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Published : 05/6/2020 16:17:29
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Terry Store Age

Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we talk about organization and storage solutions with Terry, a company that for over 50 years has been working in the field of space and storage management, producing cabinets, cupboards, shelves, drawers, boxes and organizers.

Storage is one of the most important aspects for professionals: the organization of space is fundamental to work efficiently. How does Terry, a historic Italian company, fit into this context?

TERRY STORE AGE SPA was founded in 1961 and started to produce industrial drawers and boxes for warehouses. In the following years and up to now, the Company has distinguished itself worldwide for the design, production and marketing of products for the organization of space in both professional and domestic settings.

In order to guarantee innovative solutions, our company makes use not only of the internal Research and Development Department but also of various important external collaborations with a special focus on the design, which is always at the center of the development of each of our products. Over the years, Terry has registered numerous patents.

To do all this we use the best technologies available on the market and with pay particular attention to the production processes, which are constantly monitored with high quality standards.

To the present day, our products are mainly distributed in all the markets of the European Community through authorized online retailers, such as Mister Worker™, the best DIY chains and hardware stores. We also distribute Terry products in other countries, such as the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Who are the professionals interested in Terry’s range of cabinets, drawers, boxes and organizers?

In the professional field there are many workers who use our products on a daily basis, not only for the organisation of warehouses.

Among them we can include installers, electricians, electro-technicians, maintenance technicians, plumbers, mechanics, general workers, construction workers, warehouse workers and many, many others.

Terry cabinets

A key aspect of cabinets is certainly the material they are made of. Why are Terry cabinets made of plastic? What are the advantages compared to, for example, a wooden or metal product?

One of the most important product ranges in which TERRY excels for innovation and quality is that of the cabinets and cupboards. Within our assortment we have both cabinets for Professional and Consumer users, all made of polypropylene.

Today plastic processing and modern technologies make it possible to create high quality cabinets, with high load capacity and European certifications, capable of competing with metal or wood cabinets and cupboards that were traditionally more common.

Surely, today plastic offers the possibility of having products that are easy to assemble and innovative in the management of interior spaces. These cabinets and cupboards are multipurpose and can be used in different contexts, offering an excellent price/quality ratio. 

Within the Terry catalog there are several lines of outdoor and indoor cabinets:

  • The cabinets of the JLine range have doors opening at 180° and adjustable shelves. Within this range there is the two-door cabinet JLine368 model (code 1002819), a grey and black lockable cabinet made of resistant plastic, with a four shelving unit included.
  • The cabinets of the TwistBlack line are equipped with feet. For example, the best seller TwistBlack102A (code 1002710) is a multifunctional cabinet with three doors, with two separate compartments, three internal adjustable shelves and a hanger.
  • The cabinets of the C-Rattan line have a beautiful rattan finish. This range includes the C-Rattan102A model (code 1002812), the three-door cabinet in dove grey colour.
  • The cabinets of the Wave line have a modular system, adjustable shelves and sturdy doors. For example, the two-door cabinet in light and dark grey WaveBase2700 (code 1002566) has four shelves and two bins.

What tips can you give to customers who want to buy a plastic cabinet or a cupboard?

As mentioned earlier, plastic cabinets offer different solutions and each user can always find a product capable of solving his or her storage problem.

For these reasons, while keeping into consideration its intended use, it is very important to choose a cabinet evaluating its quality and robustness. The price is always an important component in the buying decision, but it must not become a decisive factor.

The purchase of the cabinet, cupboard or shelf should be well thought out, also considering some aspects that go beyond the intended use of the item. These may include the aesthetics of the cabinet and its colour, however, it is important that the choice is made considering the quality, the robustness of the product, and the guarantee offered by the manufacturer, such as certifications and load capacity.

The category of bins, chests and organizers for small parts deserves attention. What are the most important features that these products should have to be functional?

Small parts holders are part of our professional range, to which Terry dedicates an important part of its catalogue.

There are different types of organizers, ranging in shape, size, color and intended use. Terry has always made an effort to create products suitable for different users, both Professional and Consumer. For both types of customers, we have created handy organizers, easy to use and transport, with subdivisions with fixed compartments or with removable internal drawers. Products intended for professional use have ergonomic handles and a functional and elegant design.

In the Terry catalog there are different types of bins, such as the stackable small parts organizers of the ECOBOX line, the modular metal models of the METALBOX range and the modular UNION BOX organizers.

Furthermore, Terry produces modular small drawer chests, such as the VISON and SERVO models, portable drawer chests of the POKER, STORE-AGE and DRAWY range, and plastic organizer with compartments and lid.

In the professional world, the storage market is certainly among the most competitive, also because of the offer coming from Eastern markers. What does Terry focus on to remain a top player on the market? What innovations is the company focusing on?

As mentioned earlier, since the founding of the company, Terry has always focused on innovation, quality and technology.

Today these characteristics are recognized by both the domestic and foreign markets and this allows us to distinguish ourselves in a global market where competition, for example Asian competition, is differentiated by a low quality very focused on the price.

Professional users today are able to distinguish these types of offers and choose Terry products with confidence, aware of finding a reliable partner in our Company, which able to meet their expectations.

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