Stanley tool guide: which items are the best?

Published : 03/17/2023 14:51:00
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Stanley tools

Stanley is a brand dealing with the production and worldwide distribution of a wide range of hand tools, power tools, storage solutions, as well as measuring instruments. Due to the quality of its products, its constant commitment to improving its tool line, along with its investment in innovation and development, this brand has been able to build an excellent reputation worldwide. In fact, professionals from all over the world regard Stanley as a true benchmark, a symbol of excellence, longevity and reliability.

But, what are the most essential Stanley tools? Today, on the Mister Worker™ blog we will delve into this topic. In addition, we will give some useful tips while answering frequently asked questions about the brand.

A short history about Stanley 

The company was founded in 1843 by Frederick T. Stanley in New Britain, Connecticut.  Originally called the Stanley Works, the firm started its activity as a manufacturer of bolts, hinges, and other hardware products. However, in the early 20th century, the company expanded into the hand tool market and began producing tape measures, screwdrivers, tool sets together with other products.

Over the years, Stanley continued to  develop its product assortment by adding increasingly innovative tools.In the 1930s Stanley launched its first short tape, along with the utility knife with an interchangeable blade.

During the 20th century, the company kept expanding, gaining other tool companies as well as bringing in new product families. The company introduced the Powerlock, the first flexometer with a locking mechanism. It still exists today and is one of the brand's best-selling products. In the 1980s the firm started manufacturing high-quality storage solutions, such as tool boxes or workbenches, for an intelligent organization of tools.

Today, as pointed out before, the brand is one of most well-known, respected names in the tool industry.

What company owns Stanley Tools?

The Stanley brand is owned by Stanley Black & Decker, a global tool and hardware company dealing with the manufacturing of a wide range of products under many different brands. 

The Stanley Black and Decker group, which was born in 2010 from the merger of the two companies, owns a broad range of tool companies, such as DeWALT, Facom as well as many others. 

Are Stanley tools made in the USA?

A part of the product catalog, such as screwdrivers, or wrenches, along with some models of cordless drills are manufactured in the USA. However, the company boasts facilities around the world, including countries like China, Mexico, and Taiwan, among others. The place of origin for a specific Stanley tool or product can usually be found on the packaging or in the product specifications.

What country does the Stanley company come from?

Its hometown is in Connecticut, USA. People often ask “Is STANLEY a German brand?” or “Is STANLEY Italian?”. The short answer is no: Stanley is definitively an American company that produces its items across the world.

What is Stanley Tools known for?

The American manufacturer boasts a wide range of diverse tools, so it is difficult to determine which products are the most essential and for which the brand is best known. Moreover, it is a personal matter, as the most useful tool depends on the needs of each professional. However, we can mention some categories of products that enjoy great success:

  • Tape measures: characterized by resistant structure, they provide enhanced precision in measuring tasks . 
  • Screwdriver sets, able to offer versatility as well as comfort while working, due to their ergonomic handles.
  • Tool boxes, trolleys and organizers, which provide broad, well-organized space to store all your tools comfortably as well as  tidily. They’re also equipped with an ergonomic handle for easy transport.
  • Knives and cutters, which stand out for their compactness along with their easily interchangeable blades.
  • Power tools, such as impact drivers or combination hammers, characterized by improved resistance, innovative design as well as outstanding power that ensures flawless performances even in the most difficult applications
  • Laser levels: the brand offers a differentiated assortment of laser levels, such as models with green or red beams, cross line laser levels, spot laser levels and others. All of them are extremely accurate and user friendly, to guarantee the best working experience possible.

Stanley tape measures

Stanley tape measures

The brand is particularly well-known for its tape measures, which provide extremely accurate results, in addition to being useful for carrying out a large variety of activities in many sectors. They are in general equipped with long-lasting blades, highly-safe locking systems, together with comfortable grips for enhanced ease of use. Take a look at the 0-33-238 Powerlock 5m tape measure with a tough ABS plastic case, one of the best selling items of the brand’s catalog. Ideal for use-on-site, it features a high-quality carbon steel tape, a robust coating in polyester as well as an intelligent retaining clip.

How do you use a Stanley tape measure?

Below we explain how to make the best use of your tape measure:

  • Extend the tape: Pull the blade out of the case until it reaches the desired length. Use your thumb to lock the blade in place by pushing down on the lock button.
  • Take your measurement: Place the end hook of the tape at the beginning of the item you want to measure. Make sure the tape is straight and not twisted. Read the measurement where the tape meets the surface you are measuring.
  • Release the lock: To retract the tape, press the release button to disengage the lock, thereby allowing the tape to retract back into the case.

Are Stanley tape measures accurate?

They are generally considered accurate within an acceptable tolerance level. However, like all measuring instruments, the accuracy of a Stanley tape measure can be influenced by factors such as wear and tear, exposure to extreme temperatures, in addition to improper use.

To ensure the accuracy of the tape measure, it is important to regularly inspect the blade for signs of wear or damage. It is also important to clean them after use to prevent the formation of dirt or debris. You should also avoid twisting or bending the tape measure, which could distort, affecting its precision.

Stanley screwdrivers

Professionals often ask “are Stanley screwdrivers any good?”. Featuring a robust construction, together with rubberized or contoured, ergonomic handles, as well as heat-treated, resistant tips, Stanley screwdrivers are regarded as one of the most popular products of the brand. They are well-designed, constructed, in addition to being capable of providing precise results, making them an optimal choice for a wide range of applications. One of the best-selling items is the 0-65-425 set of 7 screwdrivers, each of them equipped with a stainless steel blade, color coded ends for easy identification of the model needed. This item provides enhanced versatility, for completing a wide range of tasks. 

What are Stanley screwdrivers made of?

Stanley screwdrivers are typically made of high-quality steel, providing strength, along with resistance to corrosion. The type of steel used can vary depending on the specific type of screwdriver.

For example, the FatMax screwdrivers (such as the ones of the 0-65-099 set) feature a high-grade chrome vanadium steel construction, which provides increased durability. The blades are heat-treated to give them added toughness, plus wear resistance, while the tips are realized to ensure a perfect fit with the screw head.

Some screwdrivers may also feature additional materials for added grip and comfort, such as rubberized handles. Overall, the materials used are carefully chosen to ensure that the tools are durable, comfortable to use, and able to meet the needs of a wide range of users.

Stanley tool boxes

The brand offers a broad assortment of storage solutions, such as tool boxes, tool bags, trolleys, cabinets, organizers and many others. Among their features we should mention their wide space, for storing a broad range of tools, their ergonomic handles that guarantee improved maneuverability, as well as their strong, resistant wheels (for trolleys), which ensure a quick transport.

What is the best Stanley toolbox?

In this case, too, it is rather difficult to say which is the best toolbox, as the brand offers a wide variety of storage solutions, and the best one for you depends entirely on your needs. We can mention some models widely chosen by customers:

  • 1-94-850 FatMax® pro mobile job chest 113 L
  • 1-79-217 One Touch toolbox
  • FMST1-75781 FatMax® modular organizer
  • STST83319-1 modular trolley

Where are Stanley tool boxes made?

Like the other brand’s products, tool boxes are manufactured in different locations across the world, such as Israel (where all polypropylene products are made), United States, China (where fabric items are manufactured) and the United Kingdom. The exact location of manufacture can vary depending on the specific type of tool box.

Stanley Knives

The American brand also owes its well-known reputation to its knives and cutters, created with materials of the highest quality, to ensure flawless results. The most common type of knife is the retractable blade knife (like the STHT10479-0 or the 0-10-778 models), whose blade can be easily extended and retracted into the handle. These knives are often used in sectors like construction, woodworking, or other fields where cutting activities should be regularly carried out.

Stanley also produces a range of other cutters, such as snap-off knives or box cutters, such as the FMHT10338-0 model, characterized by a particularly intelligent blade change mechanism, as well as a bi-material handle for greater comfort and safety. These tools are designed for specific purposes, such as making precise cuts through thick materials.

Stanley power tools

Another line of products for which the brand is known is the one of Power tools. They enjoy great success among professionals due to their longevity, their superior performances, allowed by powerful motors, plus their versatility. Some of the most popular Stanley power tools include:

  • Drills: Stanley offers a wide range of drills, including corded and cordless models. Their drills are known for their outstanding power, together with their enhanced precision.
  • Saws, such as circular saws, reciprocating saws, and jigsaws. They are designed to perform cutting tasks quickly, as well as with great reliability.
  • Sanders, like orbital or belt sanders, perfect for smoothing surfaces as well as removing paint or other coatings.
  • Grinders, the ultimate solution for a variety of tasks, including cutting, grinding, or polishing.

What is Stanley FatMax?

Stanley Fatmax

FatMax is a sub-brand of Stanley that focuses on producing heavy-duty tools for professionals. The products under the FatMax line are designed to be tough, durable, in addition to being able to handle the most demanding applications, thanks to their special features. 

Some of the most popular products in the Stanley FatMax line include:

  • Tape measures, known for their standout length, durability, along with their ease of use. An example is the XTHT0-33671 Autolock tape, featuring an intelligent lock mechanism, which guarantees a complete control of the tool, together with a longer blade life. 
  • Hammers, like the XTHT1-51123, equipped with an anti-vibration, ergonomic handle that reduces fatigue. The double hardening of head and claw rims helps reduce chipping as well as cracking of steel.
  • Knives, constructed with an innovative blade change mechanism, which allows users to easily swap out blades without the need for additional tools, along with an ergonomic design that ensures a comfortable use, even for extended periods of time. The 0-10-818 fixed XL blade knife, for example, has a brass wheel that enables the knife to be opened for quick, easy blade replacement, a longer structure and a useful blade holder in the handle.  
  • Toolboxes, built to withstand heavy stress and equipped with extra-large latches for increased safety. The FMST1-72383 cantilever toolcase, with a comfortable telescopic handle, is ideal for  transporting large amounts of tools. In addition, by opening it up, this tool box can be transformed into a 4 level workstation. 
  • Levels. There are many types, such as manual or laser levels. Regarding the first ones, they are realized with a heavy-duty aluminum frame along with shock-absorbing end caps for enhanced longevity. As for laser levels, we would suggest you look at the FMHT1-77357 X3R multiline laser level, which emits red beams intersected at 360°. This level has a capacity of 20 meters. When connected to a receiver, it can reach 50 m. The tool has a durable shockproof rubber structure, plus a rechargeable battery.

What is the Stanley FatMax Line used for? 

The items belonging to this class are widely used to fulfill activities in many sectors, such as construction, since they can handle materials such as concrete or wood. Moreover, they can be useful for carpentry projects, as they provide extreme precision, making them essential tools for cutting, measuring, or shaping wood. In addition, they are used in the automotive industry, for cutting, drilling, as well as tightening bolts.

Why is it called FatMax?

The name "FatMax" comes from the words "fat" and "maximum," which together transmit the idea of maximum strength combined with increased longevity. Stanley Tools chose this name to highlight the unique features and benefits of this tools-line, realized to be among the strongest, most reliable products on the market.

Is Stanley FatMax professional? 

The short answer is yes. These products are specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals who require high-performance tools that can handle tough jobs and withstand rough use. They have innovative features such as anti-vibration handles, magnetic nail starters, or shock-absorbing end caps that make them user-friendly and particularly effective in the most demanding work environments. 

Are Stanley FatMax levels good?

Yes. They are generally considered to be of good quality and are chosen by professionals in the construction or carpentry industries. The manual levels feature a lightweight aluminum body and sturdy bi-material grips that facilitate handling. Moreover, the precision engineered, dual-machined leveling surfaces guarantee maximum accuracy. 

Regarding laser levels, extremely accurate and characterized by outstanding performances, we recommend you to choose the FMHT77448-1 X700LG laser level, for example, featuring  a beam laser diode, ensuring a complete brightness for a superior visibility together with a working range of 80m, 600m if connected to a detector. Furthermore, it’s rated to IP66 to protect against dust and water

Are Stanley Tools good quality?

The definitive answer is yes. The corporation is well-known for producing high-quality tools, created to last for several years, as well as able to withstand every challenge, even the most difficult ones. That’s why its items are chosen everyday by a broad number of customers from the whole globe. 

Where to buy Stanley tools

You can buy Stanley hand tools, power tools, cutting tools or storage solutions from various retailers worldwide, both in physical and online shops. If you prefer the second option, you only have to choose Mister Worker™. Browse the vast assortment of Stanley tools on our website and take advantage of the best deals combined with an immediate delivery. 

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