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What are all the  small accessories models available and how to find the right choice of accessories for your needs? Why equip yourself with a baby carrier or a tool vest? What is the role of tool clothing in a professional's work equipment? In this article I will try to answer all these questions, to help you choose the best tool system.

Small parts systems are ideal for storing all those small accessories so easy to lose and so annoying to find around. This is why they are a valid element for anyone: they are very useful for mechanics, but also for carpenters, seamstresses or craftsmen. These containers are ideal for storing small items and small hardware such as screws, nuts, bolts, dowels, fischer, tacks, inserts, tips, bushes, rivets, fuses, batteries. But even those who work fabrics or leather could find these organizers very practical to store buttons, muskets, rings, chains, buckles, tags, studs, eyelets and so on.

The small parts organizers can be of different types and sizes, available in different materials and models, in order to adapt to any need. You can find modular or portable drawer organizers, organizers designed for maximum efficiency during transport and pre-molded, lightweight, economical and available in different colors, or metal, wolf mouths, much more resistant and professional.


The picking bins and the drawer units are modular and ideal for putting together our stable workshop: they are stackable and can thus easily turn into a real shelving unit. Metal wedges, for example, are stackable and have a large stacking capacity, even for high loads, such as the storage of mechanical parts or chemicals, also thanks to the reinforcement bar.

Instead, the plastic picking bins organizers are ideal for lighter loads, they are also stackable and are an excellent solution for those who want to keep their office and even the smallest parts of their work equipment in order. because very cheap, practical and easy to handle.

The other alternative for the preparation of a workshop is, as anticipated, the drawer-holders. These can be assembled and are available in resistant resin with different sizes and combinations of drawers, in order to meet multiple needs: useful for the storage of small hardware, they are also ideal for jewelry and haberdashery accessories. Stanley offers, for example, a chest of drawers with 30 small drawers or with 9 large drawers and customizable thanks to transparent dividers that can be applied to divide each drawer according to your needs.

Even the terry drawer cabinets are modular and available in many models that provide a great opportunity to customize your personal workshop. Just to give you an example there are sets with 2, 4, 8, 16 drawers, all of different sizes, which then allow everyone to organize independently the storage of their accessories, choosing the most suitable drawer sizing for  your work equipment accessories you need to store.

Both the gooseneck drawer organizers and the plastic drawers are, therefore, modular and stackable and have very practical labels to store each item in order and to find it quickly and easily when needed. These solutions are affordable and an excellent starting point for organizing your equipment in an orderly and optimal manner and are ideal for those who already have or would like to build their own laboratory.


On the other hand, those who need to transport small hardware and small items will prefer portable organizers that combine the convenience of having their own small parts for ease of transport. In this case too there are numerous solutions on the market and surely each of you will be able to find the optimal tool holder system.

The Terry portable small parts organizer is available in both resin and hard plastic. In both cases these are highly resistant structures with a transparent cover to have immediate vision and control of the internal content. Even here there are many combinations available with numerous compartments: from 5 to 24. For many models it is also possible to remove the inner trays or remove and reposition the internal dividers from time to time, to organize the internal structure based on the own needs. Let’s review the two main models available.

Terry plastic organizers have both fixed compartments in different quantities and different sizes depending on the models, and mobile dividers to organize the tool holder in different ways, and removable trays. Stanley and DeWalt, on the other hand, offer toolboxes with detachable and completely removable trays, but with joints that guarantee blocking. They have anti-humidity seals that protect the contents from water and dust according to IP53 standards, robust metal closing hinges and side hinges that allow the vertical hooking of the container to other tool holder systems. They also have practical handles that guarantee excellent grip and comfort in transport. In this case too, the dimensions and internal arrangements of the trays and dividers available are many and always adaptable to your needs. In all these cases, these are compact and practical models to be used, but above all easy to store.

The other available mobile solution that I would like to talk about has this feature: it is larger and spacious, it allows you to carry even the largest tools and their small parts, with the advantage of having all the range of tools that are more useful in a single accessory. For example, the Terry Club Case briefcase organizer has a double compartment: the base is an ideal tool holder and above it you can place a removable tray with several compartments, ideal for small parts. Available in two sizes.

The Stanley STST1-71963 double-barrel organizer, on the other hand, performs three functions in one, allowing you to simultaneously carry power tools, manuals and accessories. This case allows you to organize the space completely independently and, thanks to its full opening, it allows simultaneous access to all sections of the tool holder. The model Stanley 1-92-050 is also very interesting: it is a double case organizer with double safety lock and it can open simultaneously on both sides and it is equipped with long drawers in the central part that can be extracted independently in different directions.


Let’s now talk about another category of tool-holder systems, particularly useful in the field: that is tool-wear. This allows you to increase the efficiency of your work and to always have all the tools you use more often available. This category includes the vest or the tool holders, the pouches and the sheaths for belts, available in different models and sizes.

Among the best ones, there is the Stanley Fatmax Multi-pocket Vest: aa working garment in breathable fabric, with all the features that make it ideal for all conditions. In fact, it is equipped with safety reflective strips, allowing visibility even in poorly lit environments, the breathable fabric makes it comfortable even in very hot climatic conditions and it is equipped with many compartments for both tools and accessories, both for personal use. Having a tool-holder vest makes transporting work tools much more practical, allowing you to have your hands free to carry other materials or to carry out a job allowing you, at the same time, to always have the basic tools for your job at hand. Available in one size, it is fully adjustable.

The tool carriers or belt sheaths are available in different models and materials: in highly resistant fabric or in chrome-treated leather for maximum resistance to oils and wear. Belt carriers or belt sheaths are available with 4, 6 or 9 pockets of different sizes, ideal for storing tools such as scissors, pliers, screwdrivers, cutters or keys. In addition, they are equipped with special hammer hooks and a flexometer holder. These accessories are very useful during the work and transport phases, making it possible to have every work tool ready to use in all circumstances. A further advantage of these sheaths is that they can be combined with each other to give life to a customized tool-holder system to suit your needs. In fact, there are also single hammer sliders and flexometer holders, which can, together with other sliders, make up a true belt-holder system!

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