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Published : 01/8/2019 10:49:32
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The Facom brand is an excellence in hand tools: with more than one hundred years of history, in 1983 it became the first brand in Europe for hand tools, and the third worldwide. In this article, Mister Worker™ provides an overview onFacom Special Tools, such as Explosion-proof (or Spark-proof), Fluorescent, RFID and SLS tools. Discover in this guide the quality and the use of the first choice tools of this well-known French brand.

Facom Fluorescent Tools

Ideal for working in dark or poorly lit areas, Facom fluorescent tools can be detected from 5 metres away with their fluorescence, which can be activated by a lamp or by an ultraviolet neon. The Facom catalogue proposal includes practical and ergonomic tools for all uses: screwdrivers and sockets, fluo wrenches, tape measures and feelers, hammers and pliers. In addition to fluorescence, these instruments are characterized by a steel body, highly alloyed with chrome vanadium, which makes them extremely resistant to accidental falls, even on hard surfaces. Frequently used in the aeronautical sector, fluorescent tools are also distinguished by a very evident colour code that allows detection even in broad daylight. In addition, the visibility of these tools prevents the risk of loss, work difficulties and injury.

From an ergonomic point of view, they are exactly the same as traditional tools, with the same grip: they are characterized only by fluorescence and material. The general benefits of using fluorescent tools include improved productivity and reduced costs: they are easier to track and identify, they are compatible with the storage modules in the workshop trolleys, and they are easier to clean. It is more unusual to lose these tools, which reduces overall costs. One of the most successful tools in the Mister Worker™ catalogue is the Facom Protwist 1000V fluo insulated screwdriver , ideal for electrotechnical work: detectable up to 5 metres, it has a special focus on safety. At the end of each manufacturing cycle, each screwdriver is individually tested at 10,000 volts for 10 seconds. The screwdriver blade is covered with an insulated sheath that can withstand voltages of up to 1,000 volts. Also worth mentioning is the excellent ergonomic bimaterial handle, resistant to impacts, abrasions and chemicals.

Fluorescent Tools Facom

Explosion Proof Tools: what are they and how to use them?

What are the Facom non-sparking tools (or explosion-proof tools)? These tools are the result of work requirements in areas with a risk of ignition or explosion, for example on an oil platform: the fall of a traditional tool could generate sparks that would endanger the safety of the working environment and professionals. This is due to the material, generally steel alloys. It is therefore necessary to use tools made of other metals, such as bronze or brass, or copper and beryllium alloys (as in the case of Facom's non-sparking tools), or Monel, an alloy of copper and nickel. These materials have lower traction resistance than conventional tools, with faster consumption, but are ideal for protection in high-risk environments. In fact, these tools generate cold, low heat sparks, preventing the risk of fire and explosion. Facom's special explosion-proof tools are also made of a special alloy of copper and beryllium, which provides superior mechanical properties compared to other alloys offered by the sector, for example Aluminium-Bronze.

Facom Explosion Proof tools are non-magnetic, suitable for use in flammable or explosive environments: for example, in the mining industry, oil and gas extraction, refineries and petrochemical industry, maintenance of oil and gas pipelines, power generation, but also in shipyards and aeronautical sites. All areas in which traditional steel instrumentation is unsuitable, due to shocks, rubbing or falls that could generate sparks.

In order to make the best use of a non-sparking tool, it is essential to clean it carefully: the equipment must be devoid of rust and ferrous contaminants. Also, it should be kept in mind that explosion-proof tools are not enough to protect you from an outbreak: you need suitable clothing and materials, gloves and protective glasses. It is also necessary to avoid using these instruments in the presence of acetylene, which causes a risk of sparks, and to ensure that the surface temperature of the tool does not exceed the ignition temperature of the current gas. For more information, please refer to our article on Facom explosion-proof tools.

Facom RFID Tools: Radio Frequency Identification

Facom's special tools include the RFID instrument, which means tools with Radio Frequency Identification. These tools can be tracked remotely via an electronic chip encapsulated in each tool. RFID technology uses radio signal emitter propagation technology, so no energy battery is required for these tools. RFID chips are invisible and durable, and effectively protected by an impact resistant shell, which keeps the chip safe against chemicals, drops and bumps. These tools bring several advantages to the work environment, such as workshops: in addition to offering a wide range suitable for all uses, the high quality chips are programmed to be easily traceable and to better manage the work environment. Also note that RFID technology has no effect on the external environment.

By using the RFID Detection Bag you can easily check the status and order of your tools, increasing safety and productivity. It is an independent and mobile container with a capacity of up to 50 tools. Equipped with a screen, keyboard and software with simplified database management, the inventory of tools in the Detection Bag becomes automatic. It is also a practical solution for mobility, being a soft, wheeled bag, and is equipped with a padlock. Every time the bag is opened, closed or moved, an automatic scanning process is started, making it easier to find all your tools and maintain them in order. In short, RFID technology allows your instruments to improve the quality of the entire work system.

RFID Detection Bag

SLS Tools: Safety Lock System

Facom ensures the safety of people working in height with the line of SLS tools: Safety Lock System. These tools are designed to be hooked, with rings and straps, to your safety harness, to make them safe and prevent them from falling. Falling a tool represents a serious risk for the safety of workers and the environment, as well as having financial and productivity repercussions. It is necessary to go looking for the tool, with consequent loss of time and performance.

Facom has designed an ideal solution for this type of work to guarantee work safety at height: the Safety Lock System ring device, with a metal chosen to ensure solidity, resistance to impacts and to extreme temperatures. The rings made by Facom are tested to withstand at least twice the weight of the tool: the French brand assembles the rings in its factories with subjugated presses that guarantee perfect seaming. It is worth highlighting the excellent ergonomics of the Facom solutions: for example, in the case of wrenches, the SLS ring slides from side to side to allow free and practical use both of the fork and the eyelet, as well as the handles of the ratchets are equipped with a handhold to easily attach the carabiner and allow freedom of movement. The adoption of these tools allows you to increase safety, savings and speed of work. The applications of work at height typically take place on oil platforms, in telecommunications, nuclear power plants and in the wind power plants.

Discover Facom Special Tools on Mister Worker™

Facom Special Tools mark a new level of work environment and safety management. As a result of the measures taken by Facom, we can now have safer environments that guarantee greater productivity. Tool tracking becomes easier with RFID technologies and Fluorescent tools, as well as working in high-risk environments, such as oil platforms, must be ensured by solutions such as the use of non-sparking tools and SLS. All these types have a complete catalogue available on Mister Worker™: you can order your special equipment at discounted prices. And if you have any questions, contact us: our customer service is always available!

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