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Published : 10/20/2023 17:06:33
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KNIPEX new tools

Any ambitious professional knows that an assortment of the latest tools is essential to complete tasks with flawless results. The most reliable tool manufacturers study and develop new products on a regular basis so as to provide their customers with state-of-the-art tools that are increasingly able to meet their demands. Due to their innovative features, resulting from the use of new technologies and the research of market needs, these updated tools bring added value. They are perfect for integration with existing equipment.

In the realm of professional-grade tools, a remarkable transformation is currently unfolding, heralded by the advent of the unmissable KNIPEX new tools. These ingenious additions have sent shockwaves throughout the industry, establishing an unprecedented benchmark for quality that professionals from various domains are eager to adopt.

New KNIPEX tools 2023 have finally arrived on Mister Worker®. From now on, you'll have the chance to stock up on fresh, state-of-the-art products made with the most advanced technologies so you can improve your work by reaching new heights of excellence.

Different types of backpacks, toolcases, pliers, and tweezers are newcomers to the KNIPEX catalog. As you delve deeper into this article, you'll gain valuable insights into these exceptional inclusions to the esteemed Mister Worker® product lineup.

KNIPEX new tools now on Mister Worker®

Prepare to be awestruck by the sheer craftsmanship of this acclaimed German tool brand. Meticulously crafted from drop-forged steel, these latest, outstanding tools exude strength and durability, setting them apart as true workhorses in the world of professional equipment. But what sets them apart is the perfect blend of robustness with user comfort.

In particular, the most recent products in the hand tool category, such as new KNIPEX pliers, are realized with ergonomically molded anti-slip handles. Say goodbye to hand fatigue and discomfort during long hours of labor. These handles are a testament to the brand’s commitment to making your work not just efficient but also enjoyable.

What are the brand new KNIPEX additions?

By browsing through the KNIPEX news catalog on our site, you can find the brand's latest innovations, such as the following. All of these products are characterized by the most advanced features, to enhance your working experience.

KNIPEX 08 21 185 needle nose pliers

KNIPEX needle nose pliers

buy KNIPEX needle nose pliers

Experience a new standard of excellence in the world of professional installation and repair work with the KNIPEX 08 21 185 Needle Nose Pliers. These pliers are the ultimate toolkit addition, blending precision, versatility, and reliability. Their tapered head and pointed jaws make them a true powerhouse when faced with intricate tasks in tight spaces, ensuring you never miss a beat. In addition, these pliers are built to last. Their reinforced joint and induction-hardened cutting edges can handle various wire types effortlessly. From medium-hard wires to copper cables, these pliers excel. With a cutting capacity of up to 13mm for stranded copper cables and 25mm² for multi-strand cables, they're a versatile companion for a wide range of applications. The beveled cutting edges ensure clean, professional-grade results every time.

Choose these outstanding KNIPEX needle nose pliers and experience precision, longevity, and unparalleled convenience. Your success deserves nothing but the best, and we're here to make it happen.

KNIPEX X18 backpack

Buy KNIPEX X18 backpack

In industry and work in general, where precision, organization, and longevity reign supreme, the KNIPEX 00 21 50 LE Modular X18 backpack is the ideal companion. Crafted with functionality in mind, this marvel features a removable tool panel that is fully hinged on the front and back. Moreover, it boasts two secure compartments, plus plenty of pockets and loops for faultless organization. Constructed from sustainable recycled synthetic fibers, it meets professional needs in a sustainable manner. Then, it is equipped with a waterproof molded bottom for unwavering stability and has a substantial carrying capacity of up to 15 kg. The inclusion of FIDLOCK® connectors and innovative MOLLE webbing allows for customization of carrying options. In summary, the KNIPEX 00 21 50 LE Modular X18 backpack is the gateway to convenience, durability, and impeccable organization.

KNIPEX tool case for photovoltaics 97 91 04 V01

Knipex photovoltaics tool case

Buy KNIPEX photovoltaics case

The Knipex 97 91 04 V01 toolbox is a complete, tailor-made solution for the photovoltaic industry. It provides a range of high-quality tools to streamline PV installation and maintenance tasks. This kit includes precision wire stripping pliers with profiled blades, ideal for handling small stripping values, along with a cable cutter capable of accommodating Cu cables up to ø 15 mm. In addition, an assembly tool (Allen wrench) is provided for replacing crimping dies, making the toolbox versatile and adaptable to various needs. The shockproof synthetic resin case, complete with foam insert and preformed cavities, ensures tool organization and protection, while the set includes essential components such as crimping dies and locators, making it an indispensable resource for PV professionals.

KNIPEX 00 21 05 EV E-mobility tool case

Knipex Emobility tool case

Buy Knipex Emobility tool case

The KNIPEX 00 21 05 EV E-mobility "Basic" tool case is a comprehensive solution designed for the specific needs of electric vehicle (EV) maintenance. It comes complete with 29 VDE-tested insulated tools and a pair of insulating gloves, making it ideal for work on EVs. Besides, this tool case includes essential items like pliers, open-ended spanners, plus a 3/8" reversible ratchet set, all neatly organized with foam inserts that feature color coding for easy identification. Perfect for garages and companies servicing EVs or maintaining their own vehicle fleets, the case's exterior dimensions (410mm x 200mm x 465mm) ensure portability and convenience. With its complete set of high-quality, insulated tools, this "Basic" E-mobility tool case is a must-have for professionals in the EV industry.

KNIPEX 97 52 67 DT four-mandrel crimping pliers

Knipex four-mandrel crimping pliers

Buy KNIPEX crimping pliers

In the realm of precision, reliability, and versatility in crimping tools, the KNIPEX 97 52 67 DT four-mandrel crimping pliers shine as unparalleled. These pliers are a game-changer in the world of electrical connections, designed for demanding professionals. The 97 52 67 DT offers a comprehensive solution for crimping DT contacts and handling male and female contacts of the DT, DTM, and DTP series, with a wide capacity range from 0.35 mm² to 3.0 mm² (AWG 22-12). Precision is guaranteed with the included Go/NoGo gauges, ensuring your crimps meet the highest standards. In addition, ergonomics are at the forefront of the design, with an optimized opening width, comfortable grips, and a minimal manual force lever transmission system. Elevate your crimping proficiency with the KNIPEX 97 52 67 DT four-mandrel crimping pliers and experience the transformative impact of precision, efficiency, and reliability on your work. Purchase now on to take your professional projects to new heights.

KNIPEX 90 25 25 composite and plastic pipe cutter

Knipex plastic and composite pipe cutter

Buy KNIPEX pipe cutter

The KNIPEX 90 25 25 plastic and composite pipe cutter is a game-changer in the world of pipe cutting. With up to 60% less effort required, it's a breeze to use, thanks to its freely rotating cutting wheel that minimizes friction while cutting. This innovation delivers optimum cutting results by allowing the cutting wheel to penetrate the pipe effortlessly with minimal deformation. The cutter's wide plastic supports ensure perfect right-angled cuts, making it ideal for various pipes, including composite and plastic conduit pipes, outperforming conventional shears with fixed blades. It also handles composite pipes with increased aluminum layer thickness, and accommodates pipes up to ø 26 mm. This versatile tool is designed for precision, ease of use, and safety with a locking mechanism for transport and ergonomic multi-component handles. In short, the KNIPEX 90 25 25 redefines efficiency and quality in pipe cutting, all while ensuring comfort with its two-component material-covered handles.

These are just some of the latest add-ons. More other products have entered the brand's range this year. From the groundbreaking Robust26 tool cases to intelligent, useful accessories like the 00 50 13 T BK adapter straps or precision tweezers like the 92 21 14 ESD, dive into the world of unmissable KNIPEX new tools 2023.

Shop the new KNIPEX tools

In conclusion, the new KNIPEX additions are more than just tools; they are a gateway to excellence in your profession. Characterized by meticulous engineering, advanced features, and ergonomic properties, these tools are the ultimate choice even for demanding professionals. Don't miss any of the latest KNIPEX add-ons on Mister Worker®: order them now on our website and redefine what's possible in your work.

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