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Published : 09/20/2018 12:09:38

In the previous article Mister Worker tried to help you understand which caliper you should use. Now it’s time to explain to you how to use different kinds of this tool and how to read them: each type has its own features, so you have to choose the one you think is the best for the measurements you need to take. The best model is the digital one, no doubt. It’s extremely accurate and easy to use, but a lot of professional workers do prefer to use vernier or dial ones. 

How to use a caliper

With a caliper you can measure outside dimensions, inside dimensions and depth: all you have to do is simply put the jaws against the object you need to measure, based on the measure you need to take. Then, you can read the measurement on the scale or on the display, depending on the kind of calipers you’re using.

Depending on the measurement you need to make, the caliper can have different features:

  • External measurements: it has two jaws designed to be tight against the outer walls of the object.
  • Internal measurements: it has two jaws designed to measure the distance between the inner walls of an object.
  • Depth: it has a rod designed to go all the way down a hole and then measure its depth.
  • Universal: it is equipped with a combination of jaws designed to make multiple measurements.

Now, let’s see in detail how to read a caliper!

Calipers features | Mr. Worker™

  • How to read a vernier caliper

After you slide the jaws against the object you want to measure (use the larger jaws for outside measurements and the smaller jaws for inside measurements), you can read the main scale where it lines up with the zero. Then, you have to read the vernier scale, by finding the first mark on the vernier scale that lines up perfectly with any line on the main scale: this is the value of the additional digits. At the end you need to sum up the main scale and the vernier scale to get the final measurement: you only have to make sure you are using the correct units on each scale. It basically works like a ruler!

  • How to read a dial caliper

First of all, close the jaws, loosen the bezel nut and set the dial needle to zero before tightening the bezel nut. Then, you can start taking any measurements as do with a vernier caliper: the only difference is that you need to take note of the values you read on the main scale and on the dial scale, and then sum them up to have the final measurements. Note: to get the correct measurement, you need to multiply by .001 all the numbers you read on the dial indicator.

  • How to use a digital caliper

These are the perfect tools when you need to take extremely accurate measurements, specially on small objects. First of all, before taking any measurement, you need to zero the tool, so that you are sure to take exact measurements. Then you can start using it to measure thickness or depth dimensions like a classic caliper: you can read the measurements directly on the display and store it in the calipers memory.

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