Forbes France appoints Mister Worker™ as High-Interesting Italian Start-Up

Published : 12/12/2018 11:55:48
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Great news: Forbes France appoints Mister Worker™ among the ten most interesting Italian start-ups. A great satisfaction for the whole team, which works really hard on this project and has always believed in this challenge. Mister Worker™ was born from Italian roots but is pursuing its own internationalization project, with a Far East branch in Bangkok, Thailand, and world-wide sales. The article by Forbes France reaches a milestone that is also a starting point in this process of internationalization. But what exactly does the Forbes France article state?

The picture of Mister Worker™ by Forbes France

The editorial staff of Forbes has cleverly reconstructed the profile of Mister Worker™, the online service for the sale of tools and instruments for professionals, a B2B service that offers a wide range of products (more than 35,000!) with very interesting offers and tailor-made solutions for companies. Mister Worker™ was born in 2013 in Italy under the name of Attrezzi&Utensili: in a short time this new player has been able to gain a prominent position in the e-commerce market. The founder, Gianluca Borsotti, with a degree in economics by Bocconi University in Milan, has worked for companies such as Nestlè, Kraft, Walt Disney and Vodafone. Always passionate about Internet and new technologies, in 2006 he founded his first company, eBit Innovation, specializing in the development of e-commerce projects in the areas of design, luxury and entertainment.

Mister Worker Top 10 Italian Start-ups - Forbes

Birth and growth of Mister Worker™

In 2013 Attrezzi&Utensili was born, an e-commerce that was originally distributing only the products of the Italian brand USAG. Since then, it has come a long way, selling today more than 12 major brands. In fact, after the first success of selling USAG tools to professionals, the e-commerce began its expansion by opening an English and a German website. However, while the German market has been more difficult to penetrate, international development has paid off. In the meantime, Mister Worker™'s offer and catalogue grew gradually: in 2015 the Tesa and Terry brands were added and in 2016 DeWalt, Stanley and Gierre joined the list. In the same year a first milestone for the company arrived: the award as Best E-Commerce B2B by Netcomm, "the prize dedicated to Italian excellence in e-commerce". The year 2017 marked a fundamental moment in the history of this e-commerce player: the change of branding, passing from the name of Attrezzi&Utensili to the international name of Mister Worker™, which was suitable for the development of foreign markets. It was also the year of the launch of the Mister Worker™ avatar, created by a designer from Walt Disney, and the launch of a new, large Internet portal. Development on foreign markets continued with sites dedicated exclusively to the Thai, British and American markets. The multitude of brands in the catalogue has grown further, with brands such as Stahlwille, Meclube, FACOM, Annovi Reverberi, Expert and Philips. And it was the year of opening of the branch in Bangkok, Thailand.

Mister Worker™’s Present and Future

Today Mister Worker™ sells tools in more than 90 markets worldwide, going from Guinea to Mongolia and invoicing more than 70% abroad, mainly through its Thai subsidiary. In 2018 also finalised a funding round with AME Ventures. The real advantage of the website is the complete catalogue of products for all the needs of maintenance and repair professionals: workwear, trucks, tools, automotive accessories, electronic equipment, plumbing, lighting, adhesive tapes, ladders, software, storage boxes, just to name a few. Collaborations with brands ranging from the aerospace industry to the fashion industry are growing, reaching large international companies such as Siemens, Ducati, Lufthansa, Versace, Lamborghini, Coca-Cola. The prestige and fame of Mister Worker™ have grown thanks to the choice to distribute only big brands with know-how that is recognized all over the world.

Mister Worker™ has recently focused a lot of energy on making its platform easier and more user-friendly for professionals, getting to create its own logistics software and becoming a key reference in B2B e-commerce of work tools for industry and maintenance. In 2016 it was also recognized as an Innovative PMI by the Italian government. To complete the technological and commercial development of Mister Worker™ there is also attention to the customer: a customer care service tailored to the users of the website, and that earned us the prize as the best Italian customer service assigned by Panorama. Today Mister Worker™ has over 17,000 customers worldwide and is working hard to strengthen its presence in Southeast Asia, a geographical area that seeks the most renowned European tools and instruments. But the service is constantly growing and there is no doubt that important new launches will take place in the near future. For the time being, Mister Worker™ has proven to be a practical and cost-effective solution for business executives and craftsmen ( including mechanics, electricians, plumbers and carpenters), providing high quality products for professional use.

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