Published : 10/31/2022 15:10:29
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Knipex Cobra XS XMAS Edition

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a tool enthusiast in your life?

Here you can find the ideal solution! Discover the Limited edition - KNIPEX Cobra® XS Water Pump Pliers in XMAS PROMOTION BOX and get prepared for the surprise reaction!

This fantastic limited edition plier is not only the best gift you can possibly find, but it is a very indispensable, performative and useful tool. Professionals from all over the world use the Knipex Cobra XS in order to grip surfaces of small objects and pumps. It is perfect to work on confined spaces and to operate on the most difficult to reach parts.

The KNIPEX 87 00 100 XMAS set contains the popular 100 mm / 4“ KNIPEX Cobra® XS Water Pump pliers in a custom KNIPEX metal ornament. The tool features 11 adjustment positions, 24 mm / 1“ jaw capacity and one-handed quick adjustment.

Some of the features of this fantastic pliers are the following: a gripping capacity of Ø 28 mm, width across flats up to 24 mm – at only 100 mm length, high quality and durability provided by dual guide.

The KNIPEX Cobra®’s serration jaws make it ideal to hold, turn, squeeze and rotate irregularly shaped objects of different shapes and sizes. The jaws’ hardened teeth hardness is of approx. 60 HRC.

In addition, this plier has a self-locking capacity to avoid the slipping on the workpiece and to avoid excessive hand stress.

Discover the limited edition KNIPEX Cobra® XS Water Pump Pliers in XMAS festive BOX, buy it before Christmas and have it shipped to you anywhere in the world!

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