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What are the containers for the best tools to use on site? And which aspects should you keep in mind when choosing a tool organizer? In short, how do you choose a toolbox? I hear these questions too often, so I want to try to answer them in the most exhaustive way possible.

I particularly care about highlighting what you should look for in order to effectively organize and store your work equipment, providing you with useful tips on the products best suited to your needs and the tools you need. But let's go in order.


The first thing to consider when looking for a toolbox solution on site is certainly transportability, regardless of the size of the containers you are looking for. Trolleys for dragging tools are therefore an ideal solution to facilitate the movement of your professional equipment: be it trolleys for tools, tool bags or classic toolboxes (in this case you will make your choice according to the specific needs of the tasks you carry out), having easily available transportable solutions is essential, so when you are looking for the tool holder system that's right for you, carefully evaluate this feature. Transportability means ease of movement: so it  is essential to opt for guaranteed transportability, especially when you choose large and very spacious tool holders, such as tubs or trolleys, these should be equipped with large, strong and durable wheels, able to guarantee maximum stability even on uneven surfaces, such as those that characterize an operating shipyard or not-easily-accessible places. To ensure transport comfort, it is essential that your tool holders are equipped with durable and comfortable handles, belts and hooks. In fact, it is not always possible to drag one's work equipment; when it isn’t you must have a toolholder with hooks and handles of high performance: resistant even when heavy loads are transported, comfortable and easy to handle.


Speaking of, the Stanley Discovery Team designed the Fatmax 1-94-850 mobile toolbox. This large container has a capacity of up to 113 liters. Maximum comfort and practical transport is guaranteed by a large pull-out handle. In addition, the large wheels are made of polyethylene: they are eternal and make your equipment a real 4X4, allowing you to transport it in workplaces with uneven floors, both up and down the stairs!

The Stanley Fatmax tool box is super robust and durable, has a load capacity of up to 50 kg and is equipped with a lockable safety lock with key (supplied). This way, access to your equipment will always be guaranteed only to those previously authorized by you.

Furthermore, a special seal between the tank and the cover guarantees protection to your internal equipment, keeping it away from dirt and moisture. The interior space is also organized in such a way that provides maximum practicality and capacity; in fact, it is possible to hook the saw and the inner part of the cover level to the cover, there are vertical housings, ideal for quick access to vertical tools such as hammers for finishes, chisels or screwdrivers.

The grooved cover has been designed to provide a stable and robust support for cutting pipes. Finally, it is equipped with a rear handle for lifting the tank (2 people required). As you see, this solution is excellent for anyone looking for a reliable and safe container. Along the same lines, Dewalt has also moved with the Tough System, a cutting-edge tool system that offers all the convenience of an entirely modular system.


The Tough System, developed by DeWALT, is entirely customizable. For example, the tool holder system DeWalt Toughsystem 1-70-349 consists of a highly resistant metal trolley, with large wheels ideal for transport in rough places (see above) and that, once all the tool holder boxes have been removed, turns into a convenient work cart. Through appropriate hooks that ensure stability, Tough System cassettes, available in different formats, can be hooked to the trolley. There is a small-sized case organizer with pull-out trays and tip holders, or a medium-sized and large toolbox, and finally the tool basket. All cassettes are extremely robust, since they are made of high density polyethylene, they are equipped with metal hinges and a gasket that protects the contents from external agents. In addition, they are all provided with a buttonhole to which you can attach a lock to safely lock in the contents. Not only that, also all the boxes attached to the trolley can be secured with a lock that prevents their removal.

The tool trolley can be composed in different ways to adapt to everyone's needs; for example, you can compose 5 small cassettes, 2 large cassettes, 3 medium or 2 medium cassettes and a basket or even a small, medium and large cassette.


There are cases in which the best choice is a tool bag, because it allows you to always carry all the manual tools that you need in the workplace: it is the ideal solution even for those working on the construction site, as it is very convenient to keep on the shoulder even while carrying heavy and bulky tool baskets. The USAG 007 V tool bag is the perfect example: produced with a special high-strength fabric, it has a rigid water-resistant base and can therefore be placed in different environments without damaging the exterior or the contents. It is equipped with practical internal compartments to keep the tools tidy, and a front pocket designed to hold saws or sharp tools. The shoulder strap is durable and padded, to make it more comfortable.


Another feature to watch out for is the capacity of the tool carrier we are looking for. Being able to store tools in smaller spaces is certainly a winning advantage for a tool organizer. Clearly we will turn ourselves to tool boxes with a greater or lesser size depending on our specific needs, but, once we have chosen the product we need (a tool holder, a bowl or a tool trolley) it is good to consider the capacity of the container that we have chosen and the what offers us in terms of arranging our equipment in the most appropriate way for our purposes and our habits.

In this regard, many Stanley and DeWalt containers give the possibility to customize the interior space to the maximum, to adapt it to their needs. In fact, each job requires specific work tools and each professional needs to organize his own tools in the way he feels most comfortable and according to the job he has to do. The possibility of reorganizing the interior spaces through separators that can be easily arranged in different combinations is a convenience that should not be underestimated, which can facilitate and speed up the work: our tools will always be in the place where we have decided to place them, not bad as a starting point!

In this context, for example, the Stanley Click and Connect system was designed. The interior space of this toolbox is completely customizable, because removable separators allow you to compose the space in a new way to meet all work needs and the different ways in which to organize your workstation.

The T Stack DeWalt cases provide different compartments for small parts and larger tools to better fit your work equipment. Moreover, these containers can be modulated thanks to lateral hooking hinges and can therefore be assembled and connected in different ways, meeting everyone’s needs.

Even the USAG tool cases, such as the 001 MV, have removable panels with tool pockets, ideal to keep every tool at hand, a lower compartment with movable dividers, to better organize the space and a practical document holding compartment, useful for keeping sheets and various papers in order. Moreover, many USAG bags, trolleys and backpacks in addition to the various compartments for storing the tools and, in addition to the aforementioned document pocket, are also equipped with a practical space for safely storing your laptop.


Always with the aim of optimizing the tool organizers efficiency and effectiveness, the new generation of professional tool holders have been designed to guarantee quick access to the tools, in order to reach the instrumentation we need even during the work, when we probably have an already full hand.

For example, the Stanley metal cases allow you to transport, open the cassette and access the content with one hand, thus facilitating operations during work. Also, the Stanley tool bags are equipped with external pockets that allow you to always have the tools and accessories that you use the most at hand. Not only that, but to guarantee rapid access, the T Stack DeWalt containers and the Stanley Fatmax cassettes are equipped with removable drawers, tool holders or tip-on-lid systems to guarantee an effective division of the accessories and to make them always readily available.


Resistance and strength of our tooling systems are extremely important on the one hand because, as is obvious, when we make an investment for our professional equipment, we claim to have a reliable, durable and long-lasting product. On the other hand it is essential that the tool holders we choose guarantee maximum protection for the tools they contain. The optimal external structure must therefore be very sturdy and impact resistant to protect the internal contents from blows or various casks, but must also guarantee protection against dust, water and humidity, which penetrating into our containers can severely damage our tools and especially our power tools, therefore pay attention to this aspect as well: our tool organizers must be waterproof, resistant to water and weather and equipped with all the appropriate protections to avoid damage to the contents and to ensure the integrity of our work equipment. Finally, strong hinges must guarantee maximum structure sturdiness and integrity even in the event of violent shocks or falls.


Here we are now at the last point I would like to consider, which isn’t however less important; we are talking about security. An optimal toolbox must ensure that its content is properly guarded, protected and kept safe from theft and tampering. Especially in a building site it is very easy to lose sight of your equipment, so protecting our work equipment is essential. To do this we need great care and caution in handling and storing our tools, but also we need systems equipped with hooks and protections that make the content accessible only to those in duty. In fact, it is good to avoid that our tools are handled by those who could make an improper use, such as children or teenagers, or criminals determined to tamper with our equipment. To overcome these unpleasant problems, various solutions have been studied. DeWALT systems are equipped with specific slots to which you can attach locks, Stanley has instead studied alarmed tool systems to which you can access through a code. Furthermore, the innovative Stanley access recording system can be used as a lock. It is a fully programmable electronic lock to open at pre-established times and also guarantees access to those with special tags.

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