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  • Stanley is a brand dealing with the production and worldwide distribution of a wide range of hand tools, power tools, storage solutions, as well as measuring instruments. Due to the quality of [...]

    Stanley tool guide: which items are the best?
  • A caliper is a tool used to measure the distance between two sides of an object: you can measure everything, with an accuracy down to 0.01mm. Let's see how to choose the best calipers!

  • The Bosch professional division produces a range of power tools for MRO operations. Their tools are innovative as they invest heavily in development and research.  The division's main business f [...]

    Top Bosch tools: what is the brand known for?
  • Every cordless tool needs a battery to function. But not all batteries are the same. Before choosing the right power tool for your collection, you need to know about power tool batteries. The [...]

    What are the best batteries and chargers for power tools?
  • The Makita's range of work tools enjoys work an excellent reputation that makes them worth investing in. The choice of the perfect tool varies depending on the work to be done. However, some of [...]

    The Best Makita tools to buy

    The Best Makita tools to buy
    Published : 02/13/2023

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  • DeWALT is possibly the most famous power tool supplier in the world. The brand has built up a long-established reputation and its distinctive yellow tools can be found in construction sites and [...]

    Most useful DeWALT tools

    Most useful DeWALT tools
    Published : 02/13/2023

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  • Facom tools have become some of the best known around the world, and for very good reasons. The company was launched at the end of the First World War and, thanks to the economic situation, grew [...]

    Facom tools: all you need to know
  • When you’re looking for tools the most important consideration is the quality of the tool in question. Regardless of the utensil, there will be a range of prices available. Although the cheapest [...]

    KNIPEX tool guide: the top pliers brand
  • For many years now, length gauges using laser technology have been on the market. Today, the laser rangefinder is enjoying great popularity, so we decided to take a closer look at the subject w [...]

    How do Laser Measuring Tools work?
  • Today on the Mister Worker™ Blog we are talking about Water Pump Pliers and their features with KNIPEX, the German leader in the market of pliers. KNIPEX develops and manufactures pliers for p [...]

    How to choose the best Water Pump Pliers
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