Published : 11/3/2017 12:57:08
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Today I want to talk about two revolutionary solutions introduced some time ago by DeWALT, a leading world leader in the field of power tools: the XR Brushless motor and the lithium ion XR batteries.



DeWALT brushless engines eliminate frictions and sliding frictions typical of traditional motors, thus avoiding unnecessary waste of energy and overheating, while maximizing the autonomy and overall life of the tool. The technical characteristics of the brushless motors are a greater overall robustness of the product even in the case of demanding applications, greater power and above all a dynamism and speed of extraordinary work.

The use of a brushless XR De WALT engine combined with XR lithium ion batteries ensures greater strength and speed, more power and precision, thus allowing you to increase the quality and quantity of your work.


The technology of XR Li-Ion De WALT lithium-ion batteries allows a greater accumulation of power in small volumes, increases the charging speed of the batteries (on average, in half an hour they reach at least 60% of its capacity) and, finally, eliminates the so-called memory effect, allowing you to put a battery under charge even if only partially used. Moreover, these batteries are much more durable and able to withstand a high number of charge / discharge cycles without losing performance. All DeWALT batteries are interchangeable and can therefore be applied transversely on different power tools according to your needs, from the De WALT cordless drills to the multifunctional, from the DeWALT screwdrivers to the nailing machines. DeWALT XR Lithium Ion batteries are available in different voltages: 10.8V, 14.4V, 18V, 20V.

The technology of the FlexVolt batteries makes them ideal for cordless tools at different voltages. These batteries, in fact, are the first in the world able to adjust their voltage according to the tool with which they are used. The XR Flexvolt batteries are 6.00 Ah lithium-ion batteries with adjustable voltage from 18V to 54V. Their ability to adjust the voltage according to the power tool they are connected to makes these lithium-ion batteries unique in their categories. But it did not end here. If you think that these batteries can emit up to 54V, you will realize that we are talking about cordless tools with the same power as wire tools and, this technology is even more revolutionary! The XR FLEXVOLT batteries are the only ones able to switch from 54V to 18V adapting each time to the power tool it is used for: you will be able to have for the first time all the power of 54V in a range of tools without the disadvantage of power cord.

In addition to these innovations, De WALT has developed a connection, control and alarm system that, through Bluetooth technology and a free app called DeWALT Tool Connect ™, is able to connect Android and iOS devices with the batteries themselves. Thanks to this revolutionary system, professionals have a real control of their De WALT tools even remotely: users can connect compatible batteries with their smartphones or tablets and thus check directly on the screen the status of their DeWALT instrumentation.

In the presence of several De WALT battery power tools used by different operators, for example, it is possible to constantly monitor the status of each battery and change its settings, verifying the power signal, the remaining charge, any overheating during use and keeping a complete and updated diagnosis. In addition, you can turn the batteries on and off remotely or set a spatial or usage limit outside of which you can turn off the battery.

All this allows to have a real control on DeWALT tools, preserving the batteries for longer, to prevent misuse by third parties and constitutes a valid deterrent for possible thefts.


Is it better that the batteries are completely discharged before being charged?

No, it is preferable to charge the batteries as soon as there is a decrease in power in use.

Can the batteries be damaged if left in the charger after reaching full charge?

No, the De WALT chargers have a holding system that allows the batteries to remain in the charger while maintaining the maximum charge level until they are used. However, DeWALT lithium-ion XR batteries can also be safely stored outside the charger without loss of charge.

What can I do to improve the life of my batteries?

  • Discharge the battery under normal conditions of use and remove it when there is a loss of power.
  • Allow the battery to cool. It is advisable to leave the battery at room temperature for 2 hours.
  • Place the battery on charge. A minimum of 8 hours at room temperature is ideal to allow a complete recharge of every single cell.

If after this operation there is no difference in battery life it means that there is permanent damage or that the battery has reached the end of its life; in both cases the battery has to be replaced.

Can the outdoor temperature damage the batteries?

Yes, if the temperature during charging is too high (above 40 ° C) or too low (below 4 ° C), the battery will not fully charge. Furthermore, charging batteries outside the 4 ° C to 40 ° C range can permanently damage their life.

Can DeWALT chargers be powered by generators?

Yes, all DeWALT chargers for XR Li-ion batteries have been designed to withstand voltage and current changes delivered by generators.

In short, both as regards the power supply and the structure of the power tools and as regards the accessories, DeWALT has completely revolutionized the work equipment and the way of working of every professional increasing the reliability, the precision, the autonomy and the power of its products.

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