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Stahlwille torque wrenches are known all over the world and have been chosen for years in areas such as aeronautics and aerospace: they are highly professional and precise instruments, able to perform controlled tightening without the slightest error, which is why they are bought to operate in such sensitive sectors.

Stahlwille Manoskop® torque wrenches

The Stahlwille Manoskop® line is the bestseller among professionals in every sector: it includes a large number of models of electronic dynamometric wrenches and mechanical torque wrenches, all highly precise, delicate and resistant, that are required to pass rigid tests of resistance and safety before being placed on the market. Let's take a look at some examples of Stahlwille Manoskop® torque wrenches in the Mister Worker™ catalog!

  • Stahlwille Manoskop® mechanical torque wrenches

Among the controlled tightening wrenches on the market, the mechanical torque wrench is the most classic and widespread model: it is a light and easy-to-use tool, suitable for every professional, because it allows precise tightening in a very fast way. It has a graduated scale on the handle, to check the magnitude of the mechanical moment and to know the tightening torque of the screw. Stahlwille mechanical torque wrenches are ideal for professionals that have to work on easily damageable components: the ability to control the applied force, in fact, makes them precise and very gentle.

Manoskop® 755 torque wrench

Among the Stahlwille mechanical torque wrenches, the best-selling model is certainly the Manoskop® 755 with permanently installed ratchet, ideal for assembly line work or mass production.

It has no adjustment scale, and must therefore be adjusted with the test instruments or with specific calibration systems. This is a snap-action torque wrench with double stop signal, equipped with an interchangeable male coupling tool holder. The Stahlwille Manoskop® 755 torque wrench is a particularly light and maneuverable model, with both handle and body made of wear-resistant and rust-proof steel, a material that guarantees a long tool life, even when used intensively. Furthermore, it is equipped with overload protection: the additional load after tripping or the loads opposite to the function direction have no effect on the tripping mechanism, which is thus protected against damage.

  • Stahlwille Manoskop® electronic torque wrenches

Electronic torque wrenches are the most recent model of a dynamometric wrench released on the market. These are the latest-generation controlled tightening wrenches, highly precise and very simple to use: they are equipped with a small screen on which the torque value is displayed and they are able to set the desired values using practical buttons on the handle. Stahlwille electronic torque wrenches are the top of the range in the field of dynamometry: they are chosen even in the aerospace field precisely because they are highly precise and gentle during tightening.

Manoskop® 730D torque wrench

In the Stahlwille electronic torque wrench category, the most requested is undoubtedly the Manoskop® 730D with plug-in coupling. The body is made of wear-resistant steel, while the handle is made of bi-material with green soft plastic inserts resistant to oils, grease, fuels and phosphates-based fluids.

It has an automatic key lock to prevent the set adjustment from being changed unintentionally during use, and is equipped with overload protection by means of an optical and acoustic signal, in addition to the QuickRelease safety lock. This Stahlwille torque wrench is very simple to use: the setting is quick thanks to the practical keyboard, and it is possible to quickly and easily insert the lever extension data for plug-in tools, without having to perform complex calculations. Furthermore, it has the possibility to choose between different tolerance limits according to the tightening situation, which is evaluated by a green or red light on the display. The ability to store up to 7500 data clamping makes it an indispensable tool for many professionals, who often find themselves having to operate in multiple identical tightening situations, and the USB interface makes it very easy to synchronize on your PC.

This is a patented torque wrench, which is sold with regular certification in a practical and robust plastic case reinforced with steel sheet inside, ideal to carry the tool always with you without fear of ruining it during transport. In addition, there are 2 x 1.5V miniature batteries supplied, but 1.2V NiMH rechargeable AA / LR6 miniature batteries can also be used.

Finally, here is a short video showing how the QuickRelease system works.

You can find these and other Stahlwille torque wrenches in the Mr. Worker™ catalog, all are available with shipping within 48 hours, sold with a regular security certificate and covered by warranty.If you need help to choose the best, do not hesitate to contact our specialized technicians: just send an email to [email protected]. And if you want to stay constantly updated on the technical articles on Mister Worker™ blog and on our special offers, join our community immediately: follow us on Facebook!

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