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Nowadays, online shopping has for many become a habit, almost a breeze. In fact, more and more Italians are turning to the web to make their purchases, they know the rights of consumers and what is right for them after an online purchase and are also increasingly turning to prepayments or online payments. However, there are some products that for many are difficult to choose online: among these there are ladders, both for home and for work.

Whether we consider indoor or outdoor ladders, buying ladders online can be a strenuous task for many, as they would rather seeing the product directly, understanding its strength and also its actual size. All these concerns are understandable, above all because, considering the prices of good quality ladders and the costs of shipments that are often substantial, buying ladders or other elevation systems such as scaffolding is quite burdensome. In fact, the shipping costs are calculated on the basis of the volumetric weight of the object to be shipped and the ladders and scaffolding are generally bulky and heavy.

However, an online purchase of ladders or scaffolding also has many positive aspects that should not be underestimated and that I would like to summarize below. In fact, buying on the Internet is very convenient because you can make a purchase at any time, wherever you are and because it allows you to deliver the goods directly to your preferred address, without the inconvenience of having to go out to get the products you need. This advantage is even greater if the purchased goods are particularly bulky and cumbersome, as it is for ladders: not everyone, in fact, have the adequate means to transport bulky products to their home.

This is why buying ladders online is a win-win solution, so we would like to provide you with useful information on how to safely buy ladders online.


The answer to this question is perhaps quite trivial: you have to choose the ladder according to your needs or rather to its intended use. In fact, starting from these considerations we will have the opportunity to collect all the data we need to understand which ladder is right for us. The fundamental data that we have to collect are: what we must reach, can we choose a single ladder (which always needs a wall support), or if we necessarily need a double ladder that stands alone.

Depending on the type of work we are going to do, therefore, we will approach different ladder models. For example, we will examine some work requirements below, suggesting for each which ladder would be more appropriate. I hope that this way you can find the ladder model that best suits your needs.

  • Double ladder: ideal for small and large domestic work

If you need ladders to work at home, to carry out small or large domestic maintenance work and cleaning or to carry out gardening or outdoor maintenance work, without needing to reach great heights, a double ladder or home ladder is what you need.

The double ladders on the market are available in different sizes. You can find home ladders with 3 or even up to 8 or 12 steps. The former allows you to reach a working height of about 2.50 meters; with 8 steps you can reach up to 3.80 m, and with a 12 step ladder you will reach up to 4.81 m.

The advantage of a double ladder is to provide a solid structure, provided with a supporting trunk, which allows you to reach high points without having to find a wall support. In addition, the double ladders are equipped with a steel platform and a guardrail (often provided with a tool tray and bucket-holder hook) that allow to reach the maximum height of the ladder in complete safety, ensuring great stability and comfort even while working in elevation.

For domestic use it is therefore advisable to opt for double ladders. The models available on the market are many, but always choose a sturdy aluminum ladder, with non-slip knurled steps and with a width of more than 10 cm to ensure comfort during use and great safety since you will always have the foot well supported, avoiding dangerous loss of balance or slips. Make sure the joints of the ladder are made of steel and that they are super resistant, but above all, make sure that the ladders are EN131 certified, only this way you will be really sure that you purchased the ideal product.

  • Telescopic ladders and extension ladders for greater heights

However, those who need to work at greater heights, but do not want to give up the sturdiness and comfort of a self-supporting structure, can turn to extension or telescopic ladders. In fact these too are double ladders, and thus do not require additional support to stand.

Telescopic ladders often reach over 8 m in height. The main advantage of extension or telescopic ladders is that they are not only able to lengthen, reaching the aforementioned height, but also (and above all), being retractable, can be collapsed to store when not used. This makes them less cumbersome, and more easily carried.

In addition, some telescopic ladders, such as those in the picture, can be positioned in different ways according to your needs. In fact, it is possible to use it as a double ladder either by maintaining the initial opening, or by lengthening the uprights of the ladder, in order to increase the working height. It is also possible to extend the post in an asymmetrical way to adapt the ladder to the work surfaces and to always be in optimal conditions during all work phases. Finally, it is possible to completely open the ladder to use it in its maximum extension as a single ladder.

The extension ladders allow you to reach 7-8 m in height. There are also triple convertible ladders that reach up to 9 m in height. The extension ladder consists of two or three pieces that can be adjusted according to the heights you need to reach and to specific work needs. They are more cumbersome than telescopic ladders, but generally allow to reach higher heights.

Despite their differences, however, we can consider both retractable or telescopic ladders and extension ladders as ideal for small or large maintenance work: both in indoor environments with rather high ceilings, such as hangars, churches or old houses, and for outdoor sites where you may need to reach considerable heights and have the space to open a double ladder.

  • The great practicality of single ladders

Single ladders have the great advantage of being generally lighter and less cumbersome compared to double ladders, both during transport and during work, since they lean on a wall, they require less space for opening. To use them optimally, they must be placed in a frontal position and directly on the work surface. Simple single ladders generally have a working height of around 5-6 m and are ideal for interiors with very high ceilings or for exteriors. The single extension ladders, on the other hand, are ideal for outdoor environments and allow you to reach even higher heights, up to 13 m. The latter is, in general, the ladder model that allows you to climb more and carry out work at higher heights. Also for this reason, they are less stable than the double ladders and you need to pay much more attention during their use.

For those who do not have particular needs such as great heights to reach and a reduced maneuvering space, my advice is to turn to double ladders: even if they are heavier, they guarantee great stability and excellent comfort during use.

Finally, I would like to mention two types of ladders that are ideal especially for professional use in warehouses or deposits: bunk ladders. Ladders equipped with maximum comfort of use with steps up to 20 cm wide, body guard and ergonomic handrail that allow you to work in complete safety and comfort even in height.


First of all, always contact known and certified brands. Safety is a serious business, especially when dealing with elevation systems. Make sure that the brand you choose complies with Legislative Decree no. April 09, 2008 n. 81 "Consolidated Law on Security", which brings together all the provisions on safety and health in the workplace provided for by Italian legislation. Check that the products you are interested in are provided with a Certificate of Conformity, this guarantees that an official certification body has tested the reliability of the product itself. These certifications will guarantee that the products you are choosing are safe, resistant and completely reliable, even if you can not touch the ladder in question.

How to recognize a regularly certified product?

Verify that there is a label on which are reported:

  • Manufacturer or distributor name
  • Product type description
  • Useful instructions for correct use
  • Maximum height in use
  • Number of steps or pegs
  • Month and year of manufacture
  • Maximum capacity
  • Product weight
  • Reference legislation

Check that the user and maintenance manual is included: this allows for a correct and safe use of the product.

Request the Manufacturer's Certificate of Conformity to verify that the product meets the  current regulations. Each certificate is numbered: you can then verify its authenticity by reporting to the qualified bodies the number of Certificate of Conformity of the product.

Gierre is a company that really cares about the regulations on Occupational Safety in force. This is why all Gierre ladders are subject to strict controls thanks to which they can be certified EN131. Safety and reliability are two fundamental elements in Gierre production. In fact, this company always updates the production standards according to the regulations in force. Read here the latest updates to EN131 regarding safety in the use of Ladders. Do as we do: only trust certified and reliable producers like Gierre.

Hopefully this information has been useful to convince you that even professional ladders can easily be purchased online. Just a few simple precautions are needed to make a purchase that meets your needs and all the necessary safety and reliability requirements. In case you still have doubts, remember that you can contact the service center, we will be happy to answer your doubts or concerns!

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