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When you approach the online purchase of professional equipment, you need to have very clear ideas about what you need. Among the various categories of products, scaffolding  and mobile access towers are  certainly two of the most difficult to buy on the web. These are voluminous pieces of equipment, to be chosen with care: safety and intended use must be taken into consideration. It's not an easy task, that's why we are here today to help you understand how to buy a scaffold on the internet.


First of all, in order to choose the most suitable model you should keep in mind the intended use. Buying a customized mobile scaffolding is the basis for a precise and highly professional job. The first thing to do is establish the maximum working height you need: there are scaffolding of many measurements and sizes, from the smallest ones usually used to paint modestly high walls, to mobile towers used to work on large buildings and for considerable heights. On the market, there are also some convenient scaffolding risers, designed to be mounted on top to reach higher heights: they are an excellent choice especially for those who need to work at different heights but do not want to commit to buying a mobile access tower, certainly more cumbersome and definitely more expensive.

Secondly, you must carefully study the ground on which the scaffold will be placed to perform the work. If it is a flat surface, such as concrete, you can rest assured: all the scaffolding are equipped with very resistant anti-slip feet, which are fixed perfectly to the ground. If, on the other hand, it is an uneven ground, you must equip yourself with leveling devices and make sure that they are compatible with your scaffolding model: these are used to stabilize the support even on dirt or gravel, making the work safe.

Another element to take into consideration is the scaffolding material. If you are working in a safe and low-risk environment, it is best to choose an aluminum scaffolding. An excellent example is the  Gierre Clip Rapido 100 Scaffolding, in lightweight anti-rust aluminum: it has a practical patented quick-coupling system, designed to allow easy and quick assembly, and the shaped aluminum tubular structure guarantees maximum stability. On the market there are also iron and steel scaffoldings, which resist very well to shocks but are heavier and less resistant to rust: they are chosen especially when they have to carry out large works on construction sites, and are usually treated with special anti-rust paints to ensure maximum durability and strength.

The last factor to consider when choosing a mobile scaffolding is storage and transportation needs: what is the use of a large scaffold, if not a giant mobile tower, if you do not have the means to move it or the space to keep it sheltered? Although it may seem obvious, it is an element that many often forget to take into account, then finding themselves with a too cumbersome and therefore unusable equipment.

The presence of safety certifications is also fundamental: if they are not reported in the technical data sheet, it is always advisable to contact the manufacturer for details. All Gierre mobile scaffoldings and mobile towers on our website are sold with the corresponding safety certificates, to guarantee maximum professionalism.


At this point, we are left with just one more element to analyze: what differentiates a mobile tower from a scaffold? A mobile tower should be chosen if you need to work at greater heights, but also when you need to set up a construction site. This is a highly professional mobile scaffolding, designed to ensure maximum stability even under unfavorable weather conditions: the Eurodeck platforms are reinforced by a metal structure, as well as being anti-slip and equipped with practical hatches to move from a floor to the other; the wheels have a braking system that blocks them completely, guaranteeing 100% safety and stability. In short, if a scaffolding can be used both professionally and for personal projects, a mobile tower is designed exclusively for large jobs in construction sites and similar situations. The most popular on our site is the Gierre PRO TA900 Mobile Tower, equipped with a modular structure with light aluminum elements and pluggable risers, adjustable stabilizers and quick locking of the stabilizing arms. A faithful and secure ally to carry out a highly professional work.

In the Mister Worker™ catalog you will find these and other mobile scaffolding, of various sizes and different materials, all equipped with a regular safety certificate according to European standards.

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