Published : 11/24/2017 11:20:26
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The world renown brand Tesa produces reliable and resistant professional adhesive tapes, chosen by both professionals and consumers. Offers a wide selection of packaging tapes, hydraulic tapes, double-sided tapes, masking tapes and much more. But today we would like to talk about a specific adhesive tape category: Tesa double-sided adhesive tapes.


Tesa's range of double-sided adhesive tapes is mainly designed for anchoring, specifically for laying floors and wall-mounting mirrors: the strong and highly adhesive structure makes all these operations easier and faster. This is why the two-sided adhesive tapes are used to lay permanent flooring, fix skirting boards and so on. They are divided into two categories: permanent double-sided adhesives and removable bi-adhesives.


In the permanent bi-adhesive category, the first type we would like to analyze is the adhesive flooring tape: it gives the opportunity to quickly and easily lay any type of floor, from carpet to PVC floors, because they adhere to all kinds of support. It is a range of professional adhesive tapes designed specifically to offer maximum grip and exceptional strength: their particularity is that they can be used even if you have underfloor heating in the home, as well as in damp environments, because they perfectly resist both to changes in temperature and humidity.

For example, the Tesa 64620 double-sided adhesive tape is ideal for small and large surfaces and offers high adhesion: it has a transparent polypropylene film support and a hot-melt synthetic rubber adhesive, as well as being protected by a silicone paper liner.

Mounting adhesive tapes, consisting of a highly resistant adhesive foam, are also part of the permanent adhesive tape category. They are designed for quickly and cleanly mounting and hanging fairly heavy objects, such as mirrors. With this type of adhesive tape you can forget about nails and holes in the wall!

An excellent example of mounting tape is the Tesa 64958 tape, a white double-sided adhesive for general fixing: it has a polyethylene foam support and a synthetic rubber adhesive, which ensures maximum resistance. It has a strong adhesive power even on rough or irregular surfaces and in cases where there is a low mounting pressure. It is also ideal for attaching light objects such as cable ducts or skirting boards.


There is also a particular type of double-sided adhesive tapes, removable bi-adhesive tapes: they have been designed and created for the installation of temporary floors, in order to achieve paving in exhibitions, fairs and other temporary events. They perfectly fix rugs, carpets and various types of textile floor coverings, as well as PVC floors: despite ensuring a solid and secure hold for a long time, they are easily removable and leave no residue. They are able to make the laying and removal work easy and fast, and are the best choice for all professionals who need to organize temporary spaces in a short time.

This is all, as far as Tesa double-sided tapes. These are professional adhesive tapes that are highly appreciated by those carrying out installation and repair work in homes, offices and temporary shops: they guarantee maximum grip thanks to their strong adhesives and, in the case of removable ones, can be easily removed without any residue. You will believe it once you see it!

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