Facom tools: all you need to know

Published : 02/10/2023 14:38:30
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Facom tools guide

Facom tools have become some of the best known around the world, and for very good reasons. The company was launched at the end of the First World War and, thanks to the economic situation, grew rapidly. In particular, the company Franco Americaine de Construction d'Outillage Mecanique (Facom) made the smart decision to invest in tools for mechanics. This was just as the automobile's interest and production began to take off.

If you’re a professional or even an amateur mechanic, you’re going to need high-quality tools. The brand offers spanners, screwdrivers, ratchetsimpact drivers, tool boxes, cabinets and bags. Of course, today the brand's product range has been further developed: it also has an extensive range of insulated tools, non-sparking tools and an array of plumbing tools. They even provide workwear as well as tool boxes and bags. 

Who makes Facom tools?

The entire core of the company is made in the corporate factories. Facom is a brand of the multinational Stanley Black & Decker: the world's leading manufacturer of hand and electric tools. Some accessories in the catalogue, such as some car repair tools, are produced by specialists in the sector according to the specifications requested by the firm.

When the company started, there were just ten workers. The business created a small factory in Paris, but this was quickly outgrown as they struck deals for tools with Peugeot and Renault, France’s biggest car companies. The firm was initially handed down through the family, until it was listed on the Paris stock exchange in 1971. In 2010, the brand joined the Stanley Group but continued to make tools according to its standards.

Many customers ask “Who are the owners of Facom?”. We can surely state that the Stanley Black&Decker Group has the ownership of the brand. 

Are Britool and FACOM the same?

It’s worth noting that Britools is often confused with Facom due to their similar tool ranges. The first is an English company that at one point claimed to be the largest tool manufacturer in the world. The two brands merged in 1991 and the French firm continues to produce tools under the Britools name. These tools represent an affordable range of products offered by the company. The products are manufactured using different standards, but are realized by the same company.

The USAG brand is also part of the Stanley Black & Decker group since 1991, but continues to be sold as a distinct brand. This helps to ensure that the tool-making technology is shared throughout the group.

Where are Facom tools made?

Facom tools are made in its factories: four factories are in Europe, but there are also factories in Israel or China. The Stanley Black & Decker group applies the production philosophy of specialization. A production site specializes in the production of certain types of products in order to achieve maximum efficiency with the best possible professionalism. The level of quality, the health and safety conditions of the workers, and the attention to the environment are the same in all factories, regardless of where they are located.

Are Facom tools still made in France? The answer is a definite yes: around 60% of their tools are manufactured across 4 plants located in France. All tools made outside of the main factories (around 35%) must be made to strict guidelines set by the company.

Does Facom make good tools?

Facom produces the best hand tools on the European market, both for functionality and ergonomics. Its tools perform well above the standards set by ISO standards, in terms of precision and mechanical resistance. 

Facom tools are designed to the highest standard possible. The company is very strict about the production process, and this ensures their tools will work for as long as you need them to. To the frequently asked question “Is FACOM a good brand?”, we can answer yes. If you need a well-designed and durable tool, then Facom is an excellent choice. 

Which are Facom’s top products?

The range of Facom tools is impressive. Among the top products there are:

  • Facom combination wrenches 440: compact wrench set, specifically designed to combine compactness and strength and to provide maximum safety for the user;
  • Facom Protwist screwdrivers: perfect for automotive and industrial professionals, who need the best performance;
  • Facom jet workshop trolleys: ultimate tool storage solution, created for greater scratch resistance and firmly held in place with stainless steel screws;
  • Facom R2NANO box: compact and complete set of point metric sockets;
  • , which includes 1/4" flexible head bit holder ratchet, 28 x bits as well as other useful components for carrying out a wide variety of activities;
  • Facom R1PICO 1/4''bit set with compact flex ratchet: an intelligent set that incorporates the ratchet R.180, 15 bits, as well as a socket drive bit.

In general, the entire heart of the brand's range, dedicated to the handling of screws and bolts, is top notch. People often ask “What materials are Facom tools?” They are generally made of chrome-vanadium steel, stainless steel and plastic, which give them strength as well as durability. 

Facom torque wrenches

Facom torque wrenches

The French brand is one of the two leading European manufacturers of torque tools. All torque wrenches are produced in Italy, at the Gemonio (VA) production site.

One of the peculiarities is the depth of range, with 55 models of torque tools, including mechanical and electronic wrenches and screwdrivers; with a torque range that spans from 0.04 Nm up to 2,500 Nm, and for both right and left-hand tightening. Below some models that stand out:

  • The 306 series graduated release torque wrenches are designed and produced to guarantee high accuracy over time even for intensive use. Moreover, an accuracy of +/- 2% at the factory is guaranteed, which is higher than the required one. In addition, the mechanism of these keys is tested to withstand 50,000 tightening cycles, for keys up to 200Nm. They are the most versatile and suitable for any production environment, from electrical engineering to aviation, suitable for right-hand and left-hand tightening;
  • The torque wrenches of the 248 and 446 series without graduated scale are made to work in production areas where the operator is not required to set the key, but the setting is made previously using a torque meter, so that there is no risk. They are compact and light keys for working in small spaces and guaranteeing optimal comfort of use. They are also designed for intensive use and tested to more than 100,000 cycles. These wrenches are suitable for repetitive work, such as on an assembly line;
  • The 200 series large capacity torque wrenches allow tightening torques of up to 2,500Nm to be reached without the aid of torque multipliers, maintaining an accuracy of +/- 4% as required by the Standard. Designed to work at high torques even in small spaces and in noisy environments thanks to the acoustic and light signal when the set torque is reached;
  • The E.306 and E.316 series electronic torque wrenches guarantee an accuracy of +/- 2% over the whole range. These products are simple to set and use, 9 torque values can be set, up to 250 tightenings can be memorized and 4 measurement scales “Nm - lbf.ft - lbf.in - Kg.cm can be used. These models are suitable for tightening vital and important components such as bolts for tightening the heads of internal combustion engines or components of machine tools, etc.

Facom pliers

One of the most essential tools in the brand's range is the plier wrench. This tool can grip as well as any plier while locking around a nut, allowing you to use it as a wrench.

The brand's offer is not limited to just this one product, but also includes an extensive catalogue of adjustable pliers, circlip pliers, combination pliers and much more. 

Facom side cutters

Diagonal cutters are designed like pliers but have sharp cutting edges. These tools are created to easily cut through a wide variety of metal materials, including wire. 

Compared to competitor models, the fulcrum is closer to the cutting edges, this allows to reduce the effort during cutting. The cut pieces are hardened with a localized induction treatment for maximum hardness. The ergonomic and bi-material handles guarantee less strain on the hands. As for the self-locking adjustable pliers, the firm has always set itself these objectives: 

  • safety: guaranteed by the highest quality standards;
  • simplicity: thanks to the patented opening system, which guarantees immediate opening of the pliers with one hand, in order to be quicker and faster in positioning and adjusting the pliers;
  • robustness: because the jaws are forged, to guarantee a powerful clamping without undergoing deformation or wear.

Facom ratchets

This manufacturer's ratchets come in several sizes, but all are made to the same, very high, standards. The ratchet is indispensable to any automotive technician, since it is the better way to remove parts. Once tested, they can be repaired or replaced, the right ratchet makes this much easier. 

Some of the ratchets offered are designed to work at specific angles, allowing access to all the nuts and bolts. 

It should be noted that these ratchets are built with a large number of teeth. This enhances control during tightening, helping to achieve the right pressure. To make sure you have the right ratchet for every occasion, you should add the following tools to your collection:

  • Facom ratchet 3/8: it is a sealed unit. This means that no dust and other contaminants can get into the ratcheting mechanism. As a consequence, the ratchet will last significantly longer. The 3/8 ratchet can be used with 3/8 sockets. It has 72 teeth within the mechanism and uses a rotating cap to change direction. It’s surprisingly small yet efficient and sports a hole in the handle. This allows you to secure the wrench when working at heights. 
  • Facom ratchet set: the brand offers several ratchet sets, including spanners with ratchet heads. Probably the best one for new and experienced technicians is the 1/2-inch extendable ratchet set. It features a standard sealed 1/2-inch wrench with a switch to change direction. There is an extension bar and an array of sockets, ranging from 10mm to 32mm. It’s a set that covers most of your daily automotive needs.
  • Facom ratchet 1/2: the most common 1/2 ratchet is the standard sealed unit. However, a pear-head option is available if required. Both are designed as sealed units to ensure the highest possible performance. They can be used with all 1/2 sockets and, with the right adapter, also with 3/8 sockets. This ratchet also has 72 teeth and can be tightened in 5° increments. The 1/2 ratchet uses a small switch to switch between forward and reverse directions, reducing the possibility of accidentally changing direction during use. 
  • Facom 1/4 ratchet set: comes with a small spanner and a hexagon head screwdriver. The set includes an assortment of screwdriver heads, including cross, flat and hex heads. There is also a set of sockets ranging from 5 to 14 mm. This product is the perfect choice for handling smaller nuts and bolts when access space is limited.

Facom spanners

Facom spanners

FACOM spanners are designed to be durable, precise, and comfortable to use, and are made from high-quality materials such as chrome-vanadium steel.

The company offers several types of spanners, including open-ended spanners, ring spanners, combination spanners, and adjustable spanners. Each type is designed for specific tasks and applications, and they are all manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and accuracy. The brand also provides spanner sets that incorporate a range of different sizes and types of spanners. These sets are an economical and convenient way to build up your tool collection, in addition to being available in various sizes to meet your specific needs.

In general, we can state that FACOM spanners and spanner sets are an excellent choice for your toolkit. They are built to last and will provide you with reliable performance for years to come.

Facom tool boxes and bags

The French manufacturer deals with the production of high-quality, technologically advanced storage solutions as well. Its supplies professionals with a broad spectrum of toolboxes and tool bags designed to be employed in a variety of industries, including automotive, construction, as well as electrical.

FACOM tool boxes are made of durable materials and feature a variety of compartments and trays to keep your tools organized as well as easily accessible. They are available in different types, including metal and plastic boxes, portable boxes with wheels, and stacking boxes that can be configured to meet your needs. The BT.200 tool box is made of a high-quality propylene and metal structure, has a lid on which is possible to place the removable tray, in order to have a complete access to the content.

Tool bags are designed to be carried on-the-go and provide an intelligent way to store, transport your tools. They come in a variety of materials, including canvas or leather, and feature multiple pockets as well as compartments to keep your tools organized and protected. An example is the BS.2SB multi-access tool bag, realized in 1200 denier fabric for enhanced longevity, as well as a better resistance against rips. This bag is equipped with multiple internal and external pockets, for storing a wide diversity of tools and accessories. Furthermore, its ergonomic handle ensures complete comfort during transport.

Regardless of which type of the brand’s tool storage solution you choose, you can be sure that it is built to last and will provide you with reliable performance for years to come.

Do FACOM tools have a lifetime guarantee?

Tested under extreme conditions, FACOM tools enjoy a lifetime free replacement or repair warranty. In addition, a qualified network of distributors is responsible for applying this warranty for you, principally with an immediate standard replacement. Moreover, it is important to point out that the warranty covers the products as long as they are used correctly. The only products uncovered are air tools and power tools, trolleys, cabinets and torque wrenches.

Where to buy Facom tools

It may be easier to ask where you can’t buy this brand's tools. The company has been in existence for many years. As such, it has created a global customer base. You’ll find their products in most automotive stores, DIY stores, and even some of the larger supermarkets. 

Of course, if you prefer you can order online and you’ll find authorised dealers with an extensive catalogue to choose from, for example Mister Worker™ has a huge selection of Facom tools to look through.

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