-friendly electric chainsaw. It boasts a longitudinal body style and numerous enhancements. Then, this model features a new lever for effortless, tool-less tension adjustment of the saw chain, and a longitudinal motor for improved maneuverability. Its ergonomic soft grip and large, separate-type metal spike bumper ensure a firm grip and greater control over the workpiece. Notably, the UC4051A maintains a constant oil delivery to the chain regardless of temperature or oil viscosity, thanks to its improved oil pump. It also includes an oil fill level window, soft start, torque limiter, and an electric chain brake for enhanced safety. With double insulation, automatic chain oiling, and a kickback brake, this model is designed for efficiency and user safety.

Makita UC3541A - 1800W Corded Chainsaw

Makita UC3541A - 1800W Corded Chainsaw

The Makita UC3541A is another excellent option. It shares several features with the UC4051A, like the new adjustment lever for easy chain tension adjustment, ergonomic soft grip, and large metal spike bumper for increased control. This tool also includes an adjustable automatic chain oil pump, an oil fill level window, and a flat motor housing end. Moreover, the UC3541A is equipped with a mechanical chain brake, double insulation, kickback brake, and automatic chain oiling. It comes with a guide bar, saw chain, bar cover, a 10m lead, and a hook, making it a comprehensive package for various cutting tasks.

Makita DUC254Z - 18V 250mm LXT Chainsaw

Makita DUC254Z - 18V 250mm LXT Chainsaw

For those seeking a more compact and lightweight option, the MAKITA DUC254Z is a standout choice. This 18V LXT BL Top Handle Chainsaw is ideal for tasks requiring higher mobility. It features variable speed control, a soft start, electric and kickback brakes, plus an oil capacity display. The powerful brushless motor enhances efficiency and durability. Additionally, the captive nuts prevent the loss of the nut when changing the guide bar or saw chain, and the hanging hook adds convenience.

Makita DUC252Z - 36V 25cm Cordless Chainsaw

Makita DUC252Z - 36V 25cm Cordless Chainsaw

Lastly, the Makita DUC252Z is particularly suited for professional pruning, both in tree-climbing and basket climbing techniques. This model is distinguished by its ergonomic soft grip coating, LED residual charge indicator, and chain oil level indicator. It's designed for ease of use and efficiency, with a chain idle speed of 22.5 m/sec and an oil tank capacity of 140 ml. It's important to note that this model is supplied without batteries and charger.

Does Makita make a toolbox?

Makita makes several toolboxes which are worth looking at:

  • Makita toolbox on wheels: it is an easy way to move tools from one place to another. It is essentially a standard toolbox with wheels and an extendable handle, allowing you to move as you please;
  • Makita stackable toolbox: is sturdy and easy to move around. But, best of all, it is designed as a modular unit. In other words, you can stack multiple boxes on top of each other. They clip into place, allowing you to effortlessly carry all the tools you need;
  • Makita makpac toolbox: is a cart-based system. It allows a toolbox to be attached to the base of the cart and stacked on top of other toolboxes. The cart also offers a strap system that allows larger items to be added and held in place.

Why are Makita batteries different?

Makita batteries and chargers

Makita offers a selection of cordless tools and a range of batteries to power them. Compared with previous Ni-MH batteries, Makita batteries are 40% lighter and they lose very little charge during storage. In a shed or garage, this brand's batteries can be stored for up to six months before being reused with the same charge.

Makita batteries are not all the same: larger batteries are intended for the LXT range and offer more power than the CXT range. The G-Series offers the same power as the LXT range, but is not as efficient. All the batteries are designed differently to help ensure you don’t put the wrong one in your tool and damage it.

What is the highest Ah battery for Makita tools?

Makita BL1860B 18V Li-ion Battery

The highest Ah battery for Makita is 6Ah. The Ah of a battery dictates the length of time the battery will last. Ah simply means Amperage house. If you have a 1Ah battery and the tool needs 1amp to run, the battery will last one hour. Similarly, if the tool needs 2Ah to run, the battery will last only 30 minutes. Consequently, a 4Ah will last longer than a 3Ah.

What does the star mean on Makita batteries?

It means that the battery is part of the Star Protection system. It allows the tool and the battery to talk to each other, providing vital protection against overloading, overheating, and other potentially fatal issues.

What is the lifespan of a Makita battery?

Makita batteries are built to last up to three years. In fact, The brand offers a three-year warranty in all new batteries. To extend the life of Makita batteries, it is helpful to know a couple of tips to take care of them. For instance, if you notice that a power tool starts to drain, stop working and recharge the battery. Excessive heat can burn the fuel cells of a Makita battery and make them unusable.

Are Makita batteries interchangeable?

The short answer is no, Makita batteries are not interchangeable. If you’re wondering "Do Makita batteries fit Dewalt tools?" because they both use 18V then the main reason the answer is no, due to the connection arrangement. In theory, the DeWalt batteries could be used in the brand's range but you would need to modify the connections. That’s dangerous and will invalidate your Makita warranty. The same goes with Ryobi products.

However, if you’re buying a new Makita tool and still have old ones, you’ll find that the new batteries can generally be used in the old tools. You will need to verify that the voltage is the same and see if the battery slides in properly.

Is it bad to leave Makita batteries on the charger?

Keeping Makita batteries connected to the charging device after they reach full capacity is typically safe, owing to the smart charging systems in many contemporary Makita charging units. These devices are engineered to transition to a conservation mode or a slow power feed once the battery reaches full capacity, thus averting overcharging and potential harm.

Nonetheless, for the best health and longevity of the battery, it's wise to disconnect the charging device once the battery is fully powered, particularly if you don't intend to use the battery for a prolonged period. It's also recommended to store batteries in a cool, dry environment, away from direct sunlight and severe temperature fluctuations. Continually powering up batteries over extended durations, even with smart charging systems, might diminish the battery's overall life expectancy.

Where to buy Makita tools online?

Makita tools are available in many local stores, as it is one of the most well-known and popular brands in the world. However, the best place to buy this brand's tools is online and at certified stores, for example Mister Worker®. The store has an extensive online catalogue offering all possible tools. Explore the whole range of on Mister Worker®.

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