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Stanley, one of the leading American manufacturers of professional tools, has always created high quality work equipment with great attention to detail. One of the most sold lines is that of laser tools: in this article I want to talk about the technical characteristics of various laser tools and help you choose the best product for your work needs.

On our website you can find the full range of Stanley laser levels and meters: thanks to their high accuracy and ease of use, Stanley laser tools are becoming increasingly popular and are now a must-have product in the professional work equipment.

As you know who knows our site, we have available the entire Stanley catalog, which includes the most advanced laser tools on the market and the top line of Fatmax range: laser levels, laser meters, laser distance meters, digital levels… all these Products are available in our store at competitive prices and protected by the Stanley warranty.

STANLEY laser tools


One of the best-selling products in the laser range is the Stanley laser levels, which are very useful tools for electricians, masons, plumbers and maintenance technicians. If you are looking for durable and reliable laser tools, Stanley is the right choice: you can choose from a large number of multiline laser levels, cross levels with or without receiver, multipoint levels, rotary lasers and all the accessories to make your work experience more simple.

For example, the Stanley 360 SLL Laser Level, self-leveling for vertical and horizontal leveling, has a precision ranging from 4mm to 10m. The package includes a tripod, a wall mount, batteries and a carrying bag.

Another innovative laser instrument not to be missed is the Cross Laser Level 90: a highly precise tool that projects a vertical and horizontal line on flat surfaces and helps to measure in a very accurate way, with a radius of 10m and a precision of ± 0.5 Mm / M. Included in the price you can find a Quicklink multi-directional support, batteries and a complete instruction manual.

Do not miss the Stanley Cubix Self-leveling Laser, one of the most popular laser tools in the entire range both for its functions and for its design: it has a single laser diode separated by a lens, reaches a distance of 8m with a precision of ± 0.8 Mm / M. The package also includes a multi-directional Quicklink support, batteries and instruction manual.



In our catalog you can find the full range of Stanley Fatmax tools, including laser tools. An example? The Fatmax SCL-D cross-level laser level, the red or green laser Fatmax SCL-D level, or the Fatmax cross laser level with handset that can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Do not miss the Fatmax 360 cross laser level: it is a 360° self-levelling laser that projects a vertical and a horizontal line and measures in a very precise way with a range of 10-30m. Presents a locking of the pendulum that prevents damage during transport and has a reinforced case that protects against water and dust.

But it does not end here! An unmissable product in your professional equipment is the Fatmax self-levelling rotary laser level: a precise and powerful laser instrument, ideal for horizontal and vertical levelling work, with an electronic inclination control. It measures up to 300m and is designed to be resistant to any type of impact and its rotation speed ranges from 600 to 300 - 150 - 9 rpm. Included in the package you can find the Fatmax remote control to use it in an easy and comfortable way in all work situations.

If you are looking for a highly precise and easy-to-use multilevel laser tool, we recommend the Stanley X3G Multiline Laser: it emits 3 green rays that intersect at 360 °, and its range is from 20m to 50m with an accuracy of ± 3mm-10m . In addition, the package includes a pair of protective glasses, a carrying case, an interactive manual with QR code and an instruction and safety manual.



Stanley is always looking for perfection, and periodically improves the quality of the products in its range. Stanley laser meters combine advanced technology with great ease of use, making them perfect for all types of professionals, from the most experienced to the youngest. A very interesting and useful line is certainly that of Stanley laser meters.

The Stanley TLM50 laser distance meter is a compact laser tool with a range of 15cm to 15m and an accuracy of ± 3mm. It is one of the easiest measuring instruments to use: with just one key you can make numerous measurements, displaying the results on the display.

If you are looking for a laser meter with the highest performance, the TLM99SI bluetooth laser meter is the one for you: it has a range from 10m to 35m and an accuracy of ± 2mm: in addition to being a very precise instrument, its material has been specially designed to withstand rain and dust.

STANLEY laser measures - STANLEY measuring laser tools

All Stanley laser tools are covered by an official Stanley warranty: if you receive the damaged or defective product, we will replace it or send you the replacement parts you need. Send us an email and our specialized customer service will assist you and help you solve any problem.

Visit our website immediately and take advantage of our offers, or send us an email to get a personalized quote. Do not wait any longer: give yourself the best, enrich your professional equipment with Stanley laser tools!

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