New FACOM Tools: Torque Wrenches and High Performance Ratchets

Published : 04/24/2020 09:14:19
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The catalog of FACOM products available on Mister Worker ™ is enriched with over 150 new tools.

FACOM is a brand that has been producing professional tools for over 100 years, always focusing on excellence and innovation. Among the new products that have just arrived on Mister Worker™ you will find the new Bluetooth Smart torque wrenches, the high performance ratchets from the HP181 range, the AXS extension wrench, new compact air ratchets with interchangeable anvils and much more.

Smart Torque Wrench: The Bluetooth torque wrench by FACOM, made in Italy

A new electronic torque wrench has arrived in the FACOM torque control catalog: it is the Bluetooth smart torque wrench. This new tool has a torque measurement accuracy of ± 2% and is available in three wrench models, from 1.5 to 340 Nm:

These Smart Torque wrenches are ISO 6789 certified and are delivered with a 2A quick charger, a micro USB cable, a charging device that can be used both on a table and on a wall and an instruction manual. To increase productivity and precision in the use of this tool, a virtual trigger system has been implemented, emitting both LED and sound signals. As the target value approaches, the wrench gradually begins to vibrate and emits a click at the achievement of the set torque value. The handle of these wrenches has a square design that prevents the tool from slipping, while the high contrast LED display is easily readable.

The Smart torque wrenches can be controlled and easily managed through an APP, available for IOS and Android devices. This APP allows for a quick and simple setting of the wrenches and memorizes the performed controlled tightening. The secure Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allows you to program FACOM torque wrenches using both smartphones and tablets, the wrenches can also be used offline after the configuration has taken place.


R.181 High Performance Ratchets, R.PE360 Ratchets for Bits, AXS Extension Wrench

If you are looking for a ratchet built for performance and power, rely on the range of high precision ratchets from FACOM, a brand renowned for its offer of high-performance tools suitable for professional applications in the industrial and automotive sector.

Thanks to its compact size, the new by FACOM, equipped with High Tooth Count 80-teeth mechanism, combines excellent precision and power performance with maximum accessibility. In fact, this ratchet has a 100% dust-tight and IP54 certified head with reduced height that turns at 4.5° increments to offer you an outstanding tightening capacity even in hard-to-reach spaces. The characteristics of the R.181 ratchet make it particularly suitable for different types of workers, such as mechanics, maintenance specialists and engineers working on vehicle engines or on complex industrial machines.

A FACOM product that has just arrived on Mister Worker™ is the ratchet for 1/4” bits with rotator handle R.PE360. This tool has a compact head and is equipped with a 60-teeth mechanism and allows two times faster tightening thanks to its rotating handle.

The focus on innovation and technology of FACOM has led to the creation of the new AXS extension wrench, developed to increase the maneuvering area, thus facilitating tightening and unblocking operations. The asymmetrical design of the extension generates greater speed and power thanks to the increased wheel size and allows you to access even the narrowest spaces to reach screws, nuts and bolts that are difficult to access. The FACOM extension wrench is available in three models, AXS.L (1/2 ")AXS.M (3/8") - AXS.S (1/4 "), and can be used both with hand ratchets and pneumatic or cordless ratchets.

The new FACOM compact air ratchets with interchangeable anvils have also arrived on Mister Worker™. These ratchets are the perfect solution to avoid the use of two separate tools, the FACOM design ensures you an ergonomic handle, a progressive trigger designed to prevent an accidental contact and easy access even in small spaces thanks to the slim head.
The two-in-one compact air ratchet is available in the 1/4 "and 3/8" version with a length of 185 mm (code VR.RJ2500PB) and in the 3/8 "and 1/2" version with a length of 318 mm (code VR.SJ3500PB).

New FACOM Accessory Sets with ‘Dual Torsion’ Impact Bits

FACOM has launched a new range of accessory sets with "Dual Torsion" impact bits, specifically designed to be used in combination with the most powerful impact drivers. In fact, these new impact bits have a dual torsion zone with a design developed to offer a product that resists up to 50 times longer compared to the bits of a standard screwdriver from the FACOM catalogue. In this new range of accessories, the geometry of the tips guarantees high compatibility with all types of screws, minimizing the risk of slipping, with consequent improvements in terms of safety for the worker.

In addition to innovating the bits, FACOM has also worked on the packaging that contains them to ensure maximum practicality for workers who need to always have easy access to their tools. These new bits sets have a magnetic bit holder that will allow you to quickly find the bits you need and to store them neatly after use, immediately spotting any missing pieces that might otherwise be lost. The cases of these sets are solid and stackable, they have been designed to be used daily by professionals operating in different sectors: automotive, industrial and retail.

In particular, for the automotive sector, FACOM has introduced the Titanium Impact Ready drill bits. This range of accessories has a reinforced core and is coated with HSS titanium. The patented pilot tip has four cutting edges, and was designed for those who often work with materials such as alloyed and non-alloyed steels, sheet metal and other thin-walled profile materials.

Ideal for replacing the brake pads, brake discs or brake drum screws and body panel screws, FACOM offers two assortments of bits for the automotive sector, a small one with 24 pieces (cod. EN.1J24PB) and a medium one with 50 pieces (code EN.1J50PB).
For the industrial sectoran assortment of 30 pieces (code EN.1J30PB) is available, recommended for those who carry out the maintenance of industrial machinery, the maintenance of service lifts and general maintenance.
Finally, for the retail sector, a small assortment with 40 pieces will soon be available (code EN.1J40PB), ideal for those who work in the electrical sector, the plumbing industry, for various applications including decking, framing and cabinet-making.

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