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Published : 12/13/2018 15:27:44
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The Mister Worker™ catalogue becomes even more comprehensive now with the introduction of a fundamental brand: LENOX® is a well-known US brand, a leading name in the field of cutting accessories. The story began in 1915 with ten employees with a process of research and development that has distinguished all LENOX products. The name itself is emblematic: the blades in this catalogue are inspired by the speed, strength and sharpness of the teeth of the wolves who populated the Scottish hills near the western shore of Loch Lomond, where the Count of LENOX® lived. Let's take a closer look at the history and catalogue of this stars and stripes brand.

The history of the LENOX catalogue: professional drills, blades and saws

The history of LENOX begins in 1915, when John Swanson, Carl Ericson and Carl Davis founded LENOX® American Saw. Based in Taylor Street in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA, the ten employees of the new company mainly produce Hacksaw blades. It will take three years to add the production of Band Saws to the catalogue. The purpose is to bring to the market faster and stronger cutting products that have a longer service life. Over the years, the catalogue was further enriched in 1959 with Holesaws, while in 1961 Bandsaw Blades were produced in the East Longmeadow factory, also in Massachusetts. Sixteen years passed and in 1977 LENOX launched the Tool Division: it began to produce hand tools and accessories for power tools. In the same year, Lee "Hackman" Breton began to produce the first Bi-Metal Reciprocating Saw Blades using the same technology as the Bandsaw Blades.

In 1981 Lee "Hackman" Breton needed 26 minutes and 6 seconds to cut his car in two using a LENOX® Hacksaw blade, becoming the symbol of the cutting quality of the brand's products. Records continue when in 1996 the company was the first in the production of blades to obtain ISO 9001® certification. On the threshold of one hundred years of activity of the company appear, in 2011, the Speed Slot Bi-Metal Holesaws: durable, fast and versatile. A few years later, this was followed by the T3 Holesaws in 2017 and the MetalMax™ Diamond Cutting Discs in 2018.

LENOX Cutting and Drilling Accessories

Today, LENOX® still stands out for the high quality of its sawing performance and has more than 700 employees. Most of the staff work at the East Longmeadow headquarters in the United States, which is ISO 9001 certified. Here are designed, tested and manufactured a wide selection of step drills, holesaws and their kits, saw blades and spotting saws, and MetalMax™ diamond blades. The last ones, in particular, represent a valid alternative to abrasive cut-off wheels. The diamond technology offers several advantages, such as the maintenance of the original diameter, which guarantees a uniform cut, prolonging the life of the product. The lifetime of MetalMax™ is in fact up to 30x higher than the typical aluminium oxide abrasive disc, allowing to optimize work efficiency and to reduce cutting costs.

LENOX MetalMax diamond blades

If MetalMax™ discs set a new benchmark in cutting operations, VariBit™ Step Drill Bits are ideal for fast, clean and round holes. These drill bits are distinguished by a sophisticated design with two flutes for precise, burr-free drilling, as well as a split point for faster penetration and smaller hole oversizing. And if the vaporized oxide coating provides increased durability and resistance, the life of the drills can be further extended using LENOX® fluids and synthetic emulsions. The handy design of these accessories should also not be ignored: the flute design allows chips to be removed easily.

Holesaws and blades for Jigsaws and Reciprocating Saws

The need to work on different types of materials led LENOX® to produce different types of holesaws and related kits, depending on what needs to be cut. For example, among the top of the range are the T3™ Speed Slot technology Holesaws, ideal for cutting wood with nails, metals, stainless steel, plastic and composites. The increased wall thickness provides strength and prevents loss of cutting teeth. In particular, these holesaws cut the wood very well: the large, sharp teeth remove more material and allow faster cuts.

The LENOX selection proceeds with the blades for Reciprocating Saws, from metal cutting to wood cutting, from cutting different materials to demolition. One of the most valuable blades is the LENOX Gold® POWER ARC™ for the reciprocating saws. The peculiarity is the curvature of the blade that guarantees better performance in all operations and a duration of up to 2x longer than the straight blades of the brand. In addition, the blade design is realized for more aggressive applications: the angle of attack is optimized for faster cutting. In the LENOX catalogue, as mentioned above, there is also a varied choice of Jigsaw Blades. They differ mainly according to the type of application: for joinery work, for example, the Bi-Metal Jigsaw blade with T-shank is more suitable, while the carbide grit blade with T-shank is much more suitable for cutting metal. For more information on the various application materials, please refer to the rest of the articles of the Mister Worker™ blog.

Mister Worker™ is a LENOX® Official Reseller

The Mister Worker™ catalogue now also includes a selection of LENOX products, which define an increasingly comprehensive range of instruments and accessories for cutting different surfaces and materials. Mister Worker™ is the store for choosing your equipment, specific for each application: a catalogue of more than 35,000 products, with the most important international Brands. Our Mister Worker™ support centre is available, through its experts, to help you choose the items that best suit your needs with LENOX products. Discover more about our service and on the LENOX® brand.

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