DeWalt cordless power tools: a real revolution in your work

Published : 01/28/2019 17:18:10
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The first step in ensuring faster, safer and better quality processing is to organize your work environment in the most appropriate way. The historic brand DeWalt, manufacturer of high quality professional power tools, has always believed that the needs of professionals must go hand in hand with more flexibility and security. In recent years, DeWalt, the long-standing U.S. brand, has placed more and more reliance on cordless power tools, leading them to performance comparable to wire power tools. Let's see together why these work tools are increasingly recommendable and how DeWalt has made them one of the key choices on construction sites and in large industries.

Features of DeWalt power tools

Let's take one step back: DeWalt, a leading brand in high quality power tools, has always been the choice of professionals who expect more performance. The performance in this case should be considered in terms of time: interventions with DeWalt power tools, such as a drill hole, require less time and therefore reduce the overall working time, which has a significant impact on processes and working economy. DeWalt products are marked with the words Guaranteed Tough: tools designed and engineered for those working in harsh and extreme conditions, subjected to destructive tests (the so-called ABR, acceleration of reality: subjecting the power tool in just 10 days to what would be subjected in 10 years), produced with the best materials and cutting-edge technologies. In the last few years, the brand has also embraced digital innovation, focusing increasingly on connectivity to produce smart tools (Tool Connect), customisable and geolocalised. For example, the possibility to set the speed and power of an impact wrench directly from a smartphone, and to locate it in the environment. Or the intensity and duration of the led lights. But it is especially on the battery range, the so-called cordless power tools, that DeWalt shows its muscles.

DeWalt's XR series: Extreme Runtime

DeWalt is the market leader in the battery powered electro tools and has now refined its production to the point where it achieves the power of corded tools, even with cordless ones. The overall quality can be seen in every component, even in the details: for example, to reverse the direction of rotation of a DeWalt drill driver is no longer used a commutator, which would lead to rapid wear, but a gyroscope. The products are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which are more durable and more powerful, allowing them to be recharged quickly.

Let's talk about the XR range, which means Extreme Runtime. The features of the XR battery: voltage, power (Watts per hour), capacity (Amps per hour) and chemistry (lithium-ion). A range born in 2011, XR is the result of a challenge: how many holes can be made with battery-powered tools? With XR power tools, the exercise can last up to a week without recharging: this is meant by extreme runtime. To achieve similar results, DeWalt has taken care of every detail. The duration depends on the characteristics of the lithium battery (XR lithium), but also on those of the power tool. For example, DeWalt has launched numerous products with brushless motors: the brushes inside the instrument create friction and wear, while without brushes you can even increase the battery life by 50%. The cost is proportionate: high level power tools, with a higher cost but also a much higher performance. Another feature of DeWalt's excellence is the use of epoxy resin, which guarantees the battery's resistance to humidity and other factors of wear.

DeWalt battery powered tools

54 volt power tools: the performance of the cordless tools equals the corded tools

The series of 54 volt power tools is dedicated to high energy machines, such as a grinder. At this voltage, battery-powered electrical tools achieve the same performance as wire-powered tools. To increase the autonomy, as mentioned above, you can use power tools brushless, but also intervene on the battery, on the nominal capacity of the cell. The capacity of the battery is measured in Ah (Ampere per hour): by increasing the cells, the capacity is enhanced. With the 54v, DeWalt creates the construction site of the future, made of "free" power tools, wireless, with high power and longer life, connected and interconnected, to make work processes faster, more efficient and controlled. The 54-volt range includes grinders, table saws, alligator saws, mitre saws, circular saws, jigsaws and impact drills. To close this picture of innovation is the XR Flexvolt system, of which we had already described in a dedicated article on the blog: the batteries are "flexible", i.e. they can be used both on 18 volt tools and on 54 volt machines. The difference of the system 18v-54v is that the battery output depends on the power tool: on an 18 volt XR, the battery cells are connected in parallel, while on a 54 volt power tool they are connected in series.

Let's close this overview on the brand's cordless power tools with a note about protection. In fact, with the Perform & Protect line, DeWalt has taken safety into consideration. In particular, from the perspective of control (with anti-rotation systems for torque control), dust (dust extraction systems) and vibrations (systems that reduce vibrations by up to 50%). A further step towards making the brand's power tools, and thus their workplace, safer in the short and long term.

Mister Worker™ is an Official DeWalt Dealer

The advantage of using DeWalt cordless power tools is clear: a power equal to the wire, faster and higher quality work, long autonomy and a focus on safety. The workplace of the future is already available today, and Mister Worker™ brings you the DeWalt cordless range in its catalogue. Discover all the advantages of our service: from fast delivery anywhere, to the award-winning customer service and the convenience of our prices. Ask us now for a no commitment customized quote: our team of technical consultants will find the most suitable solution for your needs, with the most reasonable cost. To reach the customer care team use the contact form and discover the benefits of our service.

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