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Did you purchase a van for your business, and you would like to turn it into a real mobile workshop? In the Mister Worker™ catalog you can find the complete catalog of USAG Matrix modular components, designed to create the perfect setting. Today we want to give you some practical advice on how to set up a van, helping you understand what are the things to absolutely keep in order to be satisfied with the final result.


When buying a work van you must always consider the dimensions of the load compartment, to be chosen after carefully evaluating the intended use. If the van is only  used for transporting objects, buying one with a load compartment that is not too large will be sufficient. But if you intend to work on the van, buying one that has a load compartment with sufficient length, width and height will be essential to make sure you can fit yourself and specific modules for the task you will have to do, such as a workbench and a toolbox.

The vehicle's capacity is also taken into consideration when choosing the work van: the van equipment uses innovative and not too heavy materials, but you must also think about the weight of the work equipment that you will insert into the various modules and which will contribute to raise the total weight of the set-up. Usually, the professional tools you will need to carry are 4 times heavier than the one used for set up, and because of this you must always choose a van that has a high load capacity: you'll spend a little more, but you will have the certainty of traveling safely!


The first thing to do when setting up a van is to protect the inside walls of the load compartment, both vertical and horizontal. The part to pay more attention to is undoubtedly the floor, which is never completely flat and is continuously subjected to stress due to the pressure of all the weight that will be placed on it. For this reason it is very useful to have a reinforcement platform, such as the USAG 5005 A/REN phenolic platform: available for many work van models, it is made of a multi-layer of birch wood with a special anti-slip phenolic finish; it has a thickness of 9 mm and a maximum capacity of 14 quintals with distributed weight.

USAG Matrix phenolic platform for van

We must then pay attention to the protection of vertical walls, because the bodywork of vans is usually free of protections (or almost) and it is therefore very easy to damage it from the inside. Mister Worker™ has in its catalog a selection of panels and covers for the walls of the van, all of them ready to use and designed to prevent even the slightest damage: they are essential to avoid damaging the sheet metal of the van and, consequently, forming of oxidation on the outside.

After completing the protection of the interior, you can move on to choosing the best equipment for your van. You can choose to insert shelves, tool boxes, worktops and other modules useful for working on the move: the important thing is that you have well in mind what are the work equipment you intend to bring with you for your business, so that you can choose the most suitable modules for transport and use. The USAG 5002 D2N toolbox is very useful for transporting various objects and professional tools: it is a closed trunk with an ancient overhead door, with an internal useful height of 355 mm and a lock, very useful for keeping electric tools and spare parts of various kinds safe.

USAG Matrix toolbox

In addition to tool boxes of various sizes, various USAG Matrix drawer units with fixed drawers equipped with guides are also available in the catalog of Mr. Worker™. These can be customized with trays of various types, useful for containing the hand tools and keep them always in order. There are tubs with several compartments, trays for small parts, all made of lightweight plastic and resistant to impact and scratch. In addition, there are also shelving, especially useful if you need to always keep handy tools and spare parts of various kinds, but also to place tool holders that you need to move from the van to your workshop. Visit our USAG Matrix Van Equipment section now to find out all the available modules, and contact us at [email protected] if you need assistance or if you want a personalized quote.

After choosing the van furniture that best suits your needs, you must remember to take care of the interior lighting: having a good light is essential to work at your best in your wheeled workshop and to quickly find all the tools you need. Mister Worker™ has a  useful series of USAG lamps at its disposal, which can use the 12V voltage of the vehicle battery to better illuminate the whole area and allow you to perform your tasks better. You need to buy one last thing to get the best out of your van: a loading ramp, an ally if you need to load or unload trolleys or machines with wheels. On Mr. Worker™ you will find a selection of Gierre cargo ramps, both fixed and collapsable, choose them with care based on the intended use.


Once the preparation of the van is completed, you need to carry out a careful and meticulous inspection: check that everything is perfectly fixed and take a test drive to see if the equipment also holds up well to road overhangs. Another thing that you should absolutely do after the test run? Contact your local motorization office to modify your vehicle, from a simple van/truck to a mobile workshop: although it is not mandatory, it is always advisable in order to access discounts on insurance, which are often offered for those who have mobile workshops.

These were some tips on setting up your work van that I hope have been useful to you. If you decide to buy from Mister Worker™ and you need a personalized quote, do not hesitate to call us at +39 02 9143 3257: our experts will get back to you as soon as possible, offering you the solution that best suits your needs!

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