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Published : 06/25/2020 17:52:35
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Luisella Sirtori

In order to meet the different needs of every professional who has to organize, store and transport his tools safely, Stanley offers a wide range of tool bags, tool boxes and other tool storage solutions. To help you choose the best tool box that will accompany you in your daily activities, today on the Mister Worker™ blog we talk about tool storage solutions with Luisella Sirtori - STANLEY Trade Marketing Manager for the modern channel.

Stanley offers a complete catalogue of bags, backpacks, boxes, trolleys and cabinets to organize and store various types of tools. Which Stanley tool storage solutions are the most loved by professionals?

It is important for workers to be able to transport their tools and equipment in an organized, comfortable but also safe way. For this reason, STANLEY offers tool storage solutions with characteristics that can satisfy every need for internal organization, accessibility and content protection.

The Stanley range is divided into several product families: tool boxes, rolling workshops and workstations, rolling tool chests, small parts organizers, tool bags, rolls and pouches, storage solutions for workshops or laboratories, all designed to meet the needs of professional users.

What advice would you give to a professional who is in difficulty in choosing the storage solution that best suits his needs?

In the first place, my advice is to choose based on what the tool box has to contain. If it has to contain only hand tools, a relatively small box or bag will be preferred. One of the most common sizes is the 19” tool box, perhaps with small parts compartments in the lid, which are very practical.

If, on the other hand, you have to transport power tools, it may be more appropriate to choose a tool box, perhaps with wheels. Given the cost of the equipment, it is better to purchase a box with the protection seal against humidity and dust. Tool boxes with wheels (whether rolling workshops or chests) are very practical for those who work on site and need to move frequently. In addition, all Stanley tool boxes, rolling workshops and tool chests have special slots that allow for padlocking: an additional element of security and content protection.

Stanley Soft Tool Bags

Professionals such as maintenance technicians, installers, plumbers and electricians often need to move to carry out repairs, and they always have to carry their own equipment. What are the best tool bags for these professionals?

Sales of tool bags have been significantly increasing over the last few years. This happened also because in recent times Stanley has offered tool bags that are more performing, robust and specifically designed for professional users.

The tool bags of the Stanley FATMAX range hold their shape when opened without collapsing. This allows for great visibility of the content of the bag, making it easier to find and access to the tools stored inside. These bags are also light and thanks to their numerous pockets, they allow for a better organization of the internal space that can be personalized according to the user’s needs.

The Stanley tool bag most appreciated by professional users is the FATMAX Multiaccess tool bag (code FMST1-73607), but also the recently developed Quick Access range offers extraordinary features for professional use.
This excellent tool bag has two large separate compartments with ample space for hand tools or power tools that guarantee total visibility of the content. It is also perfect for carrying heavy loads as it has a practical shoulder strap with padding.

For those who need to transport many heavy tools and bulky equipment, the most convenient solution is often a rolling workshop. What are the elements that distinguish the Stanley offer of mobile storage solutions?

STANLEY invented the mobile tool storage systems in the late 90s, that is the modular solution with separate stackable boxes, which someone calls "trolley”, and which immediately had a huge commercial success. There were many advantages offered by this new category of mobile tool storage solutions.

The first models were completely made of plastic. Over time we then introduced more and more professional models starting from those made with metal and plastic (e.g. Stanley FATMAX metal-plastic rolling workstation, code 1-95-622), to models that open into a workstation with several levels (e.g. Stanley FATMAX cantilever rolling Mobile Work Station, code 1 -94-210). Lastly, the PRO-STACK range arrived, this is a platform of 12 tool boxes and organizers of different sizes and characteristics, totally modular and stackable, transportable with wheels. The PRO-STACK line takes the concept of customization to the extreme as it allows the professional user to create his own tool storage system on wheels adapting it to his needs. In fact, thanks to the 12 different elements available, everyone can create an endless number of possible solutions (e.g. Stanley FATMAX Tower with 3 modules, code FMST1-80103).

Stanley Rolling Workshops

What are the storage solutions that Stanley offers to professionals working in workshops?

STANLEY has focused its efforts on developing a large number of portable storage solutions, but there are also some very interesting solutions for those who work in the workshop.

We recently presented a complete solution to set up workspaces in a functional way. This is a range of metal cabinets that have the great advantage of being supplied pre-assembled (a patented system) which therefore becomes very simple and very quick to assemble (e.g. Stanley metal cabinet with 2 doors, code STST97595-1).

Another solution that comes to us from the American market is the Track Wall system. It is the optimal solution for organizing a laboratory, a workshop, but also the home garage in a simple and effective way. Extremely customizable, it adapts to any environment and is composed of resin rails with a load capacity of 35 kg every 30 cm and a series of hooks for both specific and generic use, highly versatile and repositionable at any time.

Have there been any major innovations in the sector of tool boxes and tool bags recently?

STANLEY has made innovation its DNA. I believe that no other manufacturer is so active in developing new products. STANLEY introduces new products on the market every year and innovation is one of the main characteristics of this range of tool storage solutions, together with the high quality level of the products. The innovation for STANLEY began many years ago when it first put metal latches on plastic tool boxes or when it began to combine different materials such as the use of polycarbonate in the covers of professional organizers or when it was the first to develop the modular PRO-STACK platform.

Research and development are the characterizing elements of the entire STANLEY range. We aim to crate products that allow users to work in a more comfortable, more efficient and faster way.
One of the latest products presented on the market is the result of market research carried out on site. Many users had reported that the frequent action of bending down to pick up tools from the ground could cause back problems. Many had thus suggested the solution of "lifting" the toolbox from the ground. During the development phase, we realized that we could do more than lift the toolbox from the ground, we inserted a real stool that could serve as a ladder for the user. This is how the Stanley FATMAX work step toolbox with came to life (code FMST81083-1), it was presented last September.

What can we expect from Stanley in the future in the tool storage category?

We can still expect a lot! Research and development continue thanks to our team of experts who work closely with professional users. We will continue to renew our heart of the range, refreshing the design of historic products and we will focus more and more on the development of the PRO-STACK range to always offer new solutions to our customers.

The goal is always the same: to help professionals work more efficiently.

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