Professional aluminum ladders and scaffoldings by Gierre: Safety First

Published : 06/16/2020 14:50:23
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Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we talk about professional ladders and scaffolding with Gierre, a company that has been working in this sector for forty years, always focusing on the safety and reliability of its products and investing in innovation and excellence.

Gierre is a historical and internationally consolidated company active in the field of work ladders and scaffolding. Who are the customers interested in Gierre’s professional products?

Offering to every professional a product that responds to his real daily needs for safety, quality and functionality: this is what we wrote at the beginning of our 2014 catalogue, in support of the launch of the GIERREPRO brand. In fact, GIERREPRO was created to differentiate the offer of ladders and scaffolding between DIY and PRO. This was an ongoing trend not only in Italy, but also in other countries where Gierre has long been present, first of all France.

We can say we know the users of our products well, and in particular we have always been attentive to the feed-backs of those who go up and down ladders and scaffolding for work every day: construction workers, painters, plumbers, gardeners, carpenters, electricians, tilers, window fitters, plasterers, glaziers... The ladder is a versatile work tool, sooner or later everyone needs it! We have carefully studied the needs of professionals, through questionnaires, focus groups, direct visits to points of sale and discussion with our agents and distributors, and we continue to analyze changes in behavior and motivation to purchase, to improve our products, make them more effective and satisfy every user.

The professional stair market has been around for a long time. How has it changed in recent years? What differentiates the Gierre stair line from the GierrePro stair line?

In the last five years the behavior of DIY and Professional users has changed and their requests have become more similar. In fact, the bar has risen for everyone and hobbyists have become demanding as professionals. This is also due to the fact that it is now possible to search information online before purchasing a product, choosing from a wide range of items. However, Gierre continued to support the two brands and the lines connected to them. GIERREPRO ladders and scaffoldings differ in the size of the profiles, in some enhanced details and in the color choice.

Take the professional telescopic multifunction ladder (ref. AL070 5 + 5 rungs): the upright is 73 mm, against the 60 or 51 mm of the models designed for DIY uses, the whole structure is reinforced and therefore weighs more, but is equipped with wheels for moving. Another example, the professional double stairladder (ref. AL757 8 steps) has 60 mm profiles but above all an extra-large 11 cm step. Both product families wear black and blue colors, which according to common feeling refer to intensive and continuous use.


To choose the right ladder, it is necessary to make technical and commercial considerations. You should consider:

- the type of use, whether occasional or intensive;
- the type of material, whether steel or aluminum;
- the type of prevailing work environment, whether inside or outside;
- any difficulties presented by land and surfaces;
- the product warranty is very important, GIERREPRO products have a 10 year warranty;
- the height to be reached when working is a decisive element.

What were the consequences of the entry into force of the new European standard EN 131?

We should always remember that ladders and scaffolding are potentially dangerous work tools as they involve the risk of falling. Gierre bases all its technological and production research on the safety of people and invests heavily in certifications and quality control activities, starting from raw materials up to the finished product.

Every year Gierre undergoes audits for the renewal of the quality system certification (ISO 9001-2015). Frequently, additional audits are requested by big customers, especially from the world of large retailers.

In the last three years, the European standard EN 131 has undergone a profound revision, which has imposed various changes on the producers: structural modification of the products, modification of pre-existing tests and introduction of new tests, a complete restyling of the labels and of the user manuals. All this involved a very important investment, which Gierre has been able to face by seizing the opportunity to differentiate itself in a market where unfortunately not all manufacturers share the same healthy principles.

What innovative products have been launched by Gierre in the world of ladders and scaffolding?

Gierre has always aimed to transform the research and development of new products into patents. Our latest patent is the new quick rods fastening system for aluminum scaffolding, Fast & Lock. An example is the FA200FL multifunctional aluminum scaffolding, which can be used both as a scaffolding at different heights, as a single ladder, as a double ladder and as a work platform. The completely pre-assembled tie rods facilitate assembly and subsequent storage, reducing once again the time required by the preparation of the work environment.

What can we expect from Gierre in the future?

In 2020 Gierre celebrates its 40th anniversary: an important milestone, which should be celebrated with all collaborators and customers, but above all, this is a moment to start again with renewed enthusiasm and with a new... Spirit of elevation!

Interview dated 15/02/2020.

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