Published : 05/10/2018 10:53:32
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The new Superofferta USAG 2018 has finally arrived at Mister Worker™! Exceptional prices, unmissable offers and, above all, new hand tools and new workwear, which will enrich the USAG catalog and make it even more complete. Let's find out some of these new products together!

USAG AX range of pliers

New USAG AX Pliers | Mr. Worker™

The brand new AX USAG pliers have been designed to guarantee top performances with minimum effort: in fact, the new ergonomic bi-material handle ensures less muscular effort than the old models. Moreover, the fulcrum has been designed closer to the cutting edges for a simpler, faster, but equally precise cut: it can cut 2mm diameter harmonic wires with 30% less force compared to the maximum value indicated by the European ISO 5746 standards. The USAG AX range of clamps is made up of numerous pliers models, designed to meet the needs of all professionals: universal grippers, half-round nose pliers, diagonal cutting nippers, adjustable hinges with closed hinges and many other models.

USAG Sprint 518 Roller Cabinet

USAG Sprint 518 Roller Cabinet | Mr. Worker™

With the new year comes a brand new USAG roller cabinet: the Sprint 518, available with 6 or 7 drawers and 3 modules. The worktop is in ABS with an integrated double handle, and can support weights up to 900 kg. The drawers are equipped with guides with soft-close functionality, which guarantee a perfect closure without damage, and have fixed handles in anodized aluminum, with a special design that allows for both a top and a bottom grip. In addition, it is equipped with a back lock to prevent accidental breakage and a practical side bottle holder. The wheels are made of anti-oil rubber and have a diameter of 125 mm to ensure stability and simple movements, even in the presence of oily substances on the floor. The USAG Sprint 518 cart will become your new ally in the workshop!

These are just some examples of the new releases you will find in the USAG 2018 catalog: visit our USAG store now, you'll find new assortments of tools, new ratchet wrenches, new precision screwdrivers, and much more.

Discover all the special offers of the Superofferta USAG 2018! If you want to know more about USAG products, need a custom quote, or simply want advice on which tool is best for you, call us at +39 02 9143 3257 or send us an email to [email protected]. What are you waiting for? The time has come to renew your work equipment!

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