KNIPEX tool guide: the top pliers brand

Published : 02/9/2023 17:00:55
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Knipex Tool Guide

When you’re looking for tools the most important consideration is the quality of the tool in question. Regardless of the utensil, there will be a range of prices available. Although the cheapest may seem tempting, it is not always the best finance-wise option.

KNIPEX is dedicated to producing high-quality durable tools. It’s why they have become a reputable leader in the field. In short, if you’re looking for high-quality tools, specifically pliers, then you need to consider what the brand has to offer. After all, the most important criteria for a pair of pliers is precision, and that’s what this brand offers.

Who is KNIPEX owned by?

The company is currently run by Ralf Putsch, the great-grandson of the founder. The business was started by Carl Gustav Putsch in the basement of his own home. By trade, he was a smithy and he focused on producing carpenter’s and farriers’ pincers. The business has been passed down from generation to generation and is still a family company today, owned by the same family. 

In fact, it was the grandson of the founder, Karl Putsch, who extended the range of products the family business owned and made the business into a European market leader. Innovations have continued since then, allowing Ralf to successfully take the business internationally.

When was KNIPEX released?

The business was originally founded in 1882 and grew steadily under the leadership of Carl Gustav Putsch. However, it remained a craft business operating from his home until 1927 when the founder passed away and his son Carl Putsch took over. If you’re asking yourself “How old is KNIPEX?”, we can state that the company has reached its 140th anniversary.

At this stage, the business had an impressive 27 employees and produced over 7,000 pliers per week, all made by hand. It was Carl Putsch that moved the business from his home and opened a small factory.

Over the following years, he gradually expanded the company. It was the desire to improve recognition of their product that drove Carl to register the KNIPEX brand name. It was officially registered in Germany in 1947. 

Are KNIPEX tools made in the USA?

All KNIPEX tools are made in Germany. In fact, all the products are created in one factory, which is based in Wuppertal. By being located in one place and controlling almost every step of the process, the company is certain of the quality of its products and is able to regularly improve both the tools and the production process.

There are currently no plans to change this arrangement and produce their tools anywhere other than Germany. However, they will continue to supply tools globally. 

How good are KNIPEX tools?

There is no doubt that this brand's tools are worth the money, as they are forged from high-quality steel. Their tools are an investment that lasts for life. In fact, they have a very high lifetime and do not get ruined easily.

But the real answer to the question “what makes KNIPEX special?” is that its tools are multipurpose. Every tool is designed for a specific purpose, but it can also perform a variety of other roles. In short, you’re not just getting one tool, you’re getting several. They are durable and built to withstand abuse. The versatility, performance and state-of-the-art technology of its products make this brand far better than its competitors.

Naturally, there are some good competitors, leading you to ask yourself: “is KNIPEX better than Klein?”. The general consensus is that Klein has a greater range of crimping options, but that KNIPEX crimpers have a larger service area, which means they do a better job. Both are shaped like needle-nose pliers mixed with electrician's pliers, but the wider surface area proves much more useful. For this reason, it is arguable that KNIPEX is the better choice.

Another common comparison or question is: “is KNIPEX better than channel lock?”. The short answer is yes as it has a more comfortable grip and the handle stays in place more effectively. Alongside this, many professionals prefer water pump pliers because they clamp and grip better, are easy to adjust, and have a thin profile.

In conclusion, this brand's tools are worth it because they last longer than any other tool on the market. They are durable and hold their shape and gripping strength much better than other brands. 

What are KNIPEX tools made of?

All KNIPEX pliers are made with 8 different types of steel. It’s worth noting that some of these steels have been patented to protect the production process. The steel used by the brand is precisely hardened and has chromium and vanadium in the metal, as well as 0.8% carbon. The factory uses approximately 600 tons of steel a month although some other products don’t use steel. Magnesium, fibreglass, and even resin are used in a variety of products, such as crimps and strippers.

Top KNIPEX tools that you need

You’ve probably already heard of KNIPEX and don’t need to ask what it is known for. But, in case you do, it is best known as a manufacturer of pliers. However, the brand also creates first-class wire strippers, dismantling tools, crimpers, tool bags and cases, cable connectors, and tool kits.

If you’re ready to purchase a tool then you need to check out the following ones, they are all great options and will make your life easier:

  • Universal pliers 08 22 145: can be used when working in tight spaces due to the slim head design and sharp jaws;
  • Cobra pliers 87 01 250: are a must for all pliers’ lovers. They feature a V-jaw design that allows you to grip fasteners tightly and firmly;
  • Pliers wrench 86 03 250: these combine pliers and wrench in one tool. From gripping and holding to pressing and bending uses, there is almost nothing that wrench pliers can't do;
  • Cutter 73 02 160: cuts the thinnest wires, as well as multiple cables and piano strands. It has high cutting performance with minimal effort due to the optimal coordination of cutting angle and transmission ratio;
  • Pipe cutter 90 31 02: allows you to cut pipes like never before: faster, easier and more precise pipe cutting. In fact, only one hand is needed to push the cutting wheel;
  • Pliers for electrical installations 13 96 200: are multifunctional pliers, which allow electrical installation, grasping flat and round material, but also bending, deburring, cutting cables, and stripping;
  • Big twin toolbox 98 99 15: is a tool case made of sturdy ABS plastic in red safety color, which is equipped with a complete set of tools for working on systems,
  • Circlip pliers set 00 20 03 SB: is a set of very high-performance precision circlip snap-ring pliers.

These are just some of the products in the impressive brand's range, you will certainly find the right tool for you. 

Are KNIPEX side cutters good?

KNIPEX diagonal cutters, like the 72 51 160 for fibre optics or the 72 02 125 for plastics, offer consistently high cutting performance, even after many years of use. In addition to high-quality forged parts made of vanadium electric steel, the brand's most important quality criteria include precise machining of tool steel made in Germany.

What is the difference between KNIPEX Colours?

Many people often ask “What is the difference between the blue and red and the red and yellow handles?” The blue and red handles are two-component, more comfortable to use than immersion handles, as well as insulated against both hot and cold temperatures; making them more enjoyable to use in adverse conditions. The red and yellow handle indicate 1000V insulated tools, properly tested according to existing standards. Therefore, if you are wondering “Are blue and red KNIPEX insulated?”, the short answer is no. The red and blue handles are NOT 1000 V rated insulated and must be used exclusively for non-voltage applications. For a safe working experience, it is strongly recommended to avoid using these tools on live equipment.

What do KNIPEX numbers mean?

This is a question fairly asked by customers. The first couple of numbers stand for the model. For example: 87 is for Cobra pliers. The third number states the style of the tool. Regarding long-nose pliers, for example, 1 indicates the flat jaw, 2 the half jaw, and 3 the round jaw. Then, the fourth number represents the type of the finish (atramentized black or shiny chrome) of the head and handle. The fifth, sixth and seventh numbers indicate the item’s length. For instance, 180 means the total length of 180 mm.

What does SB mean on KNIPEX?

Many of the brand's tools bear the SB inscription, which stands for “Selbstbedienungsverpackung”. This is an expression in German for self-service packaging. In such cases, the tool comes with a plastic hook to hang from a wire shelf. 

KNIPEX pliers

The brand is known across the globe for its high-quality pliers. If you’re in the market for a pliers set or even a specific size, such as the pliers 180mm, then you need to take a look at their range. The quality of construction and commitment to premium products means you’re getting the best available, whether you want the KNIPEX pliers in small, XS, or any other variant. 

If you are wondering whether KNIPEX produces the best pliers, then try a pair for yourself. Every product made by the company is made of the brand's patented steel. It’s not just high-quality, it is a result of hours of research, development, and innovation.  

When asked what is different about this manufacturer's pliers, the answer is that they are made of the highest possible quality, have been thoroughly researched and are backed by reliable guarantees. You will not find better pliers on the market. 

What are KNIPEX pliers used for? Anyone who has worked around the house, garden, or even on a vehicle will know there is a time when you need a pair of pliers. Pliers are useful in almost every scenario. This includes gripping things, twisting wires, and even cutting.  

But, to ensure they do what you need them to, you need a professional designed high-quality tool. That’s why people turn to this producer because they are the right answer when you need a professional, high-quality tool that will last. 

KNIPEX pliers Wrench

Knipex Plier Wrench

The KNIPEX pliers wrench is a single tool designed to replace a combination set of wrenches. It acts as a set of pliers. But, it's also adjustable, allowing you to clamp on a variety of different size pipes and nuts. 

You can buy a pliers wrench set, to have the right size tool available when you need it. There are a variety of pliers wrench sizes worth considering:

How to sharpen KNIPEX pliers?

Even the highest quality pliers will eventually lose their sharpness. The speed at which this happens depends on the quality of the pliers and what they are used for.

Once the pliers are blunted, they won’t grip as effectively, leading to you questioning whether they can be sharpened. You’ll find plenty of guides telling you how to sharpen pliers at home. However, before you start, remember that KNIPEX pliers are high-quality and designed for precision. If you sharpen them at home, it is likely you’ll damage the geometry of the pliers, rendering them less precise.

In short, if you want to sharpen your KNIPEX pliers it is advisable to ask your local dealer. They can advise if it is possible, viable, and do it for you.

What is KNIPEX Cobra?

Knipex Cobra

The KNIPEX Cobra is designed to be extremely comfortable and adjustable, allowing it to be used in multiple applications. It’s specifically designed to work with pipes and nuts. But the best feature is the self-locking facility. 

Alongside its locking ability, this KNIPEX best seller has a unique button adjustment. This ensures snugness on any pipe or nut at the touch of a button. This, combined with the self-locking feature makes the Cobra family an invaluable addition to any tool kit. 

There are a range of sizes in the cobra set:

  • KNIPEX cobra XXL - 300mm (87 02 300)
  • KNIPEX cobra XL - 250mm (87 11 250)
  • KNIPEX cobra L - 180mm (87 02 180)
  • KNIPEX cobra XS -150mm (87 01 150)
  • KNIPEX cobra mini – 125mm (87 03 125)

If you’re debating if KNIPEX cobra is worth it, then try one today. Purchasing a set will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. To make your choice easier, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

What is the maximum jaw capacity for the Cobra XS? The cobra XS is designed to grip anything up to 1” wide, that's 24mm. If you regularly grip things larger than this, you’ll need a larger set of pliers;

What is the difference between alligator and cobra pliers? The brand offers alligator and cobra pliers, both of which perform a similar job. However, cobra pliers can be adjusted by pushing a button, alligator pliers need to be adjusted via the hinged slip joint. This can make it more difficult to do one-handed. Both are high-quality, durable and made as precision tools. It is worth noting that the brand offers four sizes of alligator pliers and an impressive eight different sizes of cobra pliers. That makes the cobra a more versatile and easier to use option.   

What are KNIPEX cobra used for?

The Cobra pliers can be used in many ways, such as for pipes, nuts, and sleeves, for various types of workpieces. They came into existence in 1984 and have become one of their best sellers. The reasons for this are the ease of use and the durability of these pliers.

Push the button on the pliers and the grips will adjust automatically. It then self-locks into position, allowing you to tighten, cut, or do anything else you need to. 

What are the smallest KNIPEX pliers?

Knipex Cobra XS

Characterized by a length of only 100 mm, The KNIPEX Cobra XS (87 00 100) is the smallest, self-locking water pump pliers in the world with full functional capacity. Its compact, resistant structure, combined with its slim head ensures a firm, solid grip even in the tightest spaces. Moreover, these pliers can be easily used with one hand. Furthermore, the handles are left uncoated to keep them as thin as possible. To provide a tight grip, they are textured on the outside. This model is also equipped with a box joint, a double guide that provides superior longevity. The gripping surfaces feature specially hardened teeth with a hardness of about 60 HRC. 

What is the width of the KNIPEX Cobra XS? It is able to grip nuts up to 24 mm and other components up to Ø 28 mm. This is amazing, considering the length of these pliers!

Where to buy KNIPEX?

If you want to ensure you get a genuine KNIPEX product and the associated warranties, then you need to purchase from an authorized dealer. All products are manufactured in Germany, but they have authorized dealers across the globe. This will allow you to feel the quality before you buy. 

Visit our catalogue of KNIPEX tools online and you can have the tool of your choice delivered to your home in a surprisingly short time.

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