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On Mister Worker™ you can now find a new brand of professional work equipment: Meclube, a young and dynamic Italian brand that manufactures industrial lubrication systems. The complete Meclube 2018 catalog is available in our catalog, this includes every lubrication tool for professional use. In addition, you will also find a selection of products on sale, great for updating your professional work equipment at special prices.

Meclube lubrication systems | Mister Worker™


In our online store of professional tools you can find a selection of Meclube lubrication systems on special offer: pneumatic pumps, nebulizers, trays for exhausted oil, digital liter-counters for various liquids, flexible probes, greasers, motorized hose reels, pneumatic pumps double membrane ... and much more. If you need to renew the work equipment of your mechanical workshop or if you need new lubrication systems for industrial machinery, take advantage of our Meclube deals and discover the high quality of the “Made in Italy”!

For example, you can find various models of Meclube exhausted oil drain units and aspirators for sale online at the best prices: one among all of them, the Air-operated aspirator for exhausted oil 65 l with pre-chamber. It is a high quality exhausted oil drain unit, with a 65 liter tank, which makes it ideal for professional use, when it is necessary to replace the oil in several vehicles in a short time. The collection of the oil is done both by fall, through the practical 15-liter  height-adjustable side tank, and by direct suction, through the flexible probes. This exhausted oil extractor works autonomously after depressurization, therefore it does not need to be continuously connected to compressed air: it will allow you to obtain a quick and independent suction, and the pre-chamber allows an immediate control of the quantity of the collected oil , in addition it is also equipped with an internal cleaning device. Finally, it also has a convenient anti-reflux grill to drain the replaced oil filters, and a durable ABS case with three tool compartments. It can suction the oil up to a temperature of 60/80 ° C, therefore even right after the engine is turned off: the only warning is not to use it to draw up fuels, brake oils, corrosive liquids and flammable liquids.


On Mister Worker™ you can pick the lubrication products most suited to your professional needs: in the Meclube catalog you will find a wide range of machinery at discounted prices, available for immediate delivery and with shipping within 48 hours of purchase. Let's take a look at the products in our catalog together.

  • Exhausted oil aspirators and drain units

The ideal product to buy, in order to change and recover the oil of various vehicles in a fast and clean way, is an aspirator or a recovery unit for exhausted oil. These machines are suitable for use in auto-repair shops or industrial plants, they are available in various models: fixed, trolley-mounted, floor, wall or pit, each one is designed for a specific purpose. They can all be used even on  60/80 ° C oil, right after the engine is turned off, a detail that helps speed up the exhausted oil recovery.

  • Products for the distribution of oil and grease

Working with grease and oil requires professional tools, designed to endure the intensive use of these fluids. Meclube oil pumps and grease guns can also be used in the toughest work situations, ensuring maximum results without wearing out and losing effectiveness. Depending on the work you need to do, you can choose between manual or pneumatic greasers, pneumatic pumps for oil or grease, guns for the distribution of fluids, collection and storage tanks, installations and fixed structures for workshops, as well as a series of specific accessories.

  • Brake bleeders

Bleeding the brakes and the clutch system must be done periodically, to always keep your vehicle safe to use. For this you need special tools, called bleeding devices: available in both electric and manual models, to clean the brakes and clutch thoroughly, removing any air bubbles caused by a too low level of the specific liquid.

  • Electric pumps for AdBlue, diesel and other fluids

In order to collect diesel fuel, AdBlue fluids and other fluids, you need to use specific pumps for each kind of fluid. Meclube produces professional electric pumps designed to work with various fluids, from the thickest to the most liquid: there are those specific to AdBlue, a solution used to reduce exhaust emissions that may be corrosive on some materials; those for diesel oil, designed to withstand intensive use and avoid corrosion with the passage of this fluid; and the generic ones for various fluids, from the most viscous to the most liquid ones, however they must not be used for corrosive products that could irreversibly damage them. 

  • Double diaphragm pumps

Unlike electric pumps, Meclube pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are ideal to be used with aggressive fluids and are therefore suitable for an almost infinite number of applications. They can also suck acidic and corrosive fluids without damage, taking advantage of the power of compressed air for a quick and clean job. 

All Meclube lubrication systems found in the Mister Worker™ catalog are covered by our legal 24 months warranty, to protect your purchase. Make your purchases in complete peace of mind, we'll take care of the rest! If what you receive is damaged, defective or malfunctioning, just send an email to [email protected] and explain the problem: remember to attach some photos, in case of obvious defects, so that our experts can solve the problem in the shortest possible time. To find out more, visit the Mister Worker™ terms and conditions page and, if you have any doubts or concerns, call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our customer service will know how to help you.

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