Mister Worker™ TV Spot 2020: Watch the Official Video

Published : 07/27/2020 12:16:45
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This month Mister Worker™ celebrates the airing of its first TV spot broadcast on Sky! Our e-commerce of professional work tools is therefore brought to television for the first time. The main character of our TV commercial is Mister Worker, our 3D testimonial, the result of the work of the best illustrators. He comes out of his world, our online store, to explain to the public the characteristics that distinguish us from the competition: a complete catalog of products of the best brands, worldwide shipment, custom quotes and a strong commitment to offer an excellent service to each customer.

You haven’t seen the spot yet? Watch it now!

In thirty seconds, what is Mister Worker™?

Mister Worker™ is the online store for professionals where you can buy the best work tools for maintenance, industry and repair operations. What are our key assets? We have a catalog that includes over 70.000 products of the best brands and we ship goods all over the world. You can buy directly online or request a personalized quote from a dedicated team of experts.

In order to provide our customers with the most complete range of professional products for maintenance and for the automotive, aerospace, petrochemical and industrial sectors, the catalog of professional work tools available on our online store keeps growing and it is updated every month with new products and special offers. In 2020 Mister Worker™ has expanded its offer of professional work tools with Tesa Technology’s precision measuring systems, Tellure Rota’s industrial castors and wheels for industrial, civil and domestic use, Kukko extractors and pullers, Metrica professional measuring tools, Flir thermal cameras, Knipex pliers, Ampco Safety Tools’ non-sparking tools and, last but not least, safety shoes and workwear by Diadora Utility.

As highlighted in the official video of the TV spot, one of our strong points is that Mister Worker™ offers international shipments.
We ship everything everywhere, this is our motto. We have a dedicated logistics team and we work with the best international couriers, such as DHL, Fedex and UPS: for these reasons we are able to deliver your orders to over 180 countries. To learn more about the shipping services offered by Mister Worker™, go to the Shipping and Delivery Information page.

For orders over € 2,000 you can request a quote to our team of experts. Receiving a personalized quotation is simple and free: go to our page dedicated to custom quotes, fill in the form indicating the products you would like to buy and the needs of your company. In this way you will get personalized advice, priority management of your order, personalized discounts on products and the express delivery of the purchased goods.

Celebrate with us the airing of the first Mister Worker™ TV spot. Click here to find out all the current offers.

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